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WE all assemble ourselves about our central Sun of experience, and as we develop the central system within us it begins to give us power to bring to birth our hidden possessions. As we advance we realise the importance of our Innermost, and aspire to gain its commanding intelligence; for we must become the real intelligence of the Innermost, as it is the evidence of our inner world; and while we are engrained with the substance of our physical world we cannot assume the operations of the Innermost.

When we return into our physical body, after leaving it, we are impressed with the lack of reverence we had given to our Innermost; for we are again severed from its attributes and govern ourselves by the laws we make in this objective world. Hence the Dayspring of Youth is to give us the power to assume our own individuality and become a secondary being under the united protection of our Aspiring and Transformation atoms who respond to the direction of the Nous atom and the Innermost.

If we are to be secondary people—that is, people with atoms composing our two natures, the secondary and physical—we must obey the laws and edicts that the hierarchal energy will pour forth. This is what we mean by the union with the intelligence of our secondary system and the energy of the Dayspring of Youth, that is a flux which binds these two bodies. This will cause us to live within two worlds at the same time, and our secondary nature will slowly begin to be operative within our mental and lower bodies.

This union with our second self will begin to change the appearance of our physical body; for when we begin to receive our education from Nature and respond to our highest, we then begin to shape ourselves into the image that is the plan of the Nous atom’s body.

We have often spoken about Nature working intermittently, and the Dayspring of Youth represents Nature’s activity manifesting upon our objective bodies.

The interlinking of these two bodies will cause a period of intense activity within the seminal system and bring to birth the highest form of creative ability as well as the lowest. It will be for us to choose; whether we clothe our bodies within higher or lower atomic substances, and work and aspire towards our secondary system, or develop and evoke our submerged animal nature into our objective atmosphere. This union with the development within our seminal system will produce a human physique similar to the hunting type of man; the hunter who will do so for the pleasure of slaying his own kind and seeks to exterminate all who oppose him.

This period was written about in the ancient Atlantean books; for they have analysed their own hierarchal outpourings and can thus read the records of the future. What we read regarding this future period makes us shudder and recoil; for we read not only about the godlike man, but also of the brute. The reason being that where the light is greater, there the shadows are darker.

It will be for the youth of the future to determine their own attainments in their secondary systems, and these two new caste types will easily recognise each other.

The advanced man will be conscious of possessing two personalities manifesting simultaneously on two planes. To the aspiring student this is symbolised by his twin Advocates, or Castor and Pollux.

The student should constantly bear in mind the saying “as above so below.” When we introduce into our bodies atoms of a higher voltage we are slowly immersed into its wave-length. In this manner we are related to our own parental energy. Though the Innermost descended and clothed Itself in matter, It is still related to Its parental stem; as far as we know, this stem is the individual expression of the Reality from which the Innermost sprang. Though we have formed about this, and have changed the nature of its substance, in our practice we try to express and regain Its own true individuality; for we have introduced elements far different from our original pristine substance; and this diffusion of matter hampers the Innermost from relating its intelligence to our mind.

If we study the formation of crystals this will explain what we mean. In the researches of Mitscherlich, 1918-1921,he says:

“The law of replacement of Elements by others of the same group was found to explain the differences of chemical composition observed in minerals which in other respects appear to be the same kind.

“Or again, substances of a crystal may be changed, but so slowly that each particle of new matter takes exactly the position of one of the original particles. As a final result the new matter resumes the form characteristic of what it has replaced.”

In the body there is a portion that adheres to its own seat of instruction. These atoms congregate about this seed germ, which is similar in shape to its own Nous atom’s image. Each centre within us has become infused with foreign matter, therefore it cannot conform to its true elements.

The opposition atoms have introduced this foreign matter, and it is this cleavage that opposes the Nous atom’s plan. Here we find a different atomic energy at work; for as we are divided into several groups that rotate about the Innermost, we cannot reflect Its intelligence within us on account of the infiltration of foreign densities, and so are unable to carry out Its purpose. We find our atoms massed about a general parental stem, but cannot relate them to their original stem until we unite them by Yoga practice. For when we evoke our Solar energy we unite all our centres to their own parental stems, and then unite them to the central system of the Innermost.

The minor parental stems are those that come from the Innermost’s parental stem; but they manifest their own individual expression.

It is interesting to note how the Dayspring of Youth is manifesting within the auras of our younger composers, though they are unconscious of this. Man’s nerves are all being pitched to a higher key, and a crystalline element is slowly reverting them to their parental stems and conforming them to the image of the Nous atom.

Advanced youth will think for himself and seek to demonstrate his own individuality, and the past that has moulded the youth of our generation will no longer manifest. They will band together and refuse to be dominated by past political or social conditions. The world will be changed by their combined thought; for as one thinks, so he becomes, and the very atmosphere of this world will alter as the Dayspring of Youth forces its way into its consciousness. This will bring to birth in their instinctive nature new laws that they will use to meet the needs of their time. Ancient laws regarding property and incomes will be discarded.

This new force will make their minds analytical, and bring an intensity of expression that will help them seek their Innermost and not rely upon outside creeds and codes. In the Western area the great Initiate has been sowing our subsoil with atoms that will bring to life an intensity of individual experience, with prosperity for our great commonwealth.

Those students, placed upon the Path of activity, and whose symbol is the sword of Justice, have to work in an advanced period when practising; for it fits them for coming events, and a student will often go to a foreign country in order to be at a certain place when that event he has foreseen occurs. For a simple event can sometimes swing countries into a chaotic state. This also happens when a student is being trained by his teacher, and he will learn to act at once by their system of communication. Great sacrifice is sometimes made on the student’s part in time to prevent a calamity. The student is not schooled as to what will occur, but he feels an intensity of impression, and he will know what to do. Great craft is often needed, for the black forces are as observant as the white, and a student carrying such directions in his mind has his atmosphere easily read by these darker forces. Thus a second degree in a student’s work is to meet craft with craft, and not think about the danger that may threaten him. The student who is under observation will know it; for he registers their thought pressure and sees them clairvoyantly. The advanced student will discover that there is a method of seeing through the back of the head those who seek to track him down, and the more evil such people are, the more clearly are they seen.

During the great war, several nations made the mistake of making their couriers memorise their messages; for when they awakened they were sometimes aware of their messages having been demanded from them and freely given to a magician working for his country. To the occultist secret diplomacy is a farce, and we should therefore realise that no mind is safe with its materials in its objective atmosphere. If you wish to prevent your creative thoughts from being stolen, do not distribute them in your outer atmosphere.

In the future we will wear natural and not artificial clothing, in the form of an atmosphere that we will create. When we can develop this, we shall no longer have recourse to artificial needs. This will be an atmosphere of radiation drawn from one’s own inner universe; this will also warm us when we are cold, and make us immune from the attraction of beasts and insects.

This natural state will produce a purity in thought and action, and man will no longer burn up his system with the passions and desires of a dark age. This method is used by Yogis when they wander through the jungles, and this also shows why they can live above the snow-line clad in but a single garment.

The younger generation responding to the Dayspring of Youth is already unconsciously beginning the slow development of nudity in various parts of Europe.

A pupil once taken on a trip out of his body to America, suddenly exclaimed. “He’s an Adamite man and wears nothing but a loin cloth.” This was his first visit to a great Initiate.

For several centuries the great Initiates from all over the world have attracted to the Western areas, including America, those bodies possessing a particular type of atom. These are now to be assembled to their own parental stem—Atlantean in consciousness—but at the same time there have also flocked into the country opposing forces: types who work against law and order. For the Secret Enemy always seeks to destroy the ideals of Justice whenever possible, and to-day we can see how Justice is mocked and that the freedom of an individual is being moulded by the engineers of social disorder.

The forces of good and evil have their deposits in man’s nature, and each will give of their wealth to the mind that appeals to their various centres.

They who fear God and seek to abide by His commandments will prosper in this coming new age; but if a nation will not seek God to manifest within their courts of Justice, such will have to bear the Scourge of Affliction. If the true members of this Atlantean stem will unite and sweep the forces of the Secret Enemy from their threshing floor and set their barns in order for a great harvest, then America and the Western areas of Europe will achieve their ancient inheritance: the illumination of the Dayspring of Youth. The student should remember that the sub-soil of these Western areas are impregnated with the atoms of the Atlantean civilisations.

We have constantly dwelt upon the power of the word: “Aspiration,” and we hope that it has created, strange though it may sound, a complex in the reader’s secondary system, so that this word will be held inwardly and not outwardly.

To have a mental complex is not good; but to form an inner substance of an atomic group of Aspiration atoms will give the student an added power; for such atoms promote the growth of aspiration, and this shelters one’s thoughts beneath the protective Silver Shield. In short: we must develop the habit of constant aspiration.

• • • • •

I am one who has been privileged to study and reveal this science of Yoga adapted for Western bodies, and I trust that others will also profit from these instructions.

I hope that later I shall be permitted to write a work on the development of the American Commonwealth from its hidden side.

I have endeavoured to give the reader a slight understanding of an unlimited science, an enlightenment that will unite the sincere student to the joyful Dayspring of Youth and give him an intensity of beauty far beyond human speech—that may advance him into a knowledge of his own being. One can spend an entire life in practice and find that one has journeyed but a short way along the Path.

I have sought to adapt this work to the intensive culture of this age, so that neither the body nor mind may be held prisoner, and that every person may manifest according to the wisdom of his Innermost.