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What's New in the 2024 Edition of "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor

What's New in the 2024 Edition of "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor

Glorian Publishing is happy to announce the immediate availability of the 2024 edition of "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor.

For many students and readers, this is the most important book by Samael Aun Weor. It was his first book, the one that started the revolution, and the first time the sexual mysteries were revealed to the public.

It is a great honor for us to present this new edition.

We have been publishing our translation of this book since the early 2000's, and each edition has been steadily improved. This one, however, has some important new features.

Better English

First, as we always do when we print a new edition, we revise the text to improve clarity and ease of reading. These books are enormous, and are a real challenge to edit not only for accuracy but for comprehension. Literal translations from Spanish tend to introduce confusion because there are many words that seem the same as English, but are not, like ostensible: it appears the same in each language, but the meaning is the opposite. In Spanish, it means "obviously," while in English, it implies something "that appears or claims to be one thing when it is really something else." [Cambridge English Dictionary].

Another example: here is a sentence from an earlier edition:

Indeed, only one unique and cosmic religion truly exists.

Here is the new version:

Indeed, there is truly only one single cosmic religion.

Very different! And so much better .

Additionally, we updated the entire book to account for changes in language, especially in regards to gender. Readers of previous editions sometimes felt that the books were directed towards men, but this was only because the translations retained the old style use of language. For example, the older translations say:

The splendors and powers of the Innermost (the Spirit) begin to reflect in his Astral Body and in his mind according to how the devotee practices Sexual Magic with his priestess wife, according to how his conduct becomes more and more upright, according to his continuing sanctification.

This could make one think only men qualify for this, but that is not true; it applies equally to women. The new version says:

The splendors and powers of the Innermost (the Spirit) begin to reflect in their astral body and mind according to how the devotee practices Sexual Magic with their priestly spouse, according to how their conduct becomes more and more upright, according to their continuing sanctification.

This new edition ensures that men and women are addressed equally.

So in short, we spent a lot of time working on the flow of the English to make sure it is readable, clear, and accurate.


We fixed a lot of typos, including some that are in the Spanish editions. Here are a few interesting ones:

Previous editions:

Tradition states that in the center of the labyrinth there exists the synthesis, that is to say the labarum of the temple. Etymologically, the word “labyrinth” originates from the word “labarum.” The latter is a double-edged ax, a symbol of the masculine and feminine sexual force.

A labarum is a flag, not an axe. The correct word is labrys:

640px AMI Goldene Doppelaxt

Here is another. Previous editions say:

Many devotees gather at the praetor in their astral bodies.

A praetor is a Roman official. The correct word is praefor, Latin for “invocation, preliminary prayer.”

We fixed hundreds of typos, too many to list here.

Accurate Mantras

Thanks to help from students and friends, we were able to confirm the sources for some important mantras, especially the Mantras for Astral Projection from chapter 32. For seventy-four years, in every language and edition of the book, those mantras have been filled with errors. Here is an excerpt from the old editions:

Hare Murare Modup Coiptus Hare Copal Govind Mukum Sonre.

This is actually:

हरेे मुुराारेे मधुुकैैटभाारेे गोोपााल गोोविं�ंद मुुकुंं�द शौौरेे
Hare murare madhu kaita bhare, gopala govinda mukunda shaure.

They are now fixed and accurate — and we might add, very beautiful! We hope to create audio recordings of them so you can learn the correct pronunciation.

Footnotes and Glossary

We also added 224 footnotes to clarify the precise meaning of important terms and concepts. Considering how poorly educated everyone is today, especially in regard to religious and spiritual terms, we feel this is a critical improvement to the book, as it helps the reader to recognize their mistaken ideas and beliefs, and encourage them to learn.

For example, on page one, he wrote:

When the first edition of The Perfect Matrimony appeared [in 1950], it produced great enthusiasm among students of all schools, lodges, religions, orders, sects, and esoteric societies. The outcome of that enthusiasm was the formation of the Gnostic movement.1 This movement began with a few understanding people. Afterwards, it became broadly international.

Most readers interpret the "gnostic movement" as if it is something led by a charismatic leader (him, in this case) that has a defined membership, dues, benefits, hierarchy, headquarters, branch offices, official t-shirts, slogans, maybe secret handshakes or whatever else, and when you belong to it, it defines your life and purpose, and when you join it you cannot belong to any other group. So, people assume it is like the Catholic Church or some political party. But in fact, as he wrote in the same book, it is not like that at all. That is why we added this footnote:

“The universal Christian Gnostic movement is non-sectarian. The Gnostic movement is made up of the army of world salvation, of all spiritual schools, lodges, religions, and sects… The Gnostic movement is made up of people from all religions, schools...” —Ch.9 and 19

A few sentences later, he wrote:

The perfect matrimony and the Cosmic Christ3 are the synthesis of all religions, schools, orders, sects, lodges, yogas, etc.

Of course, readers always assume that Christ is just Jesus, and they associate that name with a subjective collection of mistaken ideas, beliefs, and biases. That is why our footnote quotes a passage from later in the book:

“The Cosmic Christ is a force, as electricity is a force, or as gravity is a force, etc. The Cosmic Christ is beyond the personality, individuality, and the ‘I.’”

There are 222 more footnotes like this. Each one clarifies something significant.

And, for the first time in this book, we added a comprehensive glossary. In previous editions we did not include it, in order to reduce the cost of the book. This time, we felt it was important for the reader to have it, so that there is an easy to access and thorough explanation of important terms.

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The Perfect Matrimony is a very important book. We hope you find that this new edition reveals its beauty and stature more than ever.


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