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Yoga Teachings

THE Innermost will not reply to an ordinary question, for It does not interest Itself in the personality’s world of illusion.

Probably it will surprise the student to learn that the highest within him is uninterested in his human and personal wants. It will work only for Its self-developed universe. If we wish to gain Its atmosphere and direction, this will only occur when we aspire to enter Its world. But we should not think ourselves devoid of the notice or love of the Divine Reality. We should always remember that our Innermost is our individual spark of God.

People with strong religious beliefs think that the highest within them will descend to their own level and awaken them into Its intelligence. This is not so from the experience we have gained in our practice.

The above might sound callous, but here is the reason. In our remote pasts we were directed by the consciousness of Nature and in moments of distress called for right direction; but later, when living in Lemuria and Atlantis, we became self-sufficient and began to break laws to suit ourselves and dominate our fellow beings.

We built our own world in thought and action and no longer appealed to our ancient guide, Nature. Our powerful egotistic activities in the realms of science brought about a period when we thought we could draw upon and manipulate Nature as we wished; we then made gods in our own image.

Nature always balances herself, and this brought about the great catastrophe that submerged Atlantis. Only those who appealed to and served Nature were saved. This is one of the great dangers that threatens man: Science versus Nature.

Therefore it can be seen that this world is not of the Reality or of the Innermost’s creating, but the age-long illusions of man’s mind, and if the reader will pause and gaze around him and ask “Where is God?” he will realie the profound saying and truth “That the kingdom of Heaven is within.”

This is why Yoga is so very instructive. We have often prayed in moments of great distress for the things we need; but our prayers remained unanswered, for we were not inwardly evolved in the secondary system to receive an answer.

We ask the Reality to give us our daily bread, yet have frequently starved, and this will often shake our faith in a wise and powerful God. Still those whose prayers have been answered did not receive help from the Innermost or from the Reality, but from those myriads of atoms that we call upon by aspiration, who seek to show us the reason for our sufferings and who preserve the records of our pasts.

It is here that the Advocate comes to our rescue, for he presents our case to the Innermost, and, if we are truly repentant, these conditions end almost instantaneously.

The adepts say, “Think backwards and forwards to remove bad fortune.” When we think for the well-being of others we utilise a reserve atomic energy, but only when we contact our secondary system, which we draw upon, as on a bank balance, to serve others and help them out of their difficulties. It is a most subtle stream of energy, and has a remarkable power of bringing things to pass, also happiness and good will into a person’s atmosphere.

When we use this stream for others it removes conditions that have sought to imprison us.

The power behind this subtle force is the Nous atom, and we call upon it when our minds are directed towards others; often to people we have known but slightly, but to whom we are linked by this energy, though often unaware of the reason. Those who evoke this in us receive an abundance of these atoms and a sense of peace and prosperity.

In a remote period this subtle energy was called “The Energy of Perfection,” but later, in this objective world, was called “Love.”

The student will in time feel that an intermittent activity of this nature is going on within him. This force is a periodic discharge from the Nous atom’s atmosphere, and is the cloak of love its atoms receive as well as those to whom it is sent.

These atoms will represent the normal conditions of Society in some future age. Many people receive only this wave-length, as they have not yet evolved beyond the intelligence in their heart.

The mental states are beyond those of the heart, and the atoms that bring love to the human intelligence are different from those that illuminate the heart.

• • • • •

Every man has what is called a “Pure Spirit.” This is an atomic intelligence possessing the nature of our Innermost. People who aspire or are half asleep sometimes see a tiny mote of light—like a spark of dust floating in the sunlight—upon the retina of the closed eye for but an instant. This is the Pure Spirit, and we should attempt to commune with it.

If we can contact it, it will flash back to us, repeating its light a number of times. We should send it love. When it signals, it informs us that we can pass deeper than usual. Only purity of body and mind can bring it to us and contact us to its wisdom period. It has a wonderful knowledge of things, and what it communicates is of the truth.

This Pure Spirit has absolute authority over our intelligence; for it is of an angelic nature, and can bring our energies to birth or retard our growth. But generally only when we enter our secondary system and receive its wave-length can we converse with it.

It has been said that these stars of the Innermost have been used to give humanity a greater breadth of character, for they pronounce their edicts upon man and bind him to those laws that govern him.

The animal kingdom is also controlled by them. Different species are not allowed to transgress into other species, and these Pure Spirits keep them true to their type in evolution.

Man is also guided and repeatedly balanced by a certain power that constantly reverts him to his own natural wave-length, though he might incarnate into a nation foreign to the plan of his Innermost. The Hebrews are such an example; they cannot be diverted outside their own parent stream of energy. To-day many think it possible to pass out of its jurisdiction, but the spirit of the race will eventually cause an individual to revert to his original source. He might adopt another religion and live in its atmosphere for many lives, but in time he will again return to his own parental stem. Other races possess this permanent racial individuality, and though America and the Western areas seem to be a melting-pot for all races, yet in time, each one will re-assemble its own children and unite them to their own wave-lengths.

This mixture of different races and creeds and sex-inclinations to enter another race all have to do with a desire to return to their own true race; for once one has been an enemy to a race he will have to incarnate into it in order to learn toleration and justice. One may be a member of several racial stems, but this is only for a time. Later he will return to his true origin, and will feel a greater power of independence and authority. There also comes a time when a man attains a rounded consciousness that is above race, and he becomes the individual expression of his Innermost.

In our secondary system we begin to realise that we have often incarnated within a race upon whom we have waged war. When such experiences are reviewed, we learn that as we were once destructive to a certain class so will they in time destroy us. In this manner do we learn the necessity not to offend different classes and races, though they may sometimes be a trial. Many races are obnoxious to us on account of our persecution of them in other lives. It is important that we learn about the best in these races, though we should not be lost in them; frequently countries that have shown kindness to persecuted elements are overrun and the best taken from them. Kindness can often cost many a man or country more than they realise. Yogis do not accept gifts of kindness without thought, for they know that such have sometimes been bought at the expense of many weary minds and bodies. It may cost us little trouble to be kind to a person, but it may have cost others great sacrifice and endless toil.

• • • • •

There is a wise saying of a master: “We should only cultivate those who have been successful, and who are of a higher grade of intelligence than our own; for the forces that protect them will protect us if we associate with such.”

This is the origin of the caste system, and was originally intended for the betterment of the races. But to-day the caste system has been adopted without the understanding that this law was created in order that man could ultimately unite himself to his Innermost.

The Chinese understand this, and know what happens to the mental atmosphere of a person who associates with lower intelligences than his own. Man chooses his own environment if he is free from material worries. Like attracts like, and it depends upon what his aura contains.

It is better for the student, in his early development, to live alone than mix with those belonging to a lower nature. “Always seek the intelligence of those above you on the Path,” for they will assist you to gain your lost inheritance.

It does not matter who the person is, how he is clothed, or to what nation he belongs, if he possesses enlightenment beyond one’s own. Customs differ in any land, and we should not judge one by our own customs.

In our higher schools we are not called by our Christian names, but are known by our symbols, that, we are told, were given to us by our Master atom in another incarnation. The sign we carry with us symbolises the kind of crucifixion we endured in the past, and means that we sacrificed ourselves for our followers in various ways. We also learn that a man’s faith could have been an illusion as well as a discomfort to his followers. This is the explanation of the saying that “When we meet someone out of the body we can recognize his attainments by his caste mark.”

• • • • •

Our hyperborean ancestors left us a book open for all to read, but to few is its meaning made known. It contains all that we can gain in instruction in this age, and all that we need for our development. It has a hidden science that can only be taught us from the inner planes; and though commonly called the Zodiac, it is but a fragment from a lost book in antiquity, and its missing fragments are to be found within our inner consciousness. We are told that only one-twelfth of its structure and wisdom is objectively related to us, and within our secondary and central systems are to be found the remaining portions.

The Zodiacal signs represent those states through which we have passed, and will return to us as we develop into our central universe. Although Astrology has not advanced much in the present period, yet in this new age this science will become respected and scientists will take it seriously.

• • • • •

The seasons change us regardless of our own will. The Reality does this in order that we may learn to follow this aspect of Nature’s law; but we are unaware of this change of seasons occurring within our inner planes.

Four times a year, at the Equinox, there descends into our bodies a hierarchal current, and at these changes of seasons our bodies come under their influence. In Autumn and Winter the atoms of the seminal system are engendered and given nourishment; in other words, built up so that at the Spring Equinox they will be able to fertilise the brain cells with their energy. Similar to all life we answer the call of Nature. During this time the energy of the sun has been conserving our energy, holding it back so that we may have reserve power after the Spring and Summer months have passed.

When we have worked in harmony with Nature in all that we do and have learned when the seasons change, we then ask the Aspiring atoms to remedy our deficiencies. As the old alchemists say: “There is a place and a time when all such operative works should be begun.” These men transmuted their own baser materials into their finer substances according to planetary influences. Within us there is also a planetary system corresponding to the outer system.

Astrology teaches us about the effects of the planets upon our physical body; but few know about our inner planetary system and its activities upon our finer bodies. The moon is most important to our inner systems; for its rays penetrate the mental bodies of the principal atoms so that they respond to its directing influences; for the moon sends into us its records of her wisdom periods, and it is from these Scholar atoms that we receive information relating to the different moon cycles of enlightenment. The sun and other planets do likewise, and through this we can re-experience all that we have learnt from such sources, for within us lie latent the atoms of the Reality’s firmament.

When a planet comes directly into our range of consciousness, and this is easily noticed in the deeper states of Yoga, we hear an audible note emanating from the planet. This is the origin of the term, “The music of the spheres.”

To synthesize the operations of Nature within us through our aspiration is to learn of the sun, moon, and planets that are nearest to us. In other words, we harmonise with Nature in order to become her instrument.

• • • • •

As our physical organism registers the forces of day and night and balances them, so does each force give it a certain nourishment. When women regain their memories of Nature’s consciousness they will suckle their children according to Nature’s direction, and give the child the breast through which the day or night current flows.

We find in Nature a quality of that Motherly love that relates us to all those who have been our mothers during countless incarnations, and as we review this attribute of motherhood we feel within us a power that evokes all our reverence and purity.

• • • • •

All people talk about art and religion with authority, and this is like discussing the nature of electricity when even scientists cannot analyse it. Yoga practice is far different: each step must be experienced before being spoken about, and in this manner we slowly climb a lofty summit where we are immersed in an atmosphere of a semi-divine nature. Until we do this we cannot gain any real information regarding religion. As we ascend from consciousness to consciousness we find that religion is like an essence emanating from one great source; though its expression varies according to the kind of cup that receives it, the student does not speak of it as the sole possession of any one caste or people, but as one essence permeating all things.

The Yogi will not discuss art or religion with people who only possess its fragments. These subjects cannot be analysed from the human plane of consciousness; but the sincere seeker will be helped in such problems by the Yogi turning the seeker’s mind inwardly to self-thought.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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