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Breathing and Bloodstream

WE do not realise that we inhale distinct kinds of air and that the physical body is a highly sensitive magnet to the alternate day and night currents of the earth. We attract atoms with distinct characteristics; similar natures attract similar atoms, and we know not that when thinking we attract atoms that sheathe us in their vibration. We also inhale a dust of decomposing matter, whose organisms would greatly disturb us if seen under a microscope, that inflicts our worker atoms with their diseases as well as sins.

The kind of food we eat also attracts similar conditions that can impoverish and make our blood-stream impure, and thus prevent us from responding to the higher vibration that the current of the life force pours into us. The pure blood of a Yogi enables him to attract pure atoms that give him an energy that impure blood would reject.

This is why a healthy body as well as a healthy mental and physical environment are important. Decayed substances that infest the blood must be eradicated ere the inner seats of government can be opened.

Many people do not care what they eat and drink or how ill-ventilated are the rooms in which they live. They should immediately alter such habits when they take up this practice.

When we analyse the atmosphere in this world after we return from a mental flight we find that it possesses a most disagreeable and fetid quality; particularly over congested areas, and I have often wondered how those Beings of splendour and light must feel when they visit the student and sense this unhealthy smoke and atmosphere.

Sometimes when a student is mentally travelling with a teacher to a place in order to prevent something occurring there, he is asked to analyse the odour; for by distinguishing the odour he can tell what kind of disease infests the spot.

The air we breathe on clear frosty nights is full of atoms that charge the atmosphere with vitality and power, and a long walk in the snow clears the system of germs foreign to the body. Winter sports teach us the value of this; for these atoms quickly gather and absorb the moisture wherein atoms of a lower nature are collected and give them strength and vitality.

It is necessary to prepare our minds for purity of thought and action when aspiring. Sit still, breathe normally, for this kind of thought, and so attract atoms with such qualities. When thinking we breathe in atoms of the nature of our thought, and our blood is an exact replica of these. In the future scientists will measure and weigh our thoughts, also discover the nature and energy that direct our blood-stream.

A normal blood-stream represents the activity of a normal mind; though often it is inflicted with disease and worry. We can discern within a person’s atmosphere the exact nature of the energy in his blood-stream and can systematise it when registering the radiations of his mental aura.

Scientists have discovered many different properties in the blood, but have not yet measured the atomic substances that enable the blood-stream to operate under the guidance of the Nous atom. This atom’s atmosphere will in time be located by them. As yet we cannot measure it by mechanical means, nor observe the Nous atom spinning in its centre.

The blood determines our growth and inner relationship. When we analyse this by its radiation we find that no two people are similar and that the particles of matter in the aura give us the keynote of the student’s real worth.

When a student is inwardly related he carries an atmosphere that even the insensitive mind recognises for its cleanliness, and we can clairvoyantly tell a person’s position in Nature by the brilliance of his aura. This clairvoyance is considered abnormal by the world; but this can be easily developed by one whose mind is clean and seeks purity of thought and action.

One with this gift can give it to another who is in harmony with him. When he energises his third eye the vibration from it enters the left ventricle of his heart and here, the Nous atom perceiving these waves, seeks to discover what has called it to the objective mind. As it analyses the seeker’s thoughts and aspirations it sends its atoms to the Pineal gland to develop it. Thus this atom is the real instrument that can awaken an atrophied centre.

We again feel it necessary to remind the student about his physical development as this is one of the secrets of Yoga, also that he should become united to his Master atom and increase his power of breathing into his system those more highly developed atoms, which then become Overseers to the atoms that build up the physical body.

As anatomists know, the purest blood is sent directly to the seminal tract; but they do not know that it is directed by the Nous atom. Yet the best blood is impure compared with the blood of a Yogi; though normal blood is slowly changing into a higher vibration.

We have often heard the term “Blue-blooded aristocracy.” To the occultist this means that too much inbreeding and dissipation has brought impurities into the ancestral blood and weakened its constitution.

When the Solar force is evoked our blood has the qualities of sunlight and vigour and in time will resemble a clear stream of life-bringing energy.

When we enter our secondary system our arterial blood-stream pressure increases; that is: as we breathe our Aspiring atoms they force the blood into areas hitherto unaffected, and these respond by building up their structures. The normal man cannot do this as the Yogi does, who intensifies the pressure when practising, and unites the Solar and Lunar currents into one energy. This gives the mind thoughtful impressions of a deep nature and destroys sluggish currents. The blood cells become vital in order to supply these newly opened territories of the body. This develops the physical body into another state of consciousness, in that it is impelled to assume a more direct positive energy and promote the growth of its lesser dominant nature. This change in the blood takes place the moment we have brought a sufficient number of Aspiring atoms into the body.

This change is not physical but of an atomic and gaseous nature that adheres to the walls of the arteries and energises the blood. The Transformation atom directs this energy into weak nerve cells and brings life to them. This is how the blood-stream assists us; it opens our principal centres and eradicates impurities.

Atomic pressure within the blood-stream does not mean an increased pressure within the arteries, but an increase of energy among the atoms, and this greater energy eradicates the destructive forces within the body.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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