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Podcast and Radio

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Here you will find lectures about practical spirituality, consciousness, psychology, philosophy, gnosis, religion, kabbalah, meditation, sacred sexuality, and much more. Our qualified, experienced instructors record the lectures they give to students. The recordings are then made freely available on our podcast and streaming radio. In addition, volunteers transcribe the lectures into text, and the instructors then expand and improve the text to make free online courses.

Glorian Streaming Radio

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Streaming Radio
About the Radio

Glorian's streaming radio service has been online since 2007; it was formerly known as Gnostic Radio.

About the Lecturers

The instructors who teach the lectures and courses are volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each has years of experience teaching and working with the practices and exercises that awaken the consciousness. Since the goal of dharma, yoga, or gnosis is to follow our inner Being, and to focus on divinity not terrestrial personalities, the lecturers remain anonymous, and do not broadcast their names, faces, or personal information. They do not have spiritual titles or names, do not accept followers, and live their lives anonymously like any other person in society.

Live Lectures and Events

For information about upcoming live lectures and events, check our calendar, or even better, subscribe to our email newsletter.

Why No Interviews with Instructors?

Glorian's mission is to help humanity find the practical teachings that conquer suffering. Our focus is on discussions that help us understand ourselves, the path out of suffering, and the scriptures that guide us. Fascination with personalities, personal lives, and political gossip contributes to humanity's pain and suffering. Therefore, we do not offer any material about anyone's personal life, such as interviews about personal instructor's lives, political opinions, etc.

Glorian Podcast

Our free podcast automates the download of lectures into your devices.

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