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Summary of the Silver Shield

THE mental body will not be given the power to overcome its opposition until we can direct our thoughts inwardly. When we aspire we slowly cover our atmosphere with a silken lining far different from the mental lining we possessed before we began this practice. This new envelope protects us from our objective thought-world. We rebuild this lining by the aid of the Transformation atoms, and when the Silver Shield is constructed we have erected a temple for the Master atom. This enters this sheath from a period in advance of our time. The coming of this Master atom gives us, for the first time, a directing intelligence that enables us to draw from self our own knowledge and wisdom.

The first instruction we receive from this receiving station has to do with the perfection of the body; for it must be prepared in order that the Solar force within us may be liberated. This is a process of adjustment of the body to its current. Then the Innermost is released from the prison house of the body.

When the Innermost entered matter we began to clothe ourselves with the objective atmospheres of this world; this finally shut us out from our divine inheritance: the powers and wisdom of the Innermost.

After the release of the Innermost the Solar current circles about our body and can be heard at times by its swishing sound; we then get the sensation of a rotating current so strongly that we feel we want to rotate with it.

Though in this book we do not deal with the liberation of the Innermost, we have attempted to show the student how to be brought in touch with that inner intelligence—the Master atom—and, through its agency, with the Innermost.

When the student can receive his inner instruction he will then be brought into touch with those who will give him personal attention.

In Yoga the student should remember that it is always well to remain silent after he has attained unity with his secondary system, or he will be an object of derision to those ignorant of the importance and aim of this profound science; for what is food for the Yogi is not nourishment for the many blinded by this world of illusion.

• • • • •

It should be realised that man uses only a small area of his physical brain, and an Initiate is one who has developed these areas which are the receiving stations for the entire universe of man.

These large areas are not brought into activity until we have developed our Silver Shield, and when this is constructed its node points begin to agitate the latent cells within these disused areas, and thus link man’s inner consciousness to his objective mind. He will then begin to view things from a different angle.

When we have built up this Silver Shield and formed a temple for the Master atom, we do not have to go for instruction to the centres of the physical body that have enabled us to re-experience our past lives, but are now taken into the mind-world to meet intelligences called Scholar atoms, whose work is to instruct us to regenerate our objective nature and help us aspire towards our central universal current that flows into our Silver Shield. The nodic poles we have built up will transmit the learning of these Scholar atoms, and the student must bear in mind that all this is within his own self-created universe. This central current flowing into our consciousness by way of the Silver Shield brings us the higher elements of the moon that is symbolised by the planet Neptune.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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