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Chinese Consciousness

WHEN we are united to our secondary system we pass into an advanced period of experience and slowly gain a rounded consciousness of intelligence. As the Chinese adepts say: “When several of these states or atoms, that have preceded us, unite into a central unit, then the adept has regained his rounded consciousness.” The secrets of these Chinese adepts have never been revealed, and to-day several schools work under the direction of this consciousness.

The history of the Chinese mind has yet to be written. Those foreign to its consciousness have endeavoured to enter and understand it, but they who have accomplished this are few. Only one, we are told, has attained this in the West. Several Western people have gained a knowledge of some of the secrets of its artistic expression, but if we wish to fathom the integrity of this race we must apply our own integrity towards understanding it. A Chinaman once said: “When our own ideals are exhausted then we will adopt those of the West.”

I have been told by a great Tibetan magician that the Chinese language signifies more than is known to the public. That within it are keys revealing hidden meanings, and that the composite body of its language will be disclosed to the world at some future period. Their systems of education—now lost in antiquity—were the means of preserving records of events now only known to those initiated into its secrets.

The English vowel sounds are not related to our inner energy, and the secret of the Chinese vowel sounds lies in that they vibrate to the lost chords of Nature. This is why the best Chinese and Indian music is considered, by those who understand such things, to be superior to ours; for it relates us to these lost chords. Some day we shall learn how to pronounce such sounds and draw upon this hidden energy, that reacts upon magnetic fields within our nasal organs, and attract the different atomic energies diffused within our atmosphere.

The occult student who is in business can put into practice, if he will but realise it, those teachings he receives from his secondary system. Delay regarding a thing we should do at once, and do not do, inflicts the mind and troubles us. Successful business men—and they are philosophers in their own limited range— attend to a thing at once. What the student should learn is: not to fear a thing. The Chinese understand this, and talk a thing over immediately before a misunderstanding can gather headway. The reason for this is that the Secret Enemy can then gain no loop-hole and so bring about a greater disturbance. By such a method the student teaches himself to abolish fear.

The greatest tyrants in business have their good side, and the student can, by proper use of the imagination, generally evoke this by sending his best qualities into the man’s atmosphere. As a teacher once said regarding a man who was trying to ruin him: “I have sprayed his atmosphere with my best atoms.” Strange to say, six months after this man returned begging for instruction. A seed-thought planted into a person’s atmosphere takes six months to germinate. This is why students who apply for assistance are seemingly neglected; for the teachers say, “We await the time of their healing.”

In these instances we are dealing with normal people; but there are people in whom it takes far longer to bring things to flower. The egotistic and showman type of student, who has gained a little and begins to build a school about his personality, takes a long time to grow spiritually. Seeds will not be distributed into the minds of unjust men, no matter what their rank and position in the world; for this is something that can neither be bought for gold nor title, but by faithful service to one’s fellow-man.

Moral worth does not come from handed-down tradition. It enters the world from its own secluded systems of intelligence, and often a man who has been unfortunate or fortunate enough to have been born in degraded conditions has an intelligence to guide and direct him that can be of a high standard of moral worth, and he will unconsciously radiate this atmosphere into all who come into his presence and purify them.

I have known a worldly man to suddenly leave a room wherein a great soul was seated, and as he passed into the hall he was heard saying to himself: “Unclean, unclean, so unclean.” Afterwards, when asked to explain his rude behaviour, he replied: “I could not stand that man’s atmosphere. I felt my mind was unclean as well as my body, and in need of a bath; so I went and had one.’’

The deposit of filth that a mind can carry cannot be too greatly exaggerated. The sensual type is full of such atoms, and these attract atoms of a like nature.

In a Chinese work dealing with the Solar force we read: “In our Solar force are many Disciple atoms possessing the greatest intelligences. But if we only pursue worldly things, they will not record their knowledge within our Silver Shield. Only when we rise above our worldly appetites and desires will they take us into their confidence and teach us their wisdom, instructing us in the fulfilment of the law of the Innermost. If we are backward in our development, these atomic intelligences will dissipate our ignorance in this life as well as in others; they will place within the silken membranes of the Solar body’s envelope their own atoms to remedy our faults, and permeate our intelligence with their illumination.”

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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