Determinative Energy

THE Dayspring of Youth has several strands that run into us as a stream runs into the ocean, and each strand is the manifestation of some attribute of the Innermost. Though at first we cannot register these ever-increasing waves of energy we can tune our own wave-lengths by aspiration. We then bend these waves into our secondary system by attracting their atoms into us and gaining their intelligence.

Every new age brings another form of enlightenment and instruction to man.

When we determine to do a thing it has already been accomplished within our secondary system, and this gives us a determination to work and accomplish this on the objective plane. But we generally fail if we do not consciously or unconsciously draw upon the determinative energy in Nature. If we use this principle we shall complete our determined work in this life or in our next incarnation. For we all incarnate to gain certain experiences, and we cannot be happy if we fail in this.

The density of the world’s atmosphere revolts against us if we desire to complete anything, and we are immediately attacked by the Secret Enemy and the Opposition atoms of the atmosphere, who hamper our work so that we are unable to accomplish it. We also find that the moment we begin to do a thing an opposition energy will weaken our interest, unless it possesses the nature of our determined plan, and discourages us in our work. Literary and artistic people realise this more than those of the scientific class; in comparison with those who deal in objective things such as metal or wood they are whirls of atomic energy.

Just as there are certain centres for instruction within our secondary system, so have we centres that register Nature’s movements. When we learn to harmonise ourselves to these we can gain information. This is how we begin to raise Nature’s veils and learn about her forces within us. This gives us the power to ascend into her spheres and commune with her intelligence and inwardly sense the workings of her will.

We have spoken about Nature’s will; it is this that precedes the thought of our universal centres of consciousness. Before thought breaks into sound and colour it is preceded by something; for the indwelling consciousness determines our thought. When we go inward we find this determinative principle at work in our different systems, and always preceding us. Hence there are two things that erect as well as destroy thought: the indwelling consciousness— that Genius of Perfection whose energy precedes all thought—and the objective and destructive energy of the opposition in the atmosphere of this world.

In our deeper consciousness we meet streams of energy leaving our Innermost; these are atomic waves of sound and colour, and the light they create, when viewed from the objective plane, is like sunlight illuminating a dark avenue down which we are travelling.

These currents that precede thought energise the Silver Shield, which then seeks to focus our thoughts of the objective world towards it. It will then attract atoms and forms that will collect our thoughts into the Silver Shield. This means: the Innermost sends its energy into the Silver Shield and energises it. The Shield then directs it to the Master atom, and this seeks to unite us to its intelligence by sending before our thought a wave that will link us to it.

Unknown to our personality, the Innermost seeks to revert our thoughts to Its source.

Determination is a positive force acting in one’s mind. The occultist will learn to determine a thing and carry it out. This is a process wherein one inwardly completes a thing, then determines to materialise it.

We all possess undeveloped hidden forces, and this determinative faculty is one of them. In the secondary system there are atoms who call up the powers latent in our central system, and these collect about a plan that is given the power to overcome all obstacles. The plan to be completed is withheld from the objective planes until we are informed by those atoms, that call up this determinative energy, that the time is ready for its birth.

We are sometimes impressed to do a thing regardless of anything else occupying us at that time. We do not always sense the source from whence this impression comes, but when we enter our secondary system we can then be instructed by those atoms who work according to Nature’s plan. From these atoms we derive the determinative energy of Nature’s plan that is withheld from this world, and here we use what scientists term “Will,” used on earth for personal aims regardless of our Innermost’s desires.

Self-determination will enable a student to give his powers full action, and he will grow and flourish like a tree in Spring if we will but draw upon its energy. This is a powerful as well as a subtle force all possess, though few often draw upon. It comes from elemental Nature and has nothing to do with individual will. Incidentally, Initiates seldom use the term “Will” in their teachings. They say: “Let Nature do it.”

When we aspire we forge links that brings this determinative principle over to us, though only after we practise Yoga are we aware of it. This power holds Nature true to her plan.

When we feel inspired and an added strength is given us it is this force that we call Nature’s Oversoul. The white magician, who is Nature’s disciple, uses this when registering the different states of density in the mind-world’s atmosphere.

Man registers what he perceives through the organs of the senses, and if the atmosphere is changed and the material world vanishes, another form of contact is opened to our senses. Thus Nature’s subtle force can alter the mind of a person to whom it is directed. This power is used by certain great Yogis when they wish to produce objective phenomena. This is not illusion, but the functioning of the mind within a different wave-length. When we can bring this finer energy into our atmosphere it will give us power of direction—that power that will carry a thing to its conclusion.

Thus the student attains the power of Nature’s will to run parallel with his personal will, and he has the consciousness of a thing completed ere it manifests upon the objective plane.

This principle will be one of the new forces to be drawn upon in the coming generation.

As we have within the body latent organs that are healthy but unused, so are there many unused divisions within our mental screen. When we use this subtle force that runs before a thought, we begin to clothe our thoughts and provide an instrument through which Nature can render to us her seven mental attributes. When these attributes become active within our mental atmosphere we possess an instrument that will clothe our thoughts with sound, colour, and energy, and return to us our lost possessions in Nature’s mind.

With these attributes a positive mind need no longer send into the atmosphere thoughts that sway like broken reeds before the opposition winds of this illusion-world, but thoughts of a nature hitherto unknown to us—thoughts that can gather their lost energies. Before this we directed our thoughts by our personal will—an instrument previously used to project our thoughts into this objective world.

We use personal will without understanding it—a power to dominate ourselves and things. This will possesses intelligence, and is a motive force of the objective world, like the steam that drives an engine; but we are unaware of it when we enter our secondary kingdoms.

When we seek union with our Innermost we return to Nature, but certain entities, elemental, physical, and submerged astral—the world of our Secret Enemy—cannot ascend into the inner spheres of being; for they are not given this power of Nature until they renounce their personal will. That is why many people, when they pass over, are earthbound.

In short, this means that just as we have prepared, through Yoga, our physical body to receive Nature’s finer vibrations, so must we likewise develop our mental screen, or Nature’s sounding board within us, in order to register her finer movements in thought and clothe our thoughts with her essence. This is one of the reasons for the construction of our Silver Shield.

Our Master atom represents not only the wisdom intelligence of our myriad lives, but those lives wherein we clothed ourselves with Nature’s filaments, and from now on our thoughts will possess a double quality. Thus Nature armours our thoughts so that they will penetrate any opposition. This is one of the powers of a Yogi hitherto kept secret.

People often wonder why occultists of all ages are told to renounce everything. This has been misunderstood. What they renounce is their personal will.

Many occultists are told to conserve their creative energy: to master their lower sex nature. Atoms always find their own level. It is the vapour that rises from the surface of our seminal fluid that gives us this determinative energy in Nature. The demand for personal power will not bring these higher forces into operation. But we can evoke a force that binds us to our lower animal nature, and this gives the black magician his power.

As the manifestation of the Dayspring of Youth becomes more pronounced we should seek to become its instrument, and Nature will implant her ideals and instruction within us, and we shall no longer regard the personal opinion of the world. The old inheritance of illusion must make way for this force of the cosmic hierarchal energy, and humanity will be ruled by this parent of our creation and not by the experience or intelligence of this world. As man is but a fragment of the Reality, he must seek to recover his own lost inheritance by aspiring to regain this consciousness when he responded to this determinative energy of the Reality—God.

The more the Yogi develops his instrument, the more can he record the atomic powers of Nature; but before he can do this he must aspire and seek the instruction periods of his secondary system, and fertilise his brain with Nature’s atoms of aspiration and intelligence. Thus “Know Thyself,” written at the entrance of the temple at Delphi, means to know the Innermost. For it possesses all the accumulated wisdom of all man’s experience since his entry into matter.

This is the only system of Yoga suitable for Western bodies that will unite us to our own supreme power and the Dayspring of Youth.

To work under the protective cloak of the Innermost, free ourselves from the forces of this abnormal world, work out one’s own experience, gain the activity of the Innermost, and give to others that which we possess and redeem them, is the deeper meaning of emancipation.

When we ascend into the finer states of matter we are again organised into Nature’s determinative energy. As we are prisoners in an illusion world and in bondage to the atoms of the Secret Enemy, we have to be re-called to Nature’s consciousness and given that true inheritance to which our personal will must be subservient. This emancipation from the physical world becomes permanent.

The student must not forget that this energy also works for the well-being of his physical system and instinctively impresses him as to what he should eat and how he should express himself.

He will now discover that his body’s desires will deal with elemental food values and not with the physical food values he used to eat.

Elemental food values are those that nourish our intestinal tract and furnishes it with its desired atomic structures that will give this part of the body a sudden energy. Many kinds of food only encumber our intestines with a multitude of atoms that disturbs its organisation, and hence we must only take nourishment that will act upon this tract, for the stomach is but the simple reservoir that holds, prepares and churns our food into its different densities. And as the intestines supply us with our inborn energy, we must take this system into account and give it necessary intestinal strength we denied it ere studying Yoga.

If the system is choked by refuse, it is difficult to deal with; for constipation causes the atoms of this refuse—as such atoms are of a death nature—to seek to re-enter the seminal canal and evaporate their atmosphere into a cloud of depression, and the mind impregnated by such moods and anxieties is not the type chosen by the Yogi for a pupil. The Red Indian as well as the Eastern Yogi knows what causes this depression and has a simple remedy; but this method is almost unknown by the so-called civilised West. It is an invariable law that constipation causes depression.

The lower part of the student’s trunk should be elastic; for when he meets a teacher he has to stir up his Solar energy—the Sleeping Serpent—by physical exercise as well as by Yoga practice. He should place his hands against his lower ribs and rotate his body from right to left. This will also keep the stomach and intestines in proper condition. And we should remember as we have previously said, in our efforts to keep the body healthy we should drink as much water as possible. It is often thirsting for it, as it cannot always clear itself of its impurities. We should drink fresh water between meals and keep a pitcher where we can see it. Whenever exercising always feel that your strength comes from your abdomen.

Besides this being necessary for the normal man, it must be far more so for the student, as he must be alert and sensitive to respond to any current that Nature may suddenly release. Conquer your trouble of constipation, and you will be able to conquer your lower sex-nature and command it.

In the seminal tract is a centre of atomic intelligence possessing the nature of the Silver Shield; its atoms cluster about their own individual seats of consciousness. These centres impress us with a veneration for all creative effort. This means that if we are as moral as they, we shall receive instruction regarding our moral welfare; the Jews have this strongly in their race; for they venerate the worth of moral things such as holy books, traditions, and so forth. Just as the Chinese poet will bow in reverence before a great book ere reading it.

This character of veneration that these atoms possess will, if we possess them abundantly, cause us to reverence holy things, and if a person does not possess these atoms we do not reverence him. Thus the holy man in the East is recognised if possessing this quality by invoking in others their spirit of reverence. If our parents do not possess such atoms we do not reverence them, though we may love them. It is an unconscious quality that a student feels without being aware of its significance: but later, owing to his association with such atoms within his seminal tract, he will realise why he reverences holy things.

People who do not reverence others do not possess “Manners of distinction,” or any manners worthy of note. They will rush in where angels fear to tread, and are lacking in courtesy or discretion. Reverence to those who possess these atoms is most common in China, and they who possess them leave a chain behind them that never severs them from their descendants. This is another angle of ancestor worship unknown to the West.

It is not until the student possesses this quality that he can reverence Nature—besides appreciating her beauty—and enter into her consciousness as though he entered a holy place.

When this spirit of reverence has been born into our consciousness, we become natural and courteous to all with whom we are in harmony; if we are not in harmony with a person’s atmosphere it is because, unconsciously, we do not reverence that person’s understanding and wave-length. Sometimes when we meet a person of another race we do not feel reverence towards him, for we do not harmonise with his racial individuality, and we are often unconsciously harassed as our own wave-length is disturbed, and such vibrations, being strange, shake us. If we begin to analyse this disharmony we shall often discover things that will become important to us; for we do not harmonise with those races in whose atmosphere we have in the past been subjected to persecution; but we must also realise that we ourselves in a still remoter day had caused suffering and misery to them. This is Nature’s method of adjustment.

If we fathom this mystery, we shall seek to harmonise ourselves again and be just. When we feel this antagonism towards a member of a different race we must analyse his atmosphere, and we will find that the pressure comes not from the personal side but from his thought-environment; elemental and earthbound entities that will always seek to communicate with a sensitive person.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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