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The Sixteenth Chamber

a161. Your fifth fiery serpent has entered the sixteenth chamber.

2. This chamber is The Fulminated Tower of the Tarot.

3. Did you see the subtle dangers with which the tenebrous ones were hindering your path?

4. You see, sibling of mine, those left-hand adepts who subtly wanted to fulminate you.

5. The members of the brotherhood of shadows deceitfully said unto you that you no longer were an adept, that your luminous progress was already interrupted.

6. Thus, with those subtle words, those magicians of the brotherhood of shadows were besieging you, wanting to fulminate you in the Sixteenth Arcanum.

7. You went into thick darkness in order to snatch the Light from them, and finally after many fights and efforts you entered the sixteenth chamber.

8. Enter the temple, sibling of mine, to celebrate the festivity.

9. Approach the altar where two flower pots with great red roses shine.

10. An exquisite and delectable music resounds amidst the divine realms.

11. Exquisite symphonies celebrate your victory.

12. Your tower could not be fulminated by the tenebrous ones.

13. Your tower straightens majestically and its unvanquished walls defy the hurricanes of the abyss.