The Thirtieth Chamber

a301. On the train of human evolution, you speedily ride, oh Buddha!

2. You are economically poor...

3. Illicit possibilities to make money are offered to you, yet you reject them, oh Buddha.

4. You are destitute...

5. Enter this restaurant, sibling of mine.

6. Here they offer you a job serving as a dishwasher...

7. Take this magnificent job, sibling of mine...

8. A modest job serving is better than robbery or fraud...

9. A modest job has gigantic merits in human evolution.

10. A modest job is in tune with the hierarchy.

11. Are you hungry, oh Buddha?

12. Seat and eat at the table of serving employees...

13. Eat with humility, sibling of mine...

14. A group of beggars surrounds you...

15. Share your bread with them.

16. Behold, the most dirty and ragged one approaches and offers you a piece of bread. Receive it with modesty, sibling of mine, receive it. Do not despise the humble.

17. An exchange of love is better than an exchange of usurious merchants.

18. You have triumphantly overcome the test, oh Buddha!

19. If you had failed this ordeal, if you had despised the humble one, if you had been carried away by greed, you would have failed in this esoteric degree.

20. Yet, you were victorious, oh Buddha! Thus, your sacred fire has reached the sacred chamber of the Word.

21. This is the Thirtieth Arcanum of the Tarot: Exchange.

22. The head crowned with thorns shines within the chalice.

23. The human will is being totally transformed into Christ's will.

24. Now you have received your mission, oh Buddha!

25. The burning fire of your fifth fiery serpent shines in the chakra of your larynx.

26. Now, your linguistic utterances are of the Light, and your language is the Golden Language.

Fear and the longing for security have transformed human will into a wretched victim... The moment has arrived to liberate your human will...

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