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The Twenty-seventh Chamber

a271. Now, your sacred fire has entered the twenty-seventh chamber of the Tarot: The Unexpected.

2. This chamber holds a tremendous explosive power.

3. When arriving at this chamber, the sacred fire is vested with a frightful power that makes the universe tremble.

4. Now, you see, sibling of mine, that you can lift your heavy carriage without too much effort.

5. The engine of your carriage roars, and is terribly ignited when you vocalize the vowel O.

6. This vowel gives you power to dominate your four bodies of sin.

7. With this vowel, we acquire obedience from our four bodies of sin.

8. With this vowel, we dominated the earthly man.

9. With this vowel, we dominated the donkey.

10. You know this...

11. A group of men prepare themselves to blast an explosive mine.

12. The Earth trembles, a smoky cloud rises ... this is the unexpected.

13. The scorpion exhales fire.

14. The explosion makes the world tremble ...

15. Burning flames surround you, and the sweet and affable whistle of the Lost Word is heard.

16. The sacred fire enters the twenty-seventh chamber of the spinal column of the body of your willpower.

17. Now you will work with human reincarnations.

18. Now you are called to collaborate with the evolving wave regarding those processes related to the law of re-embodiment.

19. This is a tremendous responsibility, oh Buddha!

20. There are two types of re-embodiments:

21. One is for animals that become individualized in order to enter for the first time into human organisms.

22. The other type of re-embodiment is related to human beings who leave their dead human bodies in order to enter into new human organisms.

23. In this labor you must not have preferences, oh Buddha!

24. You must not make dangerous tests, either.

25. You must not mix opposite currents.

26. The physical body that must be taken by a Soul that just left the animal kingdom must not be given as a re-embodiment to a mature Human Soul, because this would be a violation of the law.

27. The animal soul that awakens for the first time in order to incarnate into a human body has a particular human vehicle, which you must respect.

28. Nonetheless, if you have preferences for a reincarnating Human Soul, and therefore give her the vehicle that has been prepared for a recently individualized Soul from the animal kingdom, you would be committing a violation of the law, and thus you would bear upon your shoulders a very serious karmic debt.

29. Therefore, you must not have preferences.

30. I say to all Buddhas that we must not make dangerous tests, nor have preferences towards anybody.

31. I say to my Arhats that they must comprehend all of these ideas, since they are being prepared for the state of Buddhas.

32. I say to my Arhats that these laws of the Blessed Goddess Mother of the World are tremendous.

33. I say to my Buddhas that we should not make dangerous tests, because the violation of any law brings karma.

34. The same occurs to those animal bodies that have been prepared for vegetable elementals that are ready to enter the animal state.

35. We must not make dangerous tests.

36. We must not give to a recently animalized vegetable elemental the animal organism that has been prepared by Nature for another elemental whose origin is from the same animal kingdom, or vegetal kingdom.

37. We must respect all wombs.

38. The wombs prepared for a determined being must be respected, and not be given capriciously to other beings.

39. The Buddha that violates these laws of nature will have to pay karma.

40. Therefore, we Buddhas work with the Blessed Mother of the World.

41. Nonetheless, we must respect her laws.