Humanity tugs at the skirts of Mother Nature till, wearying, she rummages in her bag of tricks and says: “Here is something new to play with.” Thus she gives to us some new invention like wireless, areoplanes, television, and so forth, in order that her children should be amused and happy in a dim and discordant world.

WHEN we have learned to bridge the void and enter our Secondary system we unconsciously acquire the habit of always being in communication with an atomic intelligence, and this contacts us to any period in time we wish to enter. We also find that this thread of atomic current will communicate with us from its end, and we are often called up to listen-in to some direction to be given us, and we are sometimes startled to learn that what occurs in our environment is known and inwardly registered by the watchmen of these centres.

When we realise what powers have been placed within us by Nature we appreciate them and do not use them heedlessly; though at first we do not know the minuteness of its detail. One of Nature’s laws is that no one should use them to the disadvantage of another person, no matter how ignorant or learned he may be. The student is apt to experiment before he knows the laws that govern its expression. Being human, he desires to display his powers; but when he burns his fingers he learns not to display them until he becomes part of them. Those who have attained this consciousness will not direct it to those who do not aspire; for a simple phenomenon is often far greater in its after effects than is at first recognised.

Nature’s laws are subservient to the sum total of one’s own wisdom and no further, although through magical rites and ceremonies we can evoke a still greater power; but this is not permissible. This was the cause of the destruction of Atlantis.

It is possible to have a mind that can increase or diminish its wavelength. This is what the advanced Yogi does; he unites himself to the atmospheric sheaths surrounding his body, and seeks to attune his mind to move in harmony with each sheath. In his highest sheath he can recognise his own individuality working in unison with his atomic intelligence; but in his lowest depths he will not find this harmony, for there the atoms of his past—that he has discarded as he has developed—are related to his lower sheaths, and amid their darkness and squalor he cannot register their vibrations and attune himself to them.

We will often be asked, “What does this aspiration mean?” The answer is simply this: “To be one with the Innermost and obey it.”

The proper use of symbols begins when we enter our secondary system. We cannot reach unknown countries in different planes of consciousness unless we use them. These are the doors leading into those regions charted by the Innermost. Each division is represented by a symbol, and in our secondary system we are often given one upon which to meditate. Symbols are also used as short cuts when we wish to contact an elemental sphere quickly.

To-day and in the past the hierarchal streams—each composed of three forces—were represented by such signs. Each great civilisation possessed three symbols: each represented one strand of these forces, and these, if correctly used, will again immerse the student into their civilisation now withdrawn. This is one of the arts lost and forgotten to-day. The ancient Initiate artists sometimes drew these three into one composite design.

These symbols, left behind by the wise men of the past, will constantly repeat themselves in our minds when we concentrate upon them. This repetition gives them life through atoms similar to their nature being attracted. Man little realises the vast storehouse of creative intelligences locked within his atmosphere and never used.

By concentrating upon this symbol we become creators; for we clothe it as an apparition clothes itself about a semi-developed entity. Only we do not clothe an entity but an elemental consciousness that we ennoble with a soullike atmosphere. Thus we create messengers and send them into those spheres their creations represent. The symbol will be received, the thoughts cast into its creation analysed, and returned to us as the signal from that sphere to which it had been sent. In this manner we contact the intelligence of past spheres.

Our created symbols are also the lower counterparts of higher ones, and those left on earth also have higher counterparts, and if we receive them we know that our symbols have reached their source.

As an example: if the Solomon’s seal is visualised and created into an elemental messenger and is passed by the guardian of its sphere, it will signal to us its acceptance. We are then given the higher key symbol to unlock the door of a temple whence we shall receive guidance and instruction. This kind of study is needed for the Masons.

This is but one aspect of symbol study. The cross also has its higher counterpart, and when properly used can give the student surprising results. Its Initiates call this higher counterpart “A mind glorified by its Creator.” Those to whom it is given are swept into its truth and consciousness, and discover that the parables reveal a great mystery far beyond the understanding of the public.

The sayings of Jesus have to be read in this manner. The cross does not alone represent a cross upon which a man was hung, but also a thing upon which glory descended. The cross is the symbol of one crucified and reborn into the Innermost, and not a thing of torture and pain. Crucifixion means one who has mastered his lower nature, and has been made clean in the consciousness of the Innermost.

The Aspiring atoms gather round the symbols we create, and transform them into an image representing our thoughts and aspirations. As they go inward they leave behind a trail of atoms that connects us to the source of the symbol, whether it be of a higher or lower nature.

In the past this science was known to all Initiates, and many occult societies left behind the symbols of their orders, like the marks of Masons left in different countries and easily read by those who can understand them.

There are also evil symbols that can evoke disaster and destruction, and many well-known symbols are used for commercial purposes. If their true meanings were known they would be immediately discarded. Religious associations have also borrowed symbols that, if concentrated upon, would place the consciousness in the lower spheres of evil. This ignorance in the use of symbols is to be avoided. Symbols are dynamic things, and should not be fooled with.

The anchor, so commonly used by seamen, symbolised a period far beyond our own in evolution. The Chinese Initiates also have a profound knowledge of this art and science, and some day we shall appreciate this. If the West would approach them understandingly they might reveal many lost occult arts that would help us.

They have a method of blessing one by the proper use of a symbol. They fashion them and send them to students on the anniversaries of their initiations into their sacred sciences. If a Western student was fortunate enough to receive one he would sense an atmosphere of well-being and fortune, and the fragrance of it would last some time.

It is difficult to describe the working of a symbol, for few have attained to that quality of sense perception needed for such work. The atmosphere of this world rebels against any outside and inner knowledge given us. It also objects to our forming symbols and sending them inwardly.

In our Silver Shield we often find symbols being used by our Master atom who creates them for our benefit and shows us their use within our secondary system.

We consider that the symbol of this new hierarchal outpouring of the Dayspring of Youth will be one of the discoveries of this age. Those who will enter their secondary system will be given its use to develop the powers and attain the wealth and greatness of this new energy.

This is a secret symbol, and must be guarded by those to whom it is revealed, and no one may give it forth without the consent of its directing intelligence.

Nature’s laws will become civil laws when understood, and when we look back from those periods that are to be man’s future and see what is happening in the present, we sense the pressure of opposition and evil, as though a great cloud has swept man out of the real world of common sense and justice. May this new symbol revert man to his own place and plan in Nature’s consciousness.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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