Atmospheric Screen and Breathing

WE have already spoken about the inhaling of certain atoms. In the atmosphere are numerous kinds of atoms that distract and injure the mind. If we can live in the country away from congested areas we breathe fresh air and healthy atoms, and open a number of nodes of consciousness that were closed when we lived in the city. These nodes sense the country conditions and relate us to its rural nature; but the opening of such nodes depends upon the receptivity of the person to Nature.

Our mental screens are impregnated with atoms of past civilisations, and though we think of them as dead and buried, yet within these screens these atoms will still contact us to those civilisations that are now far in advance of our own. And the student can contact their golden ages of culture and intelligence; civilisations that will take this world many centuries to achieve. For example, although Egypt is considered but a remnant of an ancient glory, in the inner planes we can still enter her periods of illumination and wisdom, and discover what the world can gain from such a consciousness.

The student should always remember that space-time is non-existent on the inner planes. That everything IS. Thus he will learn that within him are atoms representing higher developments than his. But when he enters his secondary system he will find it difficult at first to discriminate between his own Instructor atoms and those of a foreign nature attracted to his mental screen. These atoms also attract intelligences of other civilisations. These foreign atoms and entities are injurious to our screen; for they do not represent the student’s past experience and wisdom.

If we attract the past it is apt to becloud and retard our own growth; for we must develop from within and not from without, no matter how highly evolved is the period.

In the student’s later progress he will easily rid himself from any outside interference by radiating his own Solar force.

A torn mental screen brings disease and often insanity; for in this wound hordes of atoms and entities find a place to build their structures, and in some desperate cases we have found several colonies adhering to the envelope. In this manner they can speak into the mind of the subject and the normal personality is often replaced by others. These severe cases can be healed by proper care and judgment by the doctor; but he must be able to locate the cause and not judge it objectively. The coming century will produce a new school that will deal with such cases successfully, and a mind harassed by such conditions will greatly benefit if the patient can live in a very high altitude; for such atoms and entities cannot rise owing to their density and weight.

In the East those instructed in certain systems in Yoga are taken into retreat far above sea-level; for a clear atmosphere enables the student to enter his secondary system more easily.

Incense properly used could drive away lower conditions from the screen and cause a number of node points to become active; for the odour will attract different atoms that will clarify the atmosphere.

The mental screen is often bent from its normal shape if the tissues of the body are destroyed and will appear like an elongated balloon, and when the body is unable to radiate into the mental screen a hollow depression is seen. This tells the developed student what organ is diseased. A sudden fall or shock can sometimes injure a membrane of this screen, and some period will elapse ere it will return to its normal shape.

We have frequently met people whose auras were out of shape, so we knew that all was not well with their physical bodies.

A normal and healthy body has a normal and healthy screen. If we have foul minds we are not physically healthy. Aspiration and inward seeking will engender our atoms with a healthy appetite, for they are fed upon the higher nature of one’s seminal fluid: this is the energy we have brought over from past lives and provides us with a greater energy similar to seminal fluid. We should remember that if we procreate children we bequeath to them the strength of our past, and this inheritance gives them stamina and courage. The two qualities with which weakness is bequeathed are weak in their powers of observation and endurance.

Mental distortions are caused, as we have said previously, by the silken linings of the membrane being inflicted by the diseased germs of the Secret Enemy. In this silken web project unprotected node points, and germinating fluids, collecting about them, produce erosion. This hampers their receptivity when registering thoughts and distorts them in the physical brain. When we are healthy the node points are strong.

In some cases these nodes have been shattered by shell shock, which also produces distorted imagination and great mental sufferings. This is one of the great penalties of war, and few realise how such cases suffer.

From year to year the thought-waves about us are increasing, and this pressure upon humanity brings an ever-increasing agitation to sensitive minds. It is by aspiration that we protect ourselves from this thought bombardment. Hence it is imperative to erect a protective shield about these node points. This bombardment is caused by man’s uncontrolled thought agitation that will later return and inflict him with certain forms of mental disorders. The rapid voltage of the Dayspring of Youth will add to this state of mind. War has also loosened conditions that seek to destroy the healthy mind.

When we wish to close down the node points to the illusion-thought of this world and open them to a higher note, we use this method: we aspire, and multitudes of dormant node points will suddenly open as we go inward to receive information. Our normal node points will then close down, thus shut out the thoughts of the physical world. This is the method that helps us to receive instruction from our interior centres.

When we can shut out the objective plane and the organs that receive its impressions we shall be able to exist for certain periods within our self-developed universe; for there we find we possess an interior set of sensory organs that relate us to the activities of our inner systems.

A higher voltage within our atmospheric sheath is caused when we enter our secondary system, and this removes the accumulation and mental debris we have collected.

When the student has combined Nature’s consciousness with his own and energised the latent node points of his mental sheath, he then commences his deeper education.

As he proceeds inwardly he brings into activity more and more node points of his atmospheric sheath. When he has attained this illumination, he possesses a consciousness that the physical brain responds to and registers the inner waves of thought as well as the teachings from distant stars.

The cell life in us also rejoices when we begin to water their parched soil; for we had not considered their efforts of labour or supplying us with a habitation for the Innermost, who is our guide as well as our saviour.

• • • • •

When breathing excessively, through exhaustion, we collect atoms of a most disagreeable nature. We should bear this in mind while exercising; for such atoms are of the Secret Enemy, and elderly people often asphyxiate themselves with this energy when breathing them into an exhausted body; for these, travelling to the generative organs, inflict them with diseased atoms that can at times cause instantaneous death. The protective screen grid of Nature has broken down, and we thus breathe a distinct type of Death atom that will irrigate the system with their corrupting substances, and cause diseases suddenly to spring up.

When we breathe normally we do not exhale all the air from our lungs, and this remaining carbon-dioxide gas ultimately produces death.

Year in and year out we have been infiltrating our bodies with this carbon-dioxide gas. We leave about a hundred cubic inches of this deadly gas in our lungs; for when we inhale we use three times the muscular energy than when we exhale. Only when we can develop our breathing muscles to a high degree as the Yogi does can we keep our lungs pure. By careful exercise we learn to breathe outwardly. When this becomes a habit our body will be greatly refreshed and our mind-atmosphere cleared of its debris.

In order to destroy the attraction our lungs and nasal passages have for these atoms we learn to inhale atom of a more advanced nature; for in their higher vibratory current they destroy this poisonous gas that is the cause of old age.

We learn to breathe from the lower regions of the abdomen, so that the muscles and walls of our lungs become elastic and powerful. It must become second nature with us; for we must exhale these impurities with force insects do. This will then teach the student what wonderful activity goes on in his body. He will sense the activity of the divisions and analyse them.

When he has perfected his body into a finer instrument the Nous atom will take this breathing over. We have written about this elsewhere.

Later in his practice the student will learn to retain his breath, its higher counterpart—magnetic oxygen, the real vital breath—and pass this through his stomach into his abdomen. The atoms there will also receive a higher vibration, and assist him to awaken his Solar force and a trance state of bliss.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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