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The Element of Fire

THE element of fire now begins to manifest within the student, and he will work for a long period in it. This slowly consuming fire will now gravitate into the atmosphere of his mind-body, and he must welcome it, for it will destroy foulness and disease. He will now constantly drink water, as the nervous system will need it to extinguish the grosser elements of fire and make room for its higher counterpart. This higher vibration should pass through him without resistance. It is the density of matter that rebels against it.

He will now breathe in the Solar force atoms, and this will mean spiritual rebirth; for he must leave his ancestral inheritance and teachings of a religious nature, and seek the religion he has created within his own central universe, wherein are stored fragments of each dynasty through which he has passed. Here he will discover what he has experienced of the Reality, and what he knows about truth and justice in their higher as well as lower aspects.

To evoke this flame and be reborn into its atomic structures is the great step he must now undertake. He must pass into its nature and succumb to its desire.

The Sun has the power to transfer us into a substance similar to its elements, and this brings us deeper realisations of what our physical and mental bodies can become. In the East this sun element is called the Lawgiver, and again we repeat our previous exercises to bring these Solar atoms into our bodies.

In the beginning we aspired inwardly and breathed atoms that repaired our physical structures, and revealed to us our undiscovered areas and past experiences. We now enter into the activity of their higher counterpart.

These Aspiring atoms built new elements within our organs and remedied them as much as possible. This cleared us, in some small degree, from the atoms of destruction. We then begin to increase our Solar energy and seek to become ennobled by its powers.

These new atoms—atoms of abundance—have come to us from a distant past, and they represent a type of activity foreign to our body; for they represent periods when we were similar to the elements of the Sun. But at first we cannot recognise what they symbolise. In our practice we again breathe them in as we did in our early days, when we were intermittently immersed in their consciousness. This also brings the energy of the Dayspring of Youth.

We now seek to unite ourselves to this new energy in order that we may become its instrument; it contains the message and power of deliverance for humanity, and we must develop our bodies to become its sounding board whose surface can be attuned to any consciousness that the earth-streams may press upon it. The earth-currents are not the hierarchal streams, but bodies of atoms that flow into us and inspire our atoms to build up their structures regardless of our own personal feelings in the matter.

The earth-currents are similar to the ebb and flow of the tide, and within them are atoms of an instructive nature that stimulate our lower sheaths.

The hierarchal streams are similar to the sun’s positive nature. We now come under its jurisdiction—that is of a father consciousness—instead of being nourished by our mother atom under whom we have been working. Here we will be taught regarding our true destiny and plan and the kind of body we have to build up.

We owe a debt of gratitude to mother Nature who brought to birth our systems of natural law and our moral and scientific characteristics. We now enter the positive side of things, as we had previously entered the negative or feminine side where our emotions and sympathies for humanity were awakened.

From these inner observations we discover a wonderful law of order and design, and this ever impresses us; for we realise that the Creator’s thought is directing and guiding all things, and the minuteness of our own Solar system becomes apparent.

The element of fire has nothing that is dangerous in itself, nor will it harm us if we apply its energy correctly by listening to our Advocate’s directions. The danger lies when it is used for personal power.

To develop this energy depends upon our power to inhale atoms of a like nature. These are within our inner besides outer atmospheres, and they will bring to us teachings regarding the Solar force. We must aspire for this; for the element of fire has the keynote of this universal substance, and of all our past lives united into one composite note. And those atoms that cannot respond to its note are disordered. Hence the resistance of the physical body to its vibration, and the student becomes strongly aware of this power within him. Slowly it will begin to rise and straighten out its coiled substance, awakening when it hears its keynote.

This energy, beginning at the base of the spine, will rush through our central nervous system and seek to leave the body through the top of the head. We must not be afraid to impress its forces within us and engender its living flame with that which we ourselves have stored up in our physical body. It is enclosed within a sac-like sheath, and when evoked will pass within our generative organs and remain there if we allow it; but if we do so, it will turn us into beasts and be used by the Secret Enemy. But if we aspire to evoke it to control our nervous centres and the sun centre within us, it will use its force for our development and enable us to attain intermittent teaching from a great and wise intelligence: a Nous atom belonging to the energy of the Solar system, and we must be strong and bold if we wish to control it, for its nature is foreign to us.

When we unite our Solar and Lunar currents at the apex of the spine, the Sleeping Serpent no longer receives its usual nourishment, and, being hungry, stirs within its sac. The watchman then pours forth the seminal energy; this awakens it, and it begins to uncoil and seek nourishment by trying to enter the door leading into the seminal tract. Here it changes its voltage, and this gives it the power to pierce the opening into the spinal system; it is now fed with a kind of static electricity: the seminal system’s higher energy. This force quickens, and it tries to pass up the spine.

It is here that the greatest caution must be observed, for it depends upon us as to the kind of energy it will receive: whether of our higher or lower nature.

This energy has several strands similar to the positive and negative poles of electricity, and these must be severed from the base of the spine and united at its axis; this will then bring up through a third strand the coiled serpent force that will open the nasal organs to its stream of energy. From this third strand the Great Liberator comes to birth; for the third strand is similar to a lightning rod, and about it streams up the hidden fire from our navel tract. This energy will then open our principal centres as we direct them, and the organs of generation will not be able to hold it prisoner. This power will give the student the greatest intelligence he can possess: a lost power long denied him.

This is a gift to humanity from the Innermost; as we develop it we rise above the Secret Enemy’s power and possess a substance of the more developed Initiates, who are of its nature.

The Sun atom is similar to the Egyptian scarabaeus, save that it is rounder and consists of two opposite forces—positive and negative, with a wall dividing both. It extends two feelers, like crossed swords, and holds a minute atom—of which it is parent—and from these feelers stream two forces. This is called the winged caduceus of Mercury. The minute atom contains all the elements of fire, and draws the fire nature from the different planets. It possesses an intelligence that is beyond good and evil, which is neither destructive nor constructive; and into such a consciousness the student must not fear to enter. This is the normal state of the Innermost. Here, beyond good and evil, we reach a state of constant bliss, and do not register the sensations or burdens of our human body. This state is the goal of the student.

The Sun element will not instruct us until we are in the boundaries of our Innermost; it will then hasten our development.

The doctrine of the Innermost has to return to us; for we must perform our own ritual and service towards the Supreme ruler of this Solar system and its different densities of matter.

• • • • •

In the human atmosphere there are Sun elementals who have retained the wisdom of the moon. They are far in advance of our day, and are beyond good and evil. These are used in what we call higher clairvoyance. We can attract these atoms into our nodes of thought, and make them communicate with us. This is an instrument that will collect and deliver our messages and send them inwardly to any sphere, as well as to any place on Earth. The method is to impress a thought-wave upon our Silver Shield.

These atoms have their keynote, and the student must aspire to hear it; for by its use it evokes the Sleeping Serpent. This method of using sound-waves to evoke the five systems of atomic substance within us has been hidden from the West. Although the East possesses this knowledge, the West cannot use the same sound invocations, as we live in a different period from the East.

An American entering another country cannot understand why everything seems so slow. He represents a swifter vibration, does not realise that he should adapt his own wave-length to the country he visits. The student should always endeavour to do this, in order not to cause unnecessary annoyance; for his atmosphere can often be offensive. It takes many years before a member of one race can harmonise himself to that of another.

There are many misfits in humanity, and such people, though similar in appearance, do not feel at home or in harmony with their surroundings. Each race has its tribal mark upon the soles of their feet, and in Tibet a scholar will ask his pupil to show him his feet and will then know the parental stem from which he has descended. Sometimes an Eastern teacher will arrive in the West to claim one who seemingly incarnated into the wrong race. This will sometimes cause Westerners to revert to Eastern teachings. If the soles of their feet were examined, the people would be found to belong to a different race. When the seventy disciples of Jesus were sent into their different countries they were led by the markings on the soles of their feet.

The moon current keeps the body moist, the sun current dries it up, and when these currents are controlled the nourishment that the Sleeping Serpent depends upon is denied it; this will cause it to move and open the centre about which it was coiled, and seek to enter it. As it is enclosed in a tissue of membrane, it will seek to break out and pierce the sacral plexus or lowest centre.

When this Serpent begins to move about it will often cause severe pain; for the sensation is similar to a ball of quicksilver moving and tearing its way between the tissues.

When this occurs one must be patient and aspire, for the pain is very severe, and this is apt to last several months; neither should one feel excited or nervous. A steady stream of minute particles are now being energised; these are forced along by the Solar current, so that they can open the centre towards which they are directed and revolve about its axis. These atoms are a combination of sun and moon atoms, and unite into a mass.

The Solar flame is united to the flame of the Innermost, and as we release this flame we are taken from our own sphere and transmuted into the atomic substance of another world period far different from this present one. This new world has no conditions of sadness and misery, and is an intermediate station; for we would perish if we entered the sun’s energy suddenly. Here we are called upon to serve its errands of justice, to work in our objective world as it will direct us; and we are also subjected to a severe schooling by the Elder atoms.

We learn that we had attained to this instruction in other lives, and are reminded that we will not gain our source unless we are willing to renounce all things of the Secret Enemy’s nature. We are now constantly reminded of our past transgressions, and slowly build a barrier between this past and the Innermost.

In the school of the Elder atoms we have to learn about the trinity in Nature, as well as the trinity within man. These atoms possess the consciousness that was of our Advocates—that have now returned to their own elements—and stimulate us towards our Innermost.

In this intermediate state, that is beyond good and evil, we receive that illumination that will make us harmless to our neighbours, harmless in that we will neither oppose them by force nor by argument. This is the wisdom that some of the great Masters use when dealing with humanity. This consciousness makes us indifferent to people and things. This is not a callous state, for we are more sensitive to their pain and sufferings than ever, but we can see deeper and help with greater understanding; for, if we would be of use to this world, there comes a time when we must detach ourselves from it.

This intermediate state shows us how to work with multitudes instead of individuals. When we work in this consciousness, we feel that we are standing thirty feet above the crowd. Many occult students have unconsciously felt this state working through them.

About this time the student becomes aware that many eyes are watching him, and that unseen help is being sent to encourage and assist him. He also feels that these people have awakened their Solar force.

This force comes suddenly to birth; for we have been building up this power of fire. If we have worked at this science in previous lives it will awaken more easily and quickly.

It is well to send a silent prayer inwardly before beginning our practice, and this will harmonise us to our Innermost. A prayer will sometimes evoke something within us that will operate a centre which begins to teach us. When the student is alone, and will not disturb anyone, he should pray aloud with strength and vigour; this vibrates his mental body, and will pass more easily and clearly through the three lower spheres of illusion and contact spheres of worth.

The shaft of light that we send forth in prayer interpenetrates into the higher as well as into the lower planes. The mind should therefore seek purity and not invoke the animal entities of the Secret Enemy that will attempt to control our thoughts and envelop us in harmful conditions.

We are held responsible for our prayers, and as we have not learned how to pray we often inflict our conditions upon those for whom we pray. A group of people praying about a sick bed can sometimes drive out the real personality from the body and allow an obsessing entity to enter.

When we pray we often visualise the person for whom we pray; but we fail to realise that we send our own atmosphere to them as well. This can frequently bring greater disorder than ever.

There are many religious organisations that pray at mass meetings for individuals that they may be converted to their beliefs. They imagine they are helping them, but are on the contrary similar to highwaymen on the mental plane; for they seek to dominate them regardless of their liberty of experience. This can often shut out the true light from those sincerely seeking it.

When the Yogi wishes to assist a person, he first seeks union with his Innermost and asks It for direction; he then contacts the Innermost of the other person and receives the information best needed to help the individual.

In a book previously mentioned by us, The Comte de Gabalis, we have written this passage about prayer:

“When you pray, think. Shut out all lower thoughts. Approach God as you would the entrance to a holy place. Ask if it will be well to demand to be given wisdom according to law. Be strong in purpose and firm in demand; for as you seek power of a spiritual nature you will balance that power in self on the lower planes. It is to penetrate beyond these lower planes or spheres of illusion that Jesus said: ‘When you pray, say these things.’ You have by a direct and positive effort to reach the higher spheres of consciousness, therefore let your thought be clear and precise, for a sincere, positive, and well-defined prayer harmonises man with God. On the other hand, an idle or unthinking prayer without definite expression becomes an infliction to the mind and destroys the receptivity to the light. A fervent prayer to the Deity crystallises the mind so that other forms of thought cannot enter, and prepares it to receive a response from the God within.

“Prayer of concentration on the Highest Source man is capable of imagining is a path to Wisdom found.”

The use of prayer wheels in Tibet are treated with contempt or merriment by the Western mind, but if we had the graciousness of heart to enquire the reason for this we would be given an interesting and occult explanation that in the light of this book would be easily understood.

These wheels are used in hundreds and thousands in their country, and are turned by hand as well as by water power. They are covered by written layers of prayers and are the sincere appeals of the writers to their deities. These papers are impregnated by the atomic atmospheres of the devotees, and then placed upon the wheel that is set in motion. The result is that these atmospheres form one composite body that attracts atoms of a developed nature that works over this atomic mass and increases and stimulates its spiritual power. The Lama then steps into and collects these developed atoms into his own atmosphere.

In the West we have not been taught the reason for Eastern postures in prayer. These are spiritual, mental, and physical exercises that tend to bring about a union with the Innermost. The Yogis also divide man into three types, three general diseases, and three cures.