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Experience is better than belief.

To understand truth, one must experience it.

To Relieve Suffering

Glorian was founded as a non-profit more than twenty years ago with a sole purpose: to help you find the way out of suffering.

Everything Glorian has made is freely available to anyone in the world. There are no memberships, fees, subscriptions, ads or paywalls to restrict your access to the teachings. There is no group to join, and no "master" to worship - except the one that is within you: your Innermost Being. Here, you can study the complete knowledge to total liberation, and reach it.


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Eden and Menorah

From: Kabbalah of Genesis
Eden עדן and Menorah מנורה are both Hebrew words that together form an anagram translated as ...

What are the Three Brains and Five Centers?

From: Blog
"Perfect mental equilibrium is of vital importance for those who want spiritual progress. Almos...

How Should I Use the Protective Pentagram and What Does It Mean?

From: Blog
The pentagram is an ancient symbol used for spiritual defense. We can use it to protect ourselves...

Spiritual Teachings Hidden in Richard Wagner's Rhinegold

From: Ring of the Nibelungen Explained
Today, we are going to speak about the opera Rhinegold by Richard Wagner, which we watched yester...

Infinite States of Consciousness

From: Beginning Here and Now
Everything we experience is rooted in our state of consciousness. So it’s essential that we under...

The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

From: Gnostic
As with other Gnostic scriptures, "The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene" is a work of sophistic...

Fear, Anger, and the Current World Crisis

From: Blog
In these moments, humanity faces a grave crossroads because of fear and anger. Fear and anger ca...

Buddha Nature and Buddha Maitreya

From: Gnosis of Buddha Dharma
 This lecture is related with the self realization of the Being. In gnosticism, we talk abo...

Reincarnation is Real, But Very Rare

From: Blog
The word incarnation comes from Latin incarnari "be made flesh," and refers to divinity in huma...

The Tower of Babel (2)

From: Kabbalah of Genesis
The Tower Of Babel Rabbi Hiya said, it is written: And the wicked are like the trou...

Chant the Seven Mantra Vowels

From: Blog
One of the most important spiritual practices is daily chanting of mantras. Vocalizing mantras "t...

Should my instructor tell me who to marry, where to live, or how to live my life?

From: Blog
We regularly receive questions from students about where they should live, who they should marry,...



Date November 22nd - 2023 - December 21st - 2023

From November 23...

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1. Moon-day Daily Prayers

December 10th - 2023

Keep your mind,...

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2. Mercury-day Daily Prayers

December 11th - 2023

Keep your mind,...

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3. Venus-day Daily Prayers

December 12th - 2023

Keep your mind,...

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4. Sun-day Daily Prayers

December 13th - 2023

Keep your mind,...

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