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To Relieve Suffering

Glorian was founded as a non-profit more than twenty years ago with a sole purpose: to help you find the way out of suffering.

Everything Glorian has made is freely available to anyone in the world. There are no memberships, fees, subscriptions, ads or paywalls to restrict your access to the teachings. There is no group to join, and no "master" to worship - except the one that is within you: your Innermost Being. Here, you can study the complete knowledge to total liberation, and reach it.

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What's New


The Three Jewels (2)

From: Gnosis of Buddha Dharma
Continuing from our lecture on The Three Jewels, let us observe the mantra Om Tat Sat. Focusing o...

Proof of Spiritual Teachings

From: Blog
In the books, lectures, and videos made by Glorian, we present in depth teachings about everythin...

Cain and Abel Part 4: Repentence

From: Kabbalah of Genesis
This is the fourth lecture in the series related with Cain and Abel (Cain קין and Habel הבל). Tod...

Sacred Sexuality, Episode Two: The Secret History of Humanity

From: Video
Our history is far more incredible than modern science or religion suspect. The evolution of hum...

To Be or Not to Be Human

From: Beginning Here and Now
We are going to give a continuation of a lecture that we gave before in relation with the human b...

Heavenly and Satanic Cults (3)

From: Heavenly and Satanic Cults
“The transfiguration occurs when he interprets the law of Moses with total ...

Four Pathways of Liberation

From: Lecture Archive
“And call no man your father (Abba אב) upon the earth: for one is your Father (Abram אברם)...

Seven Types of Spiritual People

From: Lecture Archive
According to the Greek Language Christos Χριστός means “the one that purifies.” This word co...

Waters of Genesis

From: Kabbalah of Genesis
Another instructor said, "If you nod off in meditation, it will be like moving water." You might...

Moses, the Envoy of the Hallow of Hallows

From: Gnostic Moses
 The envoy is Moses, the bodhisattva of the holy of holies.   Thus saith (in Tipher...

Sacred Sexuality, Episode One: The Purpose of Love

From: Video
Spiritual sexual education for teens and adults, revealing the sexual teachings that are hidden a...

Moses, and the Mystery of the Genesic Waters of Creation

From: Gnostic Moses
Continuing on from the last lecture on Adam and Eve אדם וחוה, obviously, we have to talk about cr...



Date September 23rd - 2023 - October 23rd - 2023

During each phase of...

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Full Moon

September 29th - 2023

"The full Moon is


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October 24th - 2023 - November 22nd - 2023

Those who enter...

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Rune Laf

October 27th - 2023

On morning of the...

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Advent of Samael

October 27th - 2023

On the 27th of...

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