HEALING by personal contact is apt to be looked upon by the medical profession of to-day as a superstitious belief. This attitude has been caused by many professed healers who know little about the true forces at work.

When we trace medical history we find that man has advanced but slightly in this science. Being prisoners in this illusion world, few men in the West have been able to receive information from Nature’s consciousness to help the race.

The powerful Solar and Lunar currents that flow into us can be diverted into a sick section of a man’s body. Health depends upon a harmonised and equal distribution of Nature’s currents through us, and if we have a reservoir of energy we can use this for Nature healing.

Anything that blocks our life currents produces disorder. We should remember that our systems differ regarding the voltages passing through them, and if the normal energy is increased the body is subjected to an added pressure. Our bodies vibrate according to our relationship to our Innermost, and the natural healer is one who is more responsive to his. Our greatest healers have been in closest communion with their Innermost. Such are not the faith healers about whom one hears so much, but people possessing an occult knowledge of the inner forces of their being.

The healer locates the seat of discord within the patient’s body by a system of analysis, registers it, then discharges into it atoms of a short wavelength that he slowly increases, and this disturbs the disease. Hence the method of healing is by manipulating Nature’s wave-length. This is one of the secrets of healing.

When the centres of our secondary system are out of order the life currents are not registered and our physical energy is slowed down. When the healer sends his thoughts inwardly to the patient he usually finds that some basic trouble, such as hatred, envy, or lust, has been the cause of his disorganisation; for the powerful thought-wave he has sent out has evoked the opposition within his aura, and he has attracted and inhaled destructive atoms.

Mind-waves travel inwardly as well as outwardly, and impress us with their character. They can also inflict disorders within our atomic and cellular life. With good health and a sound imagination we do not usually do this, but if the imagination is distorted we also distort the effects of our secondary and central systems, that attempt to harmonise themselves to our objective plane. We are treated with reverence by our atomic centres when we are pure in mind and thought, no matter how highly they have evolved byond our time. Though when we enter these inner spheres we are often called to account by the atom instructors about our attitude regarding our health, imagination, and social welfare; for we often inflict disorders upon these centres through the excessive use of alcohol and stimulants that disorganise our entire systems.

To aspire inwardly and build with reverence to our Innermost is an attitude that helps to keep us balanced, and several diseases are caused through lack of nourishment to the glandular system. Nature’s method of drainage is interfered with when this system is blocked and unable to remove its impurities. This subject should interest the medical profession; for we think that many cases of cancer could be helped by the invocation of certain vowel sounds, as when these are sounded the glands must vibrate, which will give them the power to absorb the impurities that they have rebelled against. Let a person suffering from cancer sound a simple note of F sharp and give it the energy of a full breath. This will open the ducts within him and attune them to this note; for Nature’s notes are the ones that really do the work for us in healing others.

On the higher planes we often meet schools or groups of physicians who are taught, when out of their bodies in sleep, the causes of certain diseases and who study prescriptions and memorise them. Such men are very intuitive on the physical plane, and can often sense and diagnose a disease when consulted. They have often asked me why they cannot recall on this plam the things taught them on the higher planes? The reason for their failure is that they have not studied Yoga, and therefore have not prepared an instrument to transmit their studies.

As we all know, there is a division within us that takes care of the physical body, but few people realise its importance as a unit of construction. For several years people have been experimenting upon animal life, regardless of its consequences to the human body, by transferring an animal element into it. It is important to know that a man cannot develop inwardly when engrafting within his system atoms of an animal nature. Already the animal in man has imprisoned him in this world of illusion.

The experiments appear to be of great importance to the world; for in some cases there has been a partial recovery of the sexual function. But the scientist is not aware of the disaster this will cause the human system; he does not understand that this infusion of atoms into a realm beyond them in development will bring harm to the patient; for it will produce an abnormal condition within the astral and mental sheaths after the patient has passed out of his physical body.

We have witnessed the disintegration of a man who had been given this animal matter and found that this brought about a compound fracture of his astral body. This means that in another life he will be deformed and disabled, since the animal atoms within him will be unable to conform to the direction of the Nous atom.

This after-effect upon the soul will be to divorce it from following its natural wave-length; for it has been animalised by this animal’s wave-length that opposes the astral fluid, and the man’s astral body will appear as the mind of the animal desires to those who have loved the man in his earthly life: the animal soul is divorced from its own soul -group and seeks to enter the human consciousness.

This, then, is what we have discovered: that when a man is engrafted to animal structures he endangers his soul and makes the animal soul -group refuse to receive its own member back; for it has entered the human kingdom.

I have been asked by those who work for humanity to give this information so that man will not permit the grafting of animal structures to the human body, owing to the terrible after-effects upon the Innermost.

Thus, besides the harm done to the soul of a man, there should also be considered the great injury done to the animal and the karmic debt the man will have to pay.

When building the human sheath according to the plan of the Nous atom, Nature works upon one form of development at a time, leaving other divisions of the body latent.

For instance, during the Hebrew, Greek, and Roman periods Nature built up the Causal sheath—that which registers the racial consciousness. For just as man is governed by his Innermost, so is the race governed by a directing influence in Nature. Nature uses the Causal body of a race as her sounding board or receiving station, through which the racial consciousness is impressed.

People often wonder why the above races permitted animal sacrifices. This liberated the blood of such sacrifices, and their atomic structures built up the Causal body; but when the Causal bodies were complete, blood sacrifices were no longer necessary; then Nature began to develop another section—that of our mind-world—and bring into it what the Christian would call the Christ consciousness, previously individualised in man’s heart at the advent of the Great Initiate Jesus.

In this new age the ascent of the Master atom into man’s Silver Shield will individualise man’s mind so that he will no longer express the characteristics of his objective world, but his true individuality.

When we have completed the building up of our mental body the Reality will close down this wave-length of mental individuality, and we shall slowly create a vehicle for the expression of our Innermost.

Great for readers of all levels: inviting to the beginner, clarifying for the reader familiar with the teachings, and deeply insightful for the experienced aspirant.

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