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Third Chamber

1. Now, the sacred fire has reached the third chamber of the igneous path that goes from between the eyebrows to the heart.

2. A door is opened.

3. Enter, sibling of mine, into the holy chamber.

4. In this hall there is festivity of gods.

5. Pray to your Father who is in heaven, receive the festivity, and be blissful amidst the gods.

6. The body of your willpower burningly shines.

7. Talk with your Guru, and rejoice.

8. Little by little, the great hour of the initiation approaches.

9. Remember that the universe is nothing more than a floating shade, and that before the majesty of the uncreated light of the Absolute, the utmost divine planes of consciousness are merely masses of shades.

10. Now your Guru warns you that he is bound to you, and that he hopes that you will not make him look bad before the law.

11. Your Guru is the one who is responsible for you being in the mysteries.

12. He has to respond before the law for your steps.

13. Do not forget, oh Buddha, that the Buddhas can also fall.

14. As long as one has not been liberated from the intercosmic Soul, one is always in danger of falling.

15. This universe exists because of karma. Even the gods exist in this universe because of karma.

16. When the Causal Logos initiated its electrical movement at the dawn of the Mahamanvantara, nothing was heard but the weeping, pleading and lamentation of children.

17. At the dawn of the Mahamanvantara, the gods wept.

18. The Causal Logos contains in its divine mind all the karmic causes that originated the existence of this universe.

19. Thus, when that Great Being began to move upon the face of the waters, there was nothing but the weeping and the lamentation of gods.

20. Little by little, the uncreated light of the Absolute began to withdraw from the gods, thus, this is how they fell into this mass of universal shades.

21. Hence, when the Great Logos that expresses itself as electricity in all that exists emanated from within itself the Logos of the solar system and the seven planetary genii, nothing was heard but bitter weeping.

22. When the gods fertilizing the chaotic matter with the fire began to weave in the loom of God, nothing was heard but bitter weeping.

23. The gods wept in their exit from the Absolute.

24. They wept for the uncreated light that had already become darkness for them, and they justified themselves, saying: "I am not guilty; I am innocent," etc.

25. The gods fell when the Great Mother robbed their fire.

26. Then, the Great Mother shone with pleasure with the universal Protogonos.

27. The Virgin Mother snatched the cane from the gods, and thereafter she removed the world from their chakra Muladhara.

28. That is the karma of the Gods.

29. Fortunately, at the dawn of every Mahamanvantara, the spiral of life is lifting the soul of the gods to higher and higher planes of consciousness.

30. In every Great Cosmic Day, the universe is placed in a successively more superior plane.

31. Thus, finally, the fiery soul of the gods is totally absorbed within the Absolute.

32. This, to work with worlds, is the karma of the gods.

33. At the dawn of life they wept when they sank into the shades of the universe.

34. When the gods began to weave in the loom of God, when they began to fertilize the chaotic matter with their sacred fire, they wept with pain.

35. It was then when an inhabitant of the Absolute—the Christ, a Paramarthasatya—took pity on them and, moved by compassion, descended into the universal shades in order to save humans and gods.

36. Then, from within its divine mind, the Causal Logos emanated the cross within the circle, and when the fire and the water formed a cross with this divine connubium, the Christ hung himself on that cross in order to save the humans and gods of this universe.

37. Advance, oh Buddha! Advance and do not lose heart. This is the advice that I give you, before the three candles of this holy chamber.

38. Become liberated from all the cosmic planes, so that you can born within the life free in its movement.

39. Become liberated from all the cosmic planes, so that your state of existence ceases and passes into the state of Being Absolutely. We need a supreme death and a supreme resurrection.

40. TO BE is better than to exist.

41. The Absolute is absolute abstract space without limits, and absolute abstract movement, within the pleroma of the uncreated light, where shines only the happiness of BEING without existing, the happiness of the life free in its movement.

42. Advance, oh Buddha! Advance, and do not lose heart.

43. The Christic force that we carry in our sexual organs takes us to the Absolute.

44. The electricity of the Causal Logos connects us to the Absolute.

45. The Absolute is the utmost, purest electricity.

46. In us, the electricity expresses itself as sexual instinct.

47. The electricity ignites the fire, the light, and the flame.

48. When the fire of the Father sexually joint with the Great Mother in order to create the universe, the gods wept at their exit from the Absolute.

49. It was then when Christ, emanated from within the uncreated light, descended into the universal shades. He entered into the sanctuary and signed the solemn commitment of sacrifice in order to save humans and gods.

50. Later on, Christ sealed that same commitment with his own blood, upon the ineffable summits of Golgotha.

51. Supreme redemption is a supreme death and a supreme resurrection.

52. Human personalities are plant litter dragged by the Great Wind, vain shades. It is necessary to crucify human affections and to die in order to live terrifically.