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The Magnetic Field by the Root of the Nose

1. Now, the sacred fire has reached the magnetic field by the root of the nose.

2. This magnetic field is intimately related to solar and lunar atoms.

3. The pure Akasha that circulates within the Brahmanic cord passes through this magnetic field by the root of the nose.

4. The three breaths of pure Akasha descend through the Brahmanic cord in order to be combined with the seminal atoms that ascend when the sexual impulse is refrained.

5. However, when an individual ejaculates the semen during the practices of negative Sexual Magic, the three breaths are then combined with demonic atoms gathered from the human being's own infernos.

6. After an ejaculation, the sexual organs—by means of the peristaltic movement—gather billions of demonic atoms from our own atomic infernos, which through the Brahmanic Cord ascend to be combined with the three breaths of the pure Akasha.

7. But, instead of ascending through the medulla, they then descend from the coccygeal bone, forming the Kundabuffer, the famous tail of demons.

8. However, when the sexual impulse is refrained in order to avoid the seminal ejaculation, then the seminal atoms ascend to be combined with the three breaths of the pure Akasha.

9. Thus, this is how the Kundalini awakens in a positive manner, and ascends through the spinal medulla.

10. Thus, this is how we become realized, as Masters of the Mahamanvantara.

11. The solar and lunar atoms make contact in the root of the nose.

12. When we live a chaste and pure life, that magnetic field attracts the best atoms of the universe.

13. Now, within you, a Master secretly treats all of those centers.

14. The frontal chakra and the pineal gland—that is to say, the epiphysis and hypophysis glands—are true universal worlds that resplendently shine, sparkle.

15. The festivity of this first holy chamber is celebrated in the temple.

16. From the middle of the eyebrows to the heart, there are seven holy chambers that communicate the chalice with the heart.

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