"Before the false dawn came over this earth, those who survived the hurricane and the storm gave praise to the Innermost, and to them appeared the heralds of the dawn." - From The Testament of Learning

THIS work is a record of instruction received during different states of Yoga practice; that sealed book opened by the aspiring student during his development into his own inner states of being. We have been permitted to reveal this in order that others, by similar practice, may develop and unfold their inner powers; for the body is a storehouse of past, present and—strange though it seems—future records.

At the beginning and end of each age there is a pouring forth of hierarchal cosmic streams of energy, and as they intermittently enter the earth's atmosphere and unite we find in this radiation that instruction best fitted for the time. Thus there is brought to birth a new period of discovery for the world.

This new force, called by Initiates "The Dayspring of Youth," has been in activity for some time, and they who respond to it and practise this Western Yoga can enter the new era and become its instrument.

This force, now working over Western Europe and America, possesses a new vitality and energy that will bring about a severance from past and inherited conditions. Minds that respond to it are clarified, and any opposition within the atmosphere of the mental body can no longer imprison them within its rebellious aura. For practice of this Yoga attracts an atomic energy of a finer nature and transmutes the consciousness.

The Great Initiates call this "The Churning of the Butter," the separation of the finer elements in man from the coarser. If the student responds to these finer forces he becomes aware of this manifestation within his physical body and mental atmosphere.

For over fifty years students have been side-tracked regarding the true methods of Yoga; for in nearly every book dealing with this subject they have been told to "Concentrate inwardly." This is false; as such concentration attracts atoms of personality and desire. Neither should the word "I" be used; for this again brings the personal element into play. It is impossible to pass inwardly by direct concentration unless one also aspires. Only through personal contact with a Master has a student been taught the true method.

Man is a prisoner within the atmosphere of this world, but his Higher self awaits the time when he will release himself from bondage and return to it. This union can be accomplished in one life if the student will but ASPIRE and bring into activity those dormant properties of matter within him of which he has been unaware.

Aspiration means that longing for the Reality's presence within one's own universe. Real aspiration should be impersonal; for personality attracts atomic intelligences of a personal nature besides parasitical and discarnate entities.

Within and about us are highly developed atoms, and in our breathing exercises we attract them into our bodies. They then supply our nervous systems with their energies, and as man is the result of his own type of atoms and atmosphere, he is judged by the quality of atoms he attracts, just as he is judged by the kind of people with whom he associates.

Man is a solar system in miniature, governed by his Innermost that dwells within Its sanctuary and seldom manifests beyond Its temple. If we are to gain Its recognition of our efforts to reach Its presence, we must aspire to this inner seat of government.

The objective body is not related to its Innermost until it can find a means of communication, and by attracting atoms possessing the nature of this Innermost we build a bridge between our inner and outer worlds. In this manner we regain our lost possessions in Nature: our true birthright.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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