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Courses and Lectures

Practical spiritual instruction for all levels of students.

School of Athens by Raphael (1509-1511)

Our Gift to You

Our qualified, experienced instructors record their lectures and give them freely for you to study. Volunteers transcribe those lectures, and the instructors then expand and improve the text to make these courses. 

How to Study

Most of our courses have audio and text. You can listen and read here, download to listen later, or subscribe to our free podcast. 

Help Others

These courses are free to you because others donated to make them possible. You can do the same: donate so that others may benefit.

Lectures To Get You Started

  • The Knowledge of Oneself

    "There was a phrase at the entrance of the Temple of Delphi which read, "Homo Nosce Te Ipsum," which means, "Man, know yourself and you will know the universe and it's gods." To know oneself is fundamental. Everybody thinks they know themselves when, in actual fact, they do not. Therefore, it is necessary to reach the full knowledge of oneself. This can be done with incessant self-observation. We need to see ourselves as we really are."
  • Knowing How to Listen

    "A mind conditioned by the experiences of so many yesterdays can only see the present through the dirty glasses of the past. Therefore, if we want to learn how to listen to the word in order to discover the new, then it is urgent to learn how to live from moment to moment without the preoccupations of the past and without the projections of the future. We must live accordingly with the philosophy of momentariness."
  • The Dimensions of the Tree of Life

    "The three dimensional, Euclidian physical world is not everything, since above and below it there are other regions of the universe. It is unquestionable that above the tridimensional region of Euclid there are superior dimensions. It is undoubtable that below the tridimensional region are natural infradimensions, properly located within the planetary organism we live upon."


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