Fifth Heart Center

1. I have summoned the Elemental Sphinx of Nature.

2. The Sphinx has come to me from the desert of Egypt.

3. The Sphinx has undergone too much suffering; her feet are muddy.

4. Humans have made the millenarian Sphinx suffer.

5. I have kissed the Sphinx with a holy kiss.

6. The Sphinx has determined the date of my initiation.

7. Now I walk, meditating on the mystery of the Sphinx.

8. Dante's infernos open before my feet.

9. These are inferior regions of a passional nucleus.

10. I descend momentarily into those abysses.

11. One of the Lords of Karma warns me that I have already undergone too much suffering for three years, and that now I must be better dressed.

12. I ask if my practices of Sexual Magic are correct, and the Master answers me yes, they are correct.

13. By practicing Sexual Magic intensely with my spouse, I have lifted my fifth fiery serpent and set it upon a rod.

14. Static electricity can only be put in activity when the magnetic fields are intensely magnetized.

15. Electricity seethes everywhere and is agitated, but it can only be used when it is accumulated, when it is compelled to pass through the electromagnets.

16. No electric generator could generate electricity if the magnetic fields had not been previously magnetized intensely.

17. Electricity is the daughter of magnetism, and is only generated with magnetism.

18. Electricity is the wife of magnetism, thus it is only generated when in sexual connubium with magnetism.

19. Man and woman must mutually magnetize themselves by means of Sexual Magic, so that from the magnetic fields of their sexual organs the divine electricity of Kundalini can be generated.

20. Now, enter to receive your initiation, sibling of mine. The temple is full of glory.

21. You are the child of your spouse, who has engendered you as a master of the cosmos.

22. Osiris is husband, son, and brother of Isis; do not forget it.

23. The cynocephalus is a monkey with dog's head, with a cane of seven knots in its right hand.

24. The cynocephalus is the Mercury of secret philosophy. It represents the organs of sexual passion. It is the insatiable thirst for sex. It is the beast from where we must heroically extract the sacred fire.

25. The mercury—that is to say, the semen, the cynocephalus—must always be between Isis and Osiris in order to perform the Great Work.

26. You have engendered your Christic will.

27. Your human will has become Christ's will.

28. Now, you are already seated on a new throne. From your Causal body, the initiator has extracted the most precious child: it is your Christic will.

29. Now, this precious child becomes fused with your Innermost.

30. Your entire personality has been absorbed within your Atman-Buddhi-Manas.

31. You have been completely enlightened, filled with terrible powers that flame between the universal fire.

32. The conjunction of Buddhi-Manas has opened the Eye of Dangma for you.

33. You are a master of samadhi; you are a child of the light.

34. Now, love your spouse more than ever: she is your mother...

35. Love elevates souls. Love engenders gods.

36. Woman is the door of Eden. The man who enters through that door will drink the pure water of life, and he will never be thirsty again.

Fear and the longing for security have transformed human will into a wretched victim... The moment has arrived to liberate your human will...

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