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Experience is better than belief.

To understand truth, one must experience it.

To Relieve Suffering

Glorian was founded as a non-profit more than twenty years ago with a sole purpose: to help you find the way out of suffering.

Everything Glorian has made is freely available to anyone in the world. There are no memberships, fees, subscriptions, ads or paywalls to restrict your access to the teachings. There is no group to join, and no "master" to worship - except the one that is within you: your Innermost Being. Here, you can study the complete knowledge to total liberation, and reach it.

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What's New

Alchemical Kabbalistic Christ

From: Gnostic Moses
“There are two types of Kabbalists: intellectual Kabbalists and intuitive Kabbalists. The intel...

An Army to Save the World

From: Lectures by Samael Aun Weor
How Skeptics Killed H.P. Blavatsky The spiritual agitation of the twentieth century certainly be...

The Seven Planets of Alchemy

From: Lectures by Samael Aun Weor
Although it may appear to be incredible, it is true and factually certain that the science of End...

And Adam Became a Living Soul

From: Let Us Make Adam
Today, we are going to study the first verses of the second chapter of genesis, as we have alread...

The Philosopher's Stone and the Powers of a Master

From: Lectures by Samael Aun Weor
My dear brothers and sisters, the time has come to understand what the Philosopher's Stone is. Mu...

What about Guided Meditation?

From: Video
Meditation is a state of consciousness that can acquire information that the senses and intellect...



Date January 20th - 2023 - February 18th - 2023

January 20 marks the...

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Full Moon

February 5th - 2023

"The full Moon is


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February 19th - 2023 - March 20th - 2023

The Exercise to...

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Rune Laf

February 27th - 2023

On morning of the...

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Full Moon

March 7th - 2023

"The full Moon is


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