Willpower and Desire

1. Willpower and desire are the two poles of one thing.

2. Willpower is positive, and desire is negative.

3. Many make the mistake of confusing willpower with desire, and desire with willpower.

4. Nevertheless, willpower and desire are the two poles, positive and negative, in humans.

5. Now, oh Buddha! You must exchange sensation-desire for sensation-willpower.

6. Long ago, you abandoned desire, yet now you must forget even the very knowledge of desire.

7. Formerly, you practiced the rite of Sexual Magic with the ardent incentive of desire.

8. Yet now, oh Buddha! You must practice the rite of Sexual Magic without the ardent incentive of desire.

9. Formerly, you dominated desire by means of willpower, yet now desire has no right to exist within you.

10. It is necessary not only to abandon desire, but to finish with the incitement to desire.

11. Incitement-desire must be transformed into Christ's will.

12. Disciples practice Sexual Magic with the ardent incentive of desire.

13. Yet you, oh Buddha, can only practice the rite of Sexual Magic with sensation-willpower, which is Christ's will.

14. The body of willpower also has sensations, which have nothing to do with the sensations of the body of desire.

15. Sensation-willpower is sensation-Spirit; it is Christic sensation.

16. The sensations of the body of willpower have nothing to do with the sensations of the four bodies of sin.

17. The sensation of the body of willpower is sensation-Spirit.

18. The sensation of the body of willpower is Christic sensation.

19. Sensation-Spirit is plenitude; it is Light; it is Divinity.

20. Sensation-willpower is positive. Sensation-desire is negative.

21. A Buddha only practices the rite of Sexual Magic with Christ's will, and never with desire.

22. The woman is the priestess with whom the man, the priest, transmutes water into wine, and with whom the seven fiery serpents are lifted and set upon a pole as Moses did in the wilderness.

23. The woman is the front door to Eden; woman is the Creator's most beautiful thought.

24. Sexual Magic takes us to great cosmic realizations.

Fear and the longing for security have transformed human will into a wretched victim... The moment has arrived to liberate your human will...

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