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Transformation Breathing

AFTER the student has inhaled into his system the Aspiring atoms, he begins another kind of breathing to attract atoms of a higher voltage known as Transformation atoms. These will complete the Silver Shield that all have in embryo, though few rarely develop and bring into conscious manifestation.

The first exercise is to aspire to the Innermost—for the Transformation atoms are of Its nature and the Builder atoms of the mind-body, as the Aspiring atoms are of the physical body—by inhaling through the right nostril and exhaling through the left; then inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the right.

This alternating breathing brings the Solar and Lunar currents into opposition, and opposition, being the occult law of attraction, causes these two currents to bring to the magnetic field of the nose these Transformation atoms of protection and security. In time this kind of breathing forms a nasal grid or screen at the entrance of our nostrils—a rotating mass of atoms that alternately swings from right to left—and rejects the impure atoms and debris we naturally inhale, permitting alone the entry of those atoms that possess the qualities of the Innermost and the higher states of atomic energy. This nasal filter is easily sensed and felt when it has been formed; for it has the tendency of causing us to lift the nostrils when it is in operation. In time we also develop the power primitive savages possess of sensing things by quick intakes of breath when we enter the atmosphere of any person and “smell them out,” as to their position in the densities of matter about them, and thus recognise their qualities. The student can also smell the odour emitted by the astral fluids of discarnate people, and can sense entities and grade their status without using clairvoyance.


Sit erect with the chin in and chest brought forward. Hands resting naturally on thighs, with palms upwards and forefingers and thumbs meeting to form a circle. It will be necessary at first to press the middle finger against either nostril when changing over each breath. Later, thumbs and forefingers must be kept closed throughout exercise. At the end of the sixth breath, hold it easily and aspire to seek the approval of the Innermost for this new undertaking. Seek to listen-in, to sense an atomic atmosphere within and record the impressions it reflects into the mind. After the screen grid is formed, and this should be easy, the student should not spend more than five minutes at this exercise at first; then he should increase the length of practice. Be natural and alert, and do not strain or exhaust yourself in any way whilst doing this. After you have completed your exercise aspire and write down the impressions you receive. In time you should receive a short sentence that you should memorise and constantly repeat before practising; for this is a secret mantra that the Innermost will reveal to the sincere student, and should not be told to anyone. It is a precious possession and will not be revealed to the seeker until he has developed his nasal grid.

After each practice the student should clear his brain. This is done by kneeling and placing the palms of the hands upon the floor with thumbs touching, then placing forehead upon backs of hands. This washes the brain cells of their impurities. The younger student should learn to rest upon the back of his shoulders and support his body in an upright position. This will drain impurities from the digestive tract and flush the glands.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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