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Animal Food

THE elemental world in our nature will not register our minds if we are impure in thought and action. From this world of beauty we learn that service is the path to its source. We do not perceive these higher forms easily until we, like them, seek our Innermost.

These Beings often cast their spells about us, and we are taught by their wisdom religion that if man would only follow Nature’s wisdom there would be less pain and sorrow in our world; for they subsist upon their energy alone and thus their bodies are free from disease and torment, whilst we unceasingly torment our Worker atoms by needless worry and privation and do not respond to their cry for proper nourishment, but defile our bodies with unnatural appetites and desires.

Animals when killed for food should not be shocked by the fear of death if possible. The animal instinctively knows when it is to be destroyed, and its sufferings and torture permeate the flesh that we eat. This hampers the growth of the Builder atoms within our blood; and much time is lost in their constructive work whilst defeating these animal atoms that destroy their creation.

In some of the older races certain veins are cut and the impure blood drained out. The arterial blood is pure but the venous blood is impure.

Animal food will survive as long as man is animal in his lusts. When man will aspire he will give animal life its fullest development. If we impose our strength upon those animals that have been created for us to love and who toil unceasingly for us, this will weigh upon our karma in the future.

In the present state of humanity, animal life is necessary to hasten the development of certain structures in the physical body, and animal atoms predominate in those with strong animal natures, but through Yoga the body is weaned from such forms of atomic life and the student will naturally acquire the taste for non-animal food. We should also be ruled by the impressions sent to us from the Nous atom.

The student should remember not to show disapproval of any food given to him by those whose food he eats. This we have mentioned elsewhere. Though obviously, if the food should be of a poisonous nature to his system, he should say so tactfully to his host.

What do the higher elementals say about the destruction of animal life? They reply: “These lower creatures are made to serve the purpose of their creation, and not be heedlessly sacrificed.” Though, in the past, animals were given to the gods for sacrifice we explain the reason for this elsewhere.

Cereals are the right foods, and fruit and vegetables will some day be our universal diet. In the future scientists will assist humanity to nourish the body.

They will discover a singular germinating substance that will supply all that is needed for the body; also several similar liquids.

It is from these elemental worlds that we begin to perceive the cause of things, and are told not to worry about their effects upon the earth; for the elementals consider the cause of things to be of greater importance than the effect.

There are hordes of migratory atoms that infest our atmospheric sheath and seek to build therein colonies that will disturb it. This is the cause of much of man’s woes; for they impress the node points of our atmospheric sheath with their demands and desires. It is to render himself immune from these parasitic conditions that the Yogi will often fast for some days. This starves and dislodges them. He will fast until he clears his atmosphere. By fasting we do not mean abstention from water; in fact he should drink quantities for cleansing and purifying.

Fasting should never be attempted when conditions are unfavourable, and it is best done under the observation of a teacher.

Meat eaters find it difficult to fast; for the meat gives these migratory atoms a more secure hold, therefore meat eaters suffer much from fasting, but vegetarians suffer little.

Fasting brings great enjoyment to the Worker atoms in the blood; for they are no longer crowded with animal structures that oppose them.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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