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Cosmic Rays

THERE are atoms that bring what is called “sunlight” to this Earth; if we did not receive this atomic rain we would live in semi-darkness. What we think is light from the sun, is the sun’s energy that burns them up and creates daylight. But for these atoms we should be covered beneath a kind of volcanic ash and life could not exist.

When things are viewed from the inner spheres we see a light about us that creates no shadow. If a Yogi brings his inner light into a room, this produces a similar effect: an equal distribution of light without any shadow. It is this inner atomic substance that the teacher brings into his student’s atmosphere.

There is also another kind of atomic rainfall castoff from planets more evolved than our own that do not resist the sun’s energy. These interpenetrate the interspaces between the atoms of the world’s sheath and illuminate the minds that can register them. The Dayspring of Youth is of this nature, but from the Sun behind the sun. This is mentioned in the Commentaries of the Comte de Gabalis, and scientists are beginning to learn about this force.

From Washington Evening Post, October 15, 1931. “Rome: Myriads of cosmic rays pour down upon the earth from distances hundreds of millions of miles farther away from the sun, each ray carrying energy of 786,000,000 volts, four distinguished scientists reported here to-day.

“Robert A. Millikan and Arthur Compton, American scientists, and Professor Bruno Rossi, of the University of Florence, reported on the rays to the congress of physicists meeting here. Mme. Curie, co-inventor of radium, corroborated their statements.

“The two Americans told the congress that experiments conducted this Summer disproved theories that such rays proceed either from within the Earth’s atmosphere or from the sun or visible stars. The place of origin, they said, is interstellar regions unknown even to astronomers.

“Thus far, the scientists said, the experiments have been in the field of pure science. When utilitarian science takes a hand in the researches, they have indicated that the tremendous energy contained in the cosmic rays may be harnessed and converted to man’s use.

“Professor Millikan, of the California Institute of Technology, reported he had divided the cosmic ray into four substances: helium, oxygen, silicon, and iron, containing 27,000,000 volts, 100,000,000 volts, 260,000,000 volts and 443,000,000 volts. Professor Compton, of the University of Chicago, carried on experiments in the Rocky Mountains at an altitude of 13,000 feet.

“The two Americans told how they had arrived at the conclusion that the rays had nothing to do with the Sun by observing their intensity day and night when the Sun was of different strength, and finding the intensity invariable.

“The same observations, they said, proved that the rays did not come from stars visible to astronomers.

“The rays vary in intensity according to altitude, they said. The rays on Pike’s Peak were four times stronger than those at sea-level. At a height of 46,000 feet, reached by a captive self-recording balloon, the rays were ten times stronger, while at 245 meters underwater the rays were almost entirely absorbed.

“Mme Curie described experiments in Paris in the passing of rays through iron and a magnetic field measure their energy.”

Sometimes when lying down we gently massage the eyeballs; this agitates the ophthamic nerves for a moment, and the pineal gland, sympathetically reacting, becomes energised, and one perceives a radiation similar to diffused sunlight. This is the light the Yogi radiates. The Yogi says that if one atom can be illuminated it will illuminate others. By concentrating upon a flammable substance a Yogi can cause it to burn.

As the earth rushes through space it constantly picks up atomic clusters—many of these were dispersed into the atmosphere at the time of the destruction of Atlantis—and some of these clusters provided the Atlantean robots with an intellectual force.

In the deeper states of our secondary system is an intellectual principle. This is not intelligence, but mind-stuff material that will seize and enslave the brain. From intellect we gain nothing that would advance us to our source. As we are ignorant of the true definition of these terms, we speak of great souls as great intellects, whereas they are great intelligences.

We can learn parrot-like and bathe in this illusion of intellect, memorising what other great minds have experienced; but what intellectual discussion has ever brought man nearer to God?

In an ancient Chinese painting one division shows the student carrying his soul on a lotus leaf into a group of learned men, where he listens to their discussion. After he has left this group he is seen alone with Nature studying the lower activities wherein he receives his first contact with the consciousness of Nature, and later we see where he unifies himself with the consciousness of the cosmic ray.

These hierarchal forces possess three distinct attributes: creative, destructive, and protective. Mantras also possess similar qualities.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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