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Finer Forces

THERE are several unregistered colours in the spectrum of the Innermost whose rates of vibration are far beyond our range of receptivity. There is likewise a range of vibration that we do not receive from our Nous atom. When we receive this through the interspaces that separate one atom from another our real higher development begins. This energy, called the Solar force, is our real building material that the lower atoms refused to build with.

This material is to be the “Headstone of the Corner,” and when this occurs we arrive at our real constructive period; for the true material has been placed in the Mason’s hand, and he must fashion his own stone. This force can destroy all opposition to the Architect’s plan, and when directed will work and develop our latent sources of inspiration attuned to its activity. This intelligence is a secret instructor who gives us its constructive material. It conserves its energy in the finer substance of the central nervous system, and releases in this substance that great energy that has brought to birth the World’s Saviours.

When this sleeping energy is awakened it is similar to particles of ether charged with an intense vibration that causes our bodies to respond to it.

When this energy rises up the central nervous system and attunes the many centres to its own note it leaves the top of the head, known as “The Door of Jesus, or Buddha, or Brahma,” according to the Lesser Mysteries of these religions, but this is not the same kind of opening in the skull that a child has at birth. It is one of the most sensitive spots in the adept’s body, and is sometimes known to take two years and a half to open. When this happens the Innermost is no longer imprisoned in the body.

From now on the student has periods of intense bliss and relationship with his Innermost. Yet this is not the Reality; he who attains the Reality enters into union with God.

After the student’s union with his Innermost he has the choice of two ways: to return to the world and become its instrument, or become at one with the Reality. Usually he seeks such union: the greatest attainment man can achieve, but others prefer the other way: those who remembered that they incarnated with a determined plan to remain behind until the last member of their Order had gained freedom from incarnation.

To be practical is a synonym of being thorough in any work we wish to accomplish, and the student will now begin to recover some of his lost possessions. In this Yoga we must return again and again to those experiences of our remote days when we were animals and afterwards men of an animal nature, until we reach those epochs wherein lie the lost records of our past. We often do this in our sleep, though remember little on awakening. We can go back to the morning of our creation and forward till we see the Great Initiates, who direct the world in their present bodies.

• • • • •

The student now enters a new atmosphere wherein he is taught by atoms called the Transformation atoms. Before this he worked under the guidance of the Nous atom, but now these new atoms take him into his wisdom schools where he is instructed, and each experience for which he incarnated is summed up.

Before this the student had no inward guidance for his material welfare—though he might have had communications with discarnate intelligences—but now he will begin to sense this. He will no longer rely upon his personal domination over conditions, but upon groups of Aspiring atoms sent into his aura. For now the trowel has been placed in his hands and he can labour constructively and prosper.

The Aspiring atoms that have successfully carried out their apprenticeship under the Nous atom are now taken over by the Transformation atoms, who send them inwardly to that which they have been seeking, and there for a time they rest from their labours. Later they will work under the Architect.

The illumination of the Transformation atoms is like light entering the atmosphere of the Nous atom, and everything seems to be enclosed in a vapour of yellow light slightly tinged with green. One feels the consciousness of a higher intelligence, as though some great Lord of Mercury had touched one with his wand. This power can contact us with other planets in this Solar system.

This power, which adepts call the Justice Ray, carries us farther into the lower strata of our nature, whose vibrations we have hitherto not registered, as well as into the inner worlds.

From this we are instructed about the human mind: its anatomy and activity. This is the wisdom school’s teachings. Just as there are temples on the physical plane so are they on the mental plane, and from these we receive mental attributes and knowledge. There are also hospitals where diseased minds are treated, and many books by Initiates wherein are written the wisdom of this plane.

Here the student will learn about the great intelligence—the master creator of the mental world—who places within his universe a wisdom atom that reveals to him the sum of his past mental experiences. For we often reincarnate three or four times in order to gain a certain type of experience, and the Transformation and Master atoms bring him the wisdom he has gained.

Evolution on the lower planes is slower than on the inner planes, and when we look back from these we can see that we have evolved beyond the present into what the normal man would call the future.

When our inner powers are developed and we can view things from the inner worlds, we shall be able so to live as to absorb nourishment without heeding the desires of the material body—for such desires are not of the inner world. But as we have developed our bodies to respond to the lusts of our surroundings we have become a part of an illusion world that does not exist within our true being.

Just as great Initiates have come to earth to individualise the members of a soul-group, so have they visited the mental world to individualise the mind, and in the Atlantean Testament of Learning we read:

“Before man was, an angel said: “This world has passed away, and another will be born in remembrance of the sign of the Thrice-Born Hermes, the Messenger of Light, and the chosen one of the mind-world.

“‘This sign shall be known to all men that the Thrice-Born Hermes staff of righteousness shall be given to those who await his coming.

“‘The Transformation atoms rejoiced and said: “We await his coming: this Thrice-Born Mercury, the mind of the Source that is glorious in itself.”

“‘Then those who followed after—the atoms of the Secret Enemy—came upon this planet and swallowed it up in their clouds of darkness.

“‘They buried Hermes the Thrice-Born, and said: “He is not the messenger sent for us, but a Master who brought his light to another world and not to this one. And they buried this prophet, but afterwards found in his place of burial a staff inscribed with these words: ‘The mind has advanced into the dwelling place of the soul. Take this staff and follow me into my world.’ And the minds of those who did so were instantly brought into its presence.” ’ ”

The above is but a feeble translation from an archaic work.

Two thousand years ago there came another great Initiate to enkindle the sleeping embers in the heart, just as Thrice-Born Hermes came to ancient Atlantis to bring to the mind the Master atom.

The true source of individual expression comes from the mind’s central luminary: this is the sovereign intelligence that moves and directs all mental bodies within its orbit.

In order to attract these Transformation atoms we must practise a new kind of breathing: the inner planes call it natural breathing. This form of breathing can be seen after a child is born and before the objective atmosphere begins to control it. We now breathe in harmony to the rhythmic pulse of the universe, to which the Innermost responds: for the Innermost now takes charge and controls our normal breathing; but this can only occur when the student has entered his own Central universe.

As we breathe these Transformation atoms, they build upon the silken lining of the mental body a shield that registers thoughts from our own inner spheres that give us instruction. The atoms of this shield are under the guidance of the Master atom. We are also given our hidden knowledge and encounter the Lords of the Mind who give us information and strive to bring us closer to our Innermost.

Here the God Hermes stands radiant and serene; the messenger of those spheres upon whose temple walls are portrayed his attributes and works, and from here we can also descend into the lower ranges of intelligence as well as into the higher.

Besides the building up of this Transformation or Silver Shield we also breathe atoms that do not register the lower type of objective thought. This dams up any leakage of our mental spheres and helps to increase our reservoir of mental energy. This is one of the Yogi’s great qualities; for he can close the doorways of his mind from foreign invasion and shut out the five senses. He can then receive direction from his inner worlds without interference. As he has built up his physical energy so does he build up his mental energy.

The great sealed records of the universe will open when we enter the inner planes and there read about the possessions mankind has stored up. The inner planes will also reveal the natural causes of things, and bring us in contact with those invisible Beings who scourge this world in order to bring into the atmosphere Beings of their own caste whom we call prophets, and to us peace and tranquillity. These Beings also forgive those who have been destructive, and give them a certain atomic substance that will help them to aspire.

The scourge has to be applied to us till we renounce our warlike habits and seek our Innermost. Our animal atoms must be given aid and instruction in order that they be not cast out of this world’s atmosphere when earthquakes and plagues descend upon it. Nations that possess such animal tendencies will sooner or later be destroyed as were ancient nations that plundered others, and the Secret Enemy will again have them enslaved by their dictators and military caste. The direction of the masses by a single individual will sooner or later be demolished.

We have only to look back in history to confirm this, and in the inner planes we can read the records of such despotic minds. In the records in the Temple of the Sphinx we can see why they were permitted to destroy that which they had created. We scan these records and note that in their early days these despots ruled under the guidance of celestial Beings, but were later directed by their own personality, and were thus severed from the direction of the Master atom of the mind-body. Here we can also read about those unborn despots who are to come, and as we enter a period far beyond the present, we find these great soldiers gathered into a mass of atomic substance—for in the inner planes souls do not appear in their human form—and slowly incarnating.

The Great Initiates have to prepare the ground for those who are to govern wisely and build up a nation’s usefulness and prosperity. These despots often follow these Initiate leaders, so that they can converse with them in their moments of depression; for then the Secret Enemy has power to drag them down.

Men who bring real worth to a country are always overshadowed by what the Initiates call the Great Illuminate Crown of Victory.

During the transformation period the student will find much to interest him in those who, similar to himself, have achieved this consciousness. And when he looks from the inner planes he will see the creative work of the despots that will later become destructive. We shudder when we gaze into the past camps of the Secret Enemy’s Initiates; for there we see the evil geniuses who foster destruction and create war. Yet these are the instruments by which the Great Initiates scourge the world.

At this period the student’s Daemon will begin to teach him about his future progress, and attune him to its vibration, and to the Master atom within his Silver Shield. This will bring him joy, for he will now know his own powers. This comes suddenly, and is known as “The illumination to the Mind,” for we are then in direct communication with the Great Initiate who guides the destiny of the Western areas of the world.

Our atoms are not directed by the Initiates’ energy, but by the Solar energy within us, and this Silver Shield vibrates to the consciousness of certain Initiates who place certain powers within it that protect us from outer destructive forces; for such students who can progress to this state have treasures for those who follow in their footsteps. The Great Illuminate Crown of Victory is that consciousness that we are to reach when we have evolved beyond the instruction of the Master Atom. It is a directing force of the mind about which we know little, as it is beyond our comprehension. Yet we know that it guides and governs our Innermost, and is a universal body of substance, and that the Great Initiates are of its nature, who, though seldom heard of, can suddenly appear in a material body when needed; for they can clothe themselves when they wish. They sometimes speak through the Silver Shield to the student if necessary.

The Advocate also has his place within this Shield, and his great work is to release from imprisonment his own atomic intelligence. When this occurs he will disintegrate as he will be no longer needed; for he has contacted us to our Innermost. This is a process similar to the Innermost returning to its Reality or Nirvana after His work has been accomplished.

As we increase our sensitivity and develop our Silver Shield, we begin to receive instruction within our normal consciousness, and this process of listening-in or bringing things through should not be confused with clairaudience: a process of listening-in to the voices of discarnate spirits.

The physical relationship with our secondary system, that we now tap, is done by positive aspiration. The more positive we are the more clearly do we hear that which is not normal to the human ear. This is a process of hearing from the inner schools without having to go inward as we did when reviewing our past experiences by the aid of our Aspiring atoms or using any of our sense perceptions.

During this process we have a strong impression of the dominant power of the Innermost: similar to an oversoul directing things, and the deeper we go the stronger becomes Its pressure.

Here we will speak about the positivity needed for a clear receptivity from the inner states.

A positive body is a healthy body, and reflects a healthy mind. This does not mean egotism, nor people who seek to impress others with their personality; for the great men whom I have been privileged to meet and associate with have been invariably sensitive, shy, and simple, and did not exhibit their wonderful powers or attainments unless necessary to do so. It is this positivity, the real determinative energy within us, that enables us to contact our secondary system. A positive body radiates atoms of health; a negative body attracts atoms of the Secret Enemy. If we are positive our secondary system will instruct us and apply its forces with a positive energy that will disintegrate the atoms of the destructive class and nullify their power. These destructive atoms can only exert pressure upon us when they take the shape of battering rams that press upon the sensitive membranes of our mental and causal bodies.

Negative peoples seldom render great service to their fellow men, and talk a great deal, and unthinking talk is responsible for much of the worry and anxiety in this world; for it distorts the imagination. Constant conversation often hinders the currents that flow into our system, and this hampers one’s development. Hence the student should not indulge too much in trivial conversation. When he does speak he should endeavour to ennoble the thoughts of others. Some teachers place their pupils under a vow of silence; for by saying little they protect themselves from onslaughts upon their atmospheric sheaths.

The Nous atom and its builder atoms make this inner contact also possible, and we are inspired in a manner difficult to express in words; for they form bridges between the centres of our secondary system and this objective world. This aspiration for the higher intelligences ultimately connects us with our central system.

These wavelengths differ in different people and the type of intelligence we inwardly possess determine the nature and character of our expression. A poet or author will often read his works from an inner plane when his body sleeps; but only dimly remembers them when awaking; for it should be known that any creative work produced here has already been created on an inner plane, and this study will enable him to bring into his objective consciousness the work he has already produced. There are many authors and poets who have this gift, and they will often say: “This thing wrote itself after I got into my stride.”

There are also a class of sensitives who possess the power of listening-in to the elementary spirits of the astral world, and to elemental bodies that possess intelligence and information. These sensitives often write books that, though sometimes instructive and beautiful in sentiment, lade the consciousness of the inner states and resemble the voices of children. A soul usually childlike in spirit is often entranced by a discarnate intelligence who uses it as a mouthpiece in order to speak to the sensitive, and books are often produced in this manner, though showing a low grade of intelligence similar to those spheres beneath us in development. There is little instruction of worth from these spheres, and the higher states of intelligence are far above the reach of the usual sensitive.

Those sensitives who seek the Innermost are frequently given instruction through another process, though not in the form of books, that brings to birth in the sensitive a determination to seek a higher plane of enlightenment that will lead him from Spiritualism to Theosophy and onwards.

Whilst we are building up our Silver Shield we are given for the first time by the Innermost a power over certain sections of our secondary system. Living in the objective world we understand some of its operations, and we must now do likewise with our secondary system. Initiates call this “The wise beginning.” As we are given power over our Aspiring atoms we must also care for and help them, and as we bring through the higher instruction we give these atoms periods of rest and they receive the same instruction and illumination that we receive; for they aspire as we do.

When we have learned to govern our secondary system we are then eligible to pass into our central system. Man little realises the powers he possesses when he can harmonise his secondary system with his objective body.

The objective body protects the secondary system and the secondary system protects the central system, just as in the cranium our most delicate organs are protected by coarser fibres.

When the student has arrived at the state of physical communication with the inner planes he can then read the books and revelations of those Initiates who have come from their home to pass their lives in the service of humanity, and secure for us that freedom that will eventually take us into the presence of our Innermost.

When such Initiates appear they are often mistaken for the Being known as Jesus; but on the inner planes the student sees them in their own natural forms that are similar to elongated prisms shining with a crystalline radiance. They appear more frequently than the world realises to the humble and the pure in mind.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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