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The Elemental Advocate

WHEN we develop our latent forces and balance the solar and lunar circuits within our secondary or sympathetic nervous system, we come in touch with an elemental Advocate of whom we were unaware, and whose work is similar to our other Advocate. We created him when we were elemental in our nature and evolved him through aspiration of an elemental character.

When we bring these two Advocates into union we are surrounded by the atoms of the elemental worlds as well as the atoms of aspiration. As soon as this elemental Advocate manifests, we are given a sword—that had been locked within us—possessing administrative powers that will develop our possessions. With it we sever the Gordian knot that had held these secrets intact within our atomic centres.

Nature’s sounding boards now begin to open, and we receive and sense the operation of her laws within us.

The science of Yoga determines our progress into Nature’s secrets. When we enter her spheres we are bound to serve her: for she has a resonant voice that places us within her citadel, and with her at our back our progress is rapid.

There are many different systems of Yoga; but Nature’s science is the one adapted for Western bodies; for the analytic and scientific Western mind needs demonstration and fact. We can devote our lives to meditation and prayer, and gain great purity of thought; we can sever ourselves through love from the activities of the opposition by taking the path of the mystic, but later we realise that we must build up our own framework and seek to erect our own temples in full consciousness of each step. The Western mystic seldom does this; for present-day conditions prevent him from retreating from the world to pass his time in prayer and devotion and gain union with his Innermost. We should also realise that the new hierarchal consciousness will not revert us to past methods of Yoga.

Just as within the lower spheres are helpers who have passed out of their bodies, so are there elemental helpers to assist those in whom elemental qualities predominate.

These realms are hard to reach, and little has been recorded about them in literature by the seers who generally record things dealing with the lower planes encircling the earth.

In the reign of the Emperor Charlemagne the elemental people entered our atmosphere deeply; from this period sprang the Romantic literature of the Round Table and King Arthur and his knights.

We are told that in the Dayspring of Youth, Nature will again reveal her presence and assemble her powers so that her elemental people will be seen. This means that the gods will again walk the earth and elemental Nature again be reverenced.

With the bringing forth of our elemental Advocate we can live within the vibratory orbit of our inner worlds and Nature’s spheres, and thus register both systems. The Fatherhood and Motherhood of the Reality are expressed through these twin Advocates: the thought-creation of the best within us and that created from the best elemental qualities of our elemental nature.

There will come a time in the student’s development when he will disintegrate his twin Advocates and return them to their own elements. Thus freeing them from further incarnations of service. The student always senses this longing to return to their true elements. As they say: “Our duties end when you return to your abode in your central system.”

These twin Advocates have always served us regardless of our descents into the lower atmospheres and into evil. They have watched us through many distant lives as well as these later ones when we divorced ourselves from the sovereignty of the Earth currents; for these etheric waves of Nature are manipulated by these Advocates so that we can respond to their vibration. Thus through their aid we open Nature’s store-house and read the records of an elemental world.

Ignorant psychics or seers often tell us that in some incarnation we were fighting in the Crusades; for they see a shining Being clad in chain armour or bearing a shield with a symbol upon it. But this is one’s elemental guardian and not ourselves in some former life; neither were we kings because the Advocate they see looks kingly.

In one’s self-developed universe reside atoms of great power and endurance, possessing the nature of the elemental Advocate, and, like chieftains who observe those under their domains, they work unceasingly for their development. Such atoms serve us with their powers and they then direct us into our secondary system; they operate there as we do on this plane.

Our animal and human ancestors placed within us atoms possessing the characteristics of their seminal systems, and when we draw the filaments of our body together as we enter the womb of our mother, we find we possess certain hereditary traits that have been handed down to us. Several of these are unobserved: atoms that reach back to the beginning of our primordial creation, and when the student enters his secondary system he contacts these atoms that retain the memories of this remote ancestry. Thus we find within ourselves atoms that typify each past birth besides those of our fathers and mothers. These ancestral atoms wilt, if possible, revert us to inherited tendencies and make us express them. Anything that causes us to evoke them will cause us to resemble some characteristic we possessed in the past: just as an actor expresses a character in a play or scene. We can release ourselves from the domination of our ancestral inheritance only by entering our central system.

Ages ago we were elemental, but as we incarnated into the densities of matter we lost those qualities and lay in a state of oblivion regarding our past in Nature’s consciousness. Our real instincts, buried beneath the ever-increasing energy of our atoms, could no longer respond to our own truth; and to-day we only intermittently and faintly remember such.

During the Atlantean upheaval our powers to revert to Nature’s consciousness again dawned, and we were often guided by this ancient wisdom. We formed a system of Nature worship that was to help us contact her consciousness, and our ritual revealed within us a hidden sanctuary of a lost wisdom, and an understanding of our remote past.

The atoms that dispel our illusions are used by the two Advocates to keep our minds and imaginations balanced. Hysterical people are apt to dominate the mind-atmospheres of others, and distress them. People of a highly sensitive and emotional nature should aspire to their Advocates and ask them to distil their protective perfume into their minds.

The elemental Advocate is our instructor in natural magic. When we are guided by Nature we must sever ourselves from our old wave-length and begin to take on characteristics similar to the elemental Advocate who can then converse with us as the other Advocate does.

Many sensitives have felt the presence of two Beings within them. These are symbolised as the twins in the Zodiac by the third sign Gemini that contains the stars Castor and Pollux.

Some day, when man again obeys Nature’s laws, he will have to re-establish the laws of this objective world. Man’s own laws bring him destruction and unhappiness; Nature’s laws take him into his own promised land where lies his forgotten inheritance. It is the duty of everyone to seek communion with Nature and aspire to again understand her laws. Instinct is Nature’s memory. When we return to her rhythm this lost instinct will again rule our actions.

We are made from Nature’s cast-off materials and we have little inner direction we can consciously claim as our own. We are told that if we submit to the teachings of religious instructors we shall gain an ideal existence; yet we are not given details as to what we are to do or to become after death.

The elemental Advocate possesses the supreme intelligence we attain to in elemental law and magic. It wishes to return to its own essence and bring into our normal consciousness its keynote, so that it can appear to us in this objective atmosphere. It has the sudden quickness of the Death atoms; for it can inflict death as well as restore what is seemingly dead. It can act both ways according to the nature of its master. But if the student obeys its governing intelligence and bids it to act, it will deliver many from their Death atoms and spread within them its elemental properties. The Advocate we have previously mentioned—its twin brother—will direct us regarding our proper relationship to our elemental Advocate.

When the Solar and Lunar currents are brought together in order to create a lightning conductor through which the Solar energy passes to liberate the Innermost from its prison house, we are then without any Advocates. The union of our positive and negative forces can bring about the disintegration of these twin luminaries when they have placed our karma before the Innermost’s presence and have pleaded that our objective and elemental karma may be forgiven, and that we may now be placed within our tomb and be reborn without any stain of evil. This is the severance of those links that hold us to the consciousness of our own submerged animal spheres. This is what is meant by the forgiveness of our past sins; the severance of past conditions that still inject their waves of thought into our consciousness. These submerged animal pasts must be first nullified ere we can be prepared for rebirth by our Transformation atoms.

This elemental Advocate is the natural healer within us, a subtle power that will direct elemental vibrations to the six centres that will tune them to Nature’s note. And the recovery of the patient will depend upon his response to this healing force.

When aspiring for purity of thought we contact our elemental Advocate. It teaches us the causes of many diseases of an elemental nature, and assists us to diagnose mental cases by relating us to the cause. It also helps us to heal them if the patient can respond and if his Innermost approves, though it will not allow us to work against Nature’s laws.

When we do not respond to the direction of our Innermost it will refuse to interest itself in our lower nature; for we deny it the experience it wishes to gain, and when this occurs it will quickly allow the Death atoms to destroy the body. When we break Nature’s laws and give way to lower desires our Administrator atoms rebel and cry out to the Innermost to be relieved of the care and upkeep of the physical body that submerges them within a consciousness of hatred, lust, and anger; for they have to constantly combat such conditions, and are overworked beyond endurance, and as the Innermost has power over the body It will close it down and free them and Itself.

The elemental Advocate will often impress us to heal a sick soul, but this we must do impersonally. The patient’s mind must be placed upon something the Innermost desires to experience, and when this is done It will immediately begin to build up Its body. Many Christian scientists and natural healers with lofty aspirations do this, though unaware that they are assisted by their elemental Advocate.

I have been told by my elemental Advocate that when I enter a sick room I should vibrate a certain centre; for one may not be rightly keyed to concert pitch. The doh note has fallen below the vibratory advance of civilisation, and is therefore below Nature’s.

The East understands this thoroughly. Just as a student can be taught to see colour, so must humanity be taught to recognise modern music and not return to past conditions of melody. The student’s notes will be a form of mantric music, and by these means he will learn how to open a centre within his body.

In order to radiate a positive atmosphere we must be very positive, and this will shield us from Nature’s destructive forces. At this phase in our practice all the submerged rottenness of past generations will seek to rise into our normal sphere and destroy our mental and bodily health. If we then aspire we can gain the protection of our elemental Advocate; for when we ally ourselves to Nature’s consciousness and seek her sovereignty the elemental Advocate will aid us, and its sword will be turned against our enemies. This sword is double-edged, and if we resist anything that manifests the character of our Innermost it will turn against us and give its allegiance to the Death atoms who will hasten our destruction. Hence, when we can contact this Advocate, it will help us in those things pertaining to our powers in elemental laws, and will teach us how to return to Nature’s understanding and intelligence.

The prophets were men schooled in Nature’s wisdom, whose laws became theirs. We shall realise that Nature’s urge is her will seeking to manifest through us.

The student is shown the sphere where the prophets receive their swords of justice from their schools; the prophet being a destructive force whose laws are nearer to Nature than to man. Humanity has ever rebelled against their work, and has often crucified them; for they were many years in advance of their period. Those to whom this sword has been given on the inner planes have the power to direct their elemental Advocate to appear to their students when they are in need of protection from opposing forces. Sometimes the student will see this Being standing beside him clad like a knight in shining armour or an armed warrior of any period. At times he has appeared before martyrs to give them courage to meet their death, and teach them that beyond a certain range pain becomes pleasure.

Nature is a severe taskmaster; but if one aspires to regain his lost wisdom and understanding of her manifestations he is protected by his Advocate from the enmity of man in order to fulfil his mission. Thus he often dies without any recognition by the world till after death.

Humanity regards Nature as something that exists, though not as a conscious entity; but he should think of her as a just mother. One of the great principles Yoga has for man is that Nature is a great consciousness and that he should follow her laws and pass into her higher realms where peace reigns supreme. If Nature’s higher laws were adopted by man he would have time and freedom to pursue the path of his individual development, and by so doing harm no one.

The king elementals refuse to descend into our illusion world; therefore we do not observe them working among us. Many people are very elemental in their atomic construction, and in their efforts to become themselves bring their genius to birth; but what they produce is seemingly misplaced effort, for it takes man a long time to recognise genius in their midst. When Whistler’s painting of Battersea Bridge—now in the Tate Gallery—was judged by the Governors and hung at the Burlington Gallery, they did not know what it represented so hung it upside down: to-day any schoolboy could give an accurate description of it. Carlyle and Emerson were not understood save by a select few in their time, yet nowadays any educated person could read their works with understanding and pleasure.

The elemental Advocate watches over us in sleep and protects our bodies from outside influences that would wish to enter them. For we have often to travel long distances from our bodies, and the Silver Cord is stretched beyond its normal range. This cord—the higher counterpart of the Linga Sharira or astral cord—has to be loosened till it is only connected to the body by a fine atomic filament. If this is severed death occurs to our physical shell.

When we aspire to regain our lost possessions in Nature, her forces will at once begin to work about us and give us their shields of protection. If man would only ally himself to Nature he would reap the harvest of his own growth in her consciousness.

When we review our past we find that some races had not advanced very far beyond their soul-group, and we see how fierce and uncouth they were; for they had not yet arrived at the moment when their individuality was severed from their soul-group as it was among the Hebrews at the time of Jesus. Up to this period there were many tribes who were led and governed by leaders.

When man cannot think for himself he is easily led by other minds in advance of his development, whether good or evil. With the return of this new hierarchal cosmic stream, the Dayspring of Youth, the younger generation will become highly individualised and speak and think from within, and not from the intellectual debris of colleges. Our own experience should be our education, and not that gained from others. Books will no longer be needed when we can tap our own wonderful records stored within us. In the future books will be read for pleasure and not for learning.

It is a severe task to prevent our aspirations from falling into our personality and into objective conditions. There are times when a student seeks to enter his secondary system, that a helper, whose body is of a finer substance of mind-stuff, assists him by lending him the filaments of his own atmosphere to bridge the gap between his spheres and this world. But unless we aspire with purity these Beings will not instruct us.

I remember once when I had lived as a hermit upon a hillside far from man, and was about to return to the world, having failed to gain what I had been seeking, that a Being, clothed like an ancient Druid, stood beside me; and as I aspired he said: “I am lending you the finer filaments of my vesture to assist you to contact the planes you seek to enter.” I afterwards found that when I was not strong in my aspirations I would lose contact with this plane. This Being had to descend and clothe himself in mind-stuff, so that I could register him with my sixth sense; for he lived in a sphere where man’s mind can seldom enter.

There are many such advanced Beings who assist the student. They do not belong to the three belts of illusion that surround our globe, but to the areas of our secondary system.

When we return to Nature we are schooled in the lower elements, then work through them into the higher ones. Here we become bewildered at the immensity of Nature’s workshops teeming with populations invisible to normal vision.

We are welcomed to Nature’s consciousness when we are led by the elemental Advocate, and we learn how to pass into these worlds without endangering ourselves by her guardian watchmen; for Nature knows how to protect herself from destructive minds.

When we think of Nature the ever-present thought of beauty enters our minds; for the beauty of this earth cannot be compared with Nature’s divisions into which the student passes. But with all her greatness of purity as well as beauty we also unfortunately face her submerged depths of elemental substances wherein all the impressions of horror and evil, comparable only to the hallucinations of the insane, are revealed.

That the human mind can create such elemental horrors is unbelievable to the normal mind. We learn of the depths to which the human imagination can descend in its distortions, and how they are seized upon by elementals who ensoul them and make them seem real. Evil forces often direct them to us with their thought pressure. We have dealt more fully with this subject in the chapter entitled “Submerged Worlds.”

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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