Characteristics of Willpower

1. Human will has the most varied characteristics.

2. Now you must understand, oh Buddha, the varied characteristics of willpower.

3. The high spheres of the social world are full of fornication and rubbish.

4. Did you see, oh Buddha, that playmate of ladies in the aristocratic world?

5. Inside each hall is a fornicating couple, and at the foot of each door is a playful lady preventing the exit of the couple.

6. Now you will comprehend, sibling of mine, how, when playing with our willpower, we become jailers of others people's willpower.

7. Now you will comprehend, sibling of mine, how the social games of aristocracy serve to enslave souls within the filthy jails of fornication and adultery.

8. Behold, sibling of mine, by playing social games, souls can be enslaved.

9. Now you will comprehend, oh Buddha, the terrible might of willpower.

10. Willpower is an explosive force with which one must not play.

11. By playing, a lady makes another lady sin, and thus becomes her jailer.

12. Ladies commit adultery by means of social games played in halls.

13. Social games of high social spheres are pure and legitimate black magic.

14. By means of social games, souls seduce other souls , snatching freedom from them.

15. Willpower is a very dangerous force, with which one must not play.

16. Did you see, oh Buddha, what to incite is.

17. You have overcome subtle temptations...

18. Now, you have understood, sibling of mine, what the good use of willpower is.

19. Now, you have comprehended that you must respect the will of other people, the free will of others.

20. You have already learned not to compel other people's will.

21. Enormous multitudes follow you, oh Buddha, nevertheless, you must respect all humans' will.

22. You must be a servant of suffering humanity, not an enslaver of other people's will.

23. It is necessary to respect the free will of others, in order to transform the human will into Christ's will.

Fear and the longing for security have transformed human will into a wretched victim... The moment has arrived to liberate your human will...

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