THE great teachers frequently delivered their messages to meet the needs of the people of their day and not the future generations. When entering our secondary system we learn that the prophets addressed distinct classes of people who often represented certain organisations.

If we read our history carefully we shall learn that the people who brought light to their world were fostered under the protective wings of elemental Egypt. Solon who gave Greece its great laws, Moses the Lawgiver, Apolonius of Tyana the great magician, and Jesus who sought to fulfil the Solonic laws and organise the oppressed castes, all received their instruction from Egypt, guardian of Nature’s laws.

The foundations of Egypt’s great period were based on elemental laws that sprang from a remote Neptunian activity the Egyptians called Amenti. From this consciousness the Egyptian’s Innermost built up Its lower sheaths as we to-day are building up, under the manifestation of the Sun, our lower sheaths.

In the past, Egypt reached a degree of development that will take us several centuries to attain, and the Yogi reverences and aspires to its golden age, and often contacts the atomic centres within him that unites him to this great civilisation and ancient wisdom.

As Egypt worked under the aegis of the higher counterpart of the moon—known to Astrologers as Neptune—and therefore being exceedingly elemental, the Pharaoh Akhenaten, aware of the deficiency of the Sun’s positive nature in his people, endeavoured to re-establish sun worship in its purity; but in this he failed, for the elemental wave-length of the Egyptian consciousness was far stronger.

When the student travels in the inner spheres and visits Egypt he enters an elemental realm, and in initiation he is often brought in touch with these elemental gods who directed Egypt’s higher attainments. These gods are terrible to behold, especially Horus, and on his forearm he wears massive golden rings. When he gives one to an Initiate, as he did to Moses, he becomes a people’s leader.

The characteristics of this Neptunian-Amentian consciousness gives one the power to penetrate deeply into any problem, solve it, then cast it out of one’s consciousness. This is a power many business men possess.

The depths of the Neptunian consciousness are far greater than we can know, and as we enter its activity it gives us a powerful current that helps us quickly to complete a thing without any apparent effort. It has a healing effect upon those who suffer mentally, if they can contact its consciousness, also repair and seek to re-establish those souls who have lost contact with their directing purpose. An employer possessing this consciousness would know the possibilities of his workers, and would never place square pegs in round holes.

Within the Egyptian soul and atmosphere were opposition atoms of the Secret Enemy that would have imprisoned the Egyptian mind as they imprison the mind of to-day in this world of illusion. To escape this dark period that the great Initiates of Egypt knew was coming, they embalmed the bodies of their dead and thus protected their atoms from the destructive force of man’s thought. This shielded them until the out-pouring of the new hierarchal cosmic energy—the Dayspring of Youth, that they called the coming forth by Day—released them.

This did not mean that their mental bodies lay in a comatose state; for these evolved through Amenti, and arose from the depths of their Neptunian consciousness to become enlightened and purified beyond human conception.

In our inward journeys we have seen these Egyptian souls , though minute, in their myriads; for out of the body a soul is a shining atomic substance about the size of a thumb. They emanate a powerful mental atmosphere, and constantly ask us when we will give them the signal for the release of their Ka’s from their tombs, which would give them complete freedom of movement.

We are told that when a great Initiate returns to Egypt the mental pressure of these millions will be evoked, and will flock to his banner and shield him with their atmosphere from the destructive forces that will shortly appear at a great crisis in the world.

Many students have within them their old Amentian consciousness, and the Master atom within his Silver Shield will sometimes link them to this. They will then learn about destructive as well as constructive phenomena by the use of sounds and colour and the formation of sentences that will call into activity the elemental nature about them.

There are certain schools on Earth that use the dark side of this Amentian magic. The one nearest to Europe is in the Balkan regions and is a disturbing factor in the world’s atmosphere. There is also another school, but constructive, as far North as the edge of the Mongolian desert. I am only speaking about the great schools of these forces, for the world is full of men trying to disturb Nature’s laws, and these lesser schools are not so important, as they deal with ceremonial magic and do not know much about the deeper side of these good and evil forces.

There is an Amentian school of white magic, using Nature’s determinative energy, in Asia where resides a great Being called the “King of the North,” though the real title should be the “King of the Northern Latitudes.” Ossendowski, the traveller, has written about this Being, whom he called the “King of the World,” in his book Beasts, Men, and Gods.

The entrance to this secret place is guarded by a great elemental whose mental pressure and glance is enough to terrorise the untrained mind; but the Yogi can enter this subterranean place if his passport is correct.

Amenti was the submerged Neptunian sphere where the Egyptians and Greeks were to perform heroic deeds in order to regain their inheritance known as the Dayspring of Youth. The Greeks called this Hades; but this was not, as some people think, a mythological hell, but a region wherein they gained certain defined ranges of experience.

This descent into Amenti-Hades is symbolised by the story of Proserpine, the daughter of Ceres—Nature going into this world. And when Hermes-Mercury was sent to guide her back, this meant that the Lords of the Mind assisted Proserpine—the Daughter of Nature—to return in the Spring—the Dayspring of Youth.

Though this myth has been taught us to symbolise the return of Spring to the Earth, in the deeper occult schools it symbolised the return from a remote voyage of experience of these Amenti-Hades souls into this new age.

The Dayspring of Youth is also symbolised by the Egyptians as the time of deliverance of those atoms preserved to this age by the mummified bodies in Egypt. This means that the Ka’s of these bodies—or astral entities—will be delivered from their period of seclusion and work to assist humanity to regain its severance from the lower animal nature within them.

These atoms were prevented from returning to their natural elements, and are held prisoners until this new hierarchal energy releases them. We are told that in some remote day those atoms that cannot be freed from the illusion world will also attain their deliverance.

Many people have pondered over the mystery of the Sphinx. The defaced image we see is the physical symbol of a great elemental Being of a hierarchal order. It is the sole guardian of ancient periods of Nature’s elemental wisdom, and within a finer atmosphere there is a secret temple where instruction is given to those who have attained to Nature’s consciousness; though here it is not easy for the student to enter the College or stand before the Sphinx. If he only passed the barrier he would have to be free from evil and respect this science.

When the student demands admittance he is measured regarding his fitness by a Warden. In occult terms this means that the spinal column is measured, and if the Warden or Tyler permits him he will then enter a new world of development.

In this College of the Sphinx the Tyler is seated on a cube-like throne. He was a great Initiate Pharaoh who taught his Egyptian disciples elemental magic. This Initiate remains behind until the last magician of his cycle has attained to his level of consciousness.

This Tyler’s arms are crossed, holding his sceptre and flail or scourge of Justice, and is the real administrator of this hidden science of Nature’s determinative energy. Should he admit us to this College, he will challenge us and give us, if worthy, the power to overcome any opposition any guardian may have against us as we pass into higher levels.

The ancient Masons were acquainted with this College, and came under its administration, and their names were inscribed upon its scroll.

In this College the student will be united to his own wisdom experience of elemental Nature.

The Temple of the Sphinx is the repository of Masonry in its purest form, and the Chinese Masons have attained to a singular purity of its expression.

Here is a note that should be of interest to the Masons. In ancient Egyptian Masonry it was the elemental Tyler who examined the aspirant regarding his elemental fitness, besides those others who examined his physical and moral fitness. It is this lack of Nature’s support and wisdom that modern Masonry seeks, for to-day no Brother Mason is aware of being challenged by an elemental Tyler. Yet, in every true Lodge one stands at the entrance, and a Mason, initiated when out of his body in sleep, knows of Nature’s place in his ritual.

All the secrets of Masonry are found within man, not without; when Solomon’s Temple was built it was erected by the alliance of Nature’s finer forces with man and symbolised the human body.

The great elemental Sphinx is Nature’s Advocate, and its energy is only intermittently brought into humanity’s atmosphere; for as we have been working under the Solar forces, she will not take us under her direction until we contact our elemental Advocate and the Dayspring of Youth sends its consciousness into us.

As above, so below. As we have written elsewhere, we cannot contact our own elemental Advocate until we bring our Master atom into our Silver Shield.

In our practice we have built up our Silver Shield and provided a temple for the Master atom of the mind. This Master atom is like a pendulum, swinging intermittently from the Solar atmosphere to the Lunar: for we have within us an alternating current that carries the Master atom backwards and forwards. This current opens and shuts out different centres, and because of this we have often to wait patiently for the opening of a certain centre from whence we wish to gain information. But if at times it is necessary to quickly obtain information from a closed centre we can approach the Wardens, for each centre has two Wardens—one of the sun and the other of the moon—and if we are deemed worthy we are passed through.

From the Egyptian records we are constantly referred to the attainments of the great Initiate Jesus; for when He came to Egypt after his return from distant lands one of the initiated took down His words and from these hidden books we receive a great deal of information. Though this will probably be challenged, yet these records are preserved intact, and in some future day the archaeologist’s spade will reveal them.

The records used by the religious sects to the work of Jesus are but fragments of His teachings. In the Egyptian soil are the real records. When they are revealed we shall learn how man can be illusioned by a religion that is but the fragment of an Initiate’s great work—how a religion can become partly destructive by those who hold it sacred when it is incomplete.

Within us are those Elder atoms who have recorded the teachings of the great Initiates, and the student reverences them; for they work obediently to natural law, and reveal their possessions to those alone who respect their authority. Thus the student can contact within himself the essence of any Initiate’s teachings whose cloak once protected him in past lives. But only when he has attained his own central system will the fullness of an Initiate’s teachings be revealed.

There are several places in Egypt where records relating to Atlantean history are hidden: also those dealing with America after Atlantis, and the coming of a great Initiate to the Red Indians on the Eastern coast; who taught them agriculture and gave them an alphabet, leaving two books that are still in the possession of an initiated Indian.

The Indians at that period possessed a code of morals and social laws undreamed of by those who came after, and in the future, when the Red Indian has established himself within his own territory, they will be brought to light. In those days these Indians were living simply, without destroying animal life unnecessarily. They cultivated the soil and the tribes lived in harmony. But a little later a foreign people swarmed in from the Caribbean Sea and forced them to take up arms, and ultimately severed the tribes from their previous unity.

In the future, America will have to bear its karma regarding its treatment of these people, and they will increase until they will be powerful enough to demand their own provinces and hold them. Then the American Federation of States will reach to the Arctic Ocean, and these people will extend their territories Northwards and live at peace with their neighbours. For the great Initiate will shield them and return them to their inheritance.

Yogis are often instrumental in holding a force in check that is destructive to others, and in the College of the Sphinx they will remember how this is done.

When the student bathes in the atmosphere of this elemental Sphinx, he remembers the time when he was androgynous and was conscious of his elemental and physical nature. In this manner he regains his knowledge of elemental law.

In Egypt’s early days the hierarchal energy of Nature entered its civilisation and prospered its development. Afterwards a small body of disciples of the Sun-God’s Initiates, whom to-day we call the Great Atlantean, blessed them with his Shekinah and this now rests upon the shoulders of a small group of men who have preserved intact the instruction that is to be used in the Dayspring of Youth. The well-being of Egypt lies in the hands of a group of impersonal men and women.

Over the altar of their hidden temple hovers a pulsating monadic substance that symbolises the Illuminate Crown of Victory. This Monad has often left its altar, and once it moved itself to Glastonbury in England, during the age of sun worship. But opposing forces later disintegrated it, and it returned to its original shape and place high above the altar of its ancient sanctuary.

In the remote past, the Egyptian priests came to Glastonbury at the Spring Equinox; as also many of the initiated from Greece, Rome, and the surrounding countries. At the moment of the solstice, when the hierarchal earth-current entered the earth, the High priest of its cult delivered the oracle for the coming year, and the initiated returned with their messages to their countries. During the Autumn Equinox this current passes through Tibet.

To-day this monadic substance pulsates to the great theurgic rhythm of the universal consciousness. We believe there will come a time when this Monad will return to Glastonbury, be enshrined there in a temple dedicated to the Sun. For it was foretold that it would move Westward, following the path of the Sun.

In a remote place in America there is a Teraphim that contains an imprisoned atomic atmosphere that predicts the future prosperity of the great American Federation of States. These future states, extending North to the Arctic Ocean, will be under the care and observation of the Great Atlantean Initiate. There will be a division of territories best adapted for the many races to enter their fruitful inheritance, who will work in harmony and union for the betterment of its poorest individual.

America’s future prosperity will depend upon its response to this new cosmic energy now pouring over several sections, and if we aspire to the intelligence within its several rays we shall become part of its manifestation. So that everyone will in some degree be able to acquire a directing impulse. For the Atlantean has been for some time planting into the subsoil of this commonwealth those atoms that will give the younger generations the new impulse—that consciousness that will unite them to Nature’s law, so that they will instinctively obey it regardless of outside conditions. We see that scientific minds will also work under this new energy.

Each person has an individual atmosphere, and in all occult work we have to be guided by our own intelligence; for as we awaken into the energy of the Dayspring of Youth we are also individualised as persons and will have no strong affinity to other minds. This the student will observe in his relationship to others. We receive their ideas and give forth our own; but we do not possess their intelligence, neither do they possess ours as formerly: we become foreign to their atmosphere. This separation will cause many students some difficulty, at first, in understanding other people easily; for the world of the past with its decayed influences no longer stimulates them. All old thoughts, conceptions, and ideals have passed away; the mind is nourished upon the foods of a new age. The student becomes as a child entering a new world of experience, and is protected by those powers he has awakened.

• • • • •

Moral standards differ in every country, and we cannot judge them until we know what standards we have attained to within ourselves.

The Great Initiate, under whose care the West area is being developed, does not tell us what should do, but implants into our mind-atmosphere those atoms that will instruct us about our future welfare. And in our efforts to recover our high standards of living, we also find in this substance love and appreciation of our faulty efforts. As far as we know, we are never commanded to do this or that unless it is to save life.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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