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The Solar Flame

WHEN we evoke the Solar force and send it into the central system it floods each centre as it pierces it with its power. It is then under our domination, and this places within our administration a university that represents a defined period in our evolution. Each centre has that experience stored up for our use and reverts us to its period, whether past or future; for the history of the world when viewed inwardly represents but a moment. Each centre symbolises a round of experience: this means a series of incarnations for a definite purpose.

Each centre has seven doors, and each door unites us to one of the seven attributes of the Innermost.

In time man will fully realise the hidden meanings behind our great religions regarding our inner spheres of being.

The outer man can be best described as an engineer working to produce a mighty atom that will develop the wisdom of his own creation.

A feature of this new age will be to show man the other side of his character: that of his secondary nature.

When our Solar force is awakened it permeates each atom and cell of our body as it rises. This brings new life and vitality to all. In Christian mysticism this is the meaning of the descent of Christ’s consciousness to man. The Yogis reverse this term and say that we must rise to it.

The early mystics constantly speak of having had great illuminations; they gave one to understand that they had moments when everything about them radiated light and love. One can ask mystics many questions, but one seldom receives much information. They may get momentary states of bliss, in which a Yogi can remain for hours, and this stimulates them to pray for this visionary state. St. Augustine speaks of having attained this three times.

Just as the student is taught what to expect when he enters the consciousness of his secondary system, so must he be taught what to expect when he enters his central system; for the Solar energy has its own sheath, as well as that of several other Solar and Lunar systems, and it is necessary to contact their intelligences; for the student must learn to analyse the subtleties of their vibrations and immerse himself into their atmospheres.

We have not perfected a substance that can vibrate to the consciousness of the Innermost until we have developed an instrument that can register it and relate its consciousness to our objective plane. For when we enter our central system we can only contact its lower division and awaken our lower centres; not the highest one, called “The Thousand-Petalled Lotus,” by Eastern Yogis. When we can evoke the atoms of the Innermost by the use of the Solar force we can attain its consciousness.

Through the wrong use of sound invocation, and during religious revivals of an emotional nature, people have unconsciously evoked the response of several types of atomic energies within the seminal system, and especially in Voodoo rites we know that these people speak in many tongues. Even among the more sophisticated Shaker communities of New England, members in their religious ecstasies would simulate Red Indians and speak their language. This is sometimes a kind of obsession, though not always, and we have witnessed similar things with trance mediums; but there is a demarcation between the utterance of different tongues and obsession.

With the occultist this power called “The Gift of Tongues” is often developed, though at first seemingly subconsciously. A great Initiate can bring this power to birth in his disciples. This is latent in the seminal system and operates the organs of speech. The distinguished members of the great Atlantean chain of illumined minds possess this gift and speak to anyone without the slightest hesitancy. But we have not the consciousness to recollect our past days and tongues; though we are told that when we are developed this gift will return to us. Hence the student must acquaint himself with these atomic structures that possess this gift of returning to him these hidden possessions; and the gift of speech will be essential to the student when passing through the different stages of his development.

Nature has a common language spoken by the Initiates, and in time all humanity will revert to it. When we no longer build up our towers of Bable but seek to regain Nature’s response, we shall speak her language, and, like Apolonius, converse with animals. The magician of the finer planes uses one note that sounds like a terrific roar, as if the whole universe vibrated. The din then ceases and he plays upon this note accentuating certain vowels, and in the silence there echoes a metallic sound. This shows us how Nature audibly responds to the magician; but if the note is not sounded correctly then Nature will not respond.

These magicians teach us how to pray with power, and we can see how a thought or word is built up into a composite body, how it emits its note and colour and vibration. In this manner we learn how a thought sent out is like a germinating seed attracting other thoughts of a like character about it. If we can prevent this image from disintegrating, it will return us that substance of intelligence that our thought expressed. In this way do great aspiring minds like Professor Einstein and others receive an answer to their questions. No man without a lofty spiritual ideal can receive information that is of worth to humanity and stimulate other minds.

The nearer one can approach his Innermost, the greater is the expression of his teachings for man. Emerson and Carlyle, whom we again mention, for they were of the few who worked from the inner planes, often brought their torch of divinity within other minds. But to-day the atoms of the Secret Enemy are so powerful that few minds are strong enough to think; for their thoughts are immediately disintegrated by this outer atmosphere. He who can gain the virtue of a thought places it in his secondary system, thus it escapes the illusion of this world. Where people look, there they place their minds; their eyes being usually on this objective world, their thoughts are easily disturbed.

In our inner schools we realise why Justice is symbolised by a bandage over her eyes. We are told that in a remote future our judges will be men who were born blind.

From the Atlantean Testament of Learning, we learn: “As you plough it will come to you to sow for those who cannot work and furrow the ground.”

The atoms within the seminal fluid are of different types, and these represent a distinct world evolution or development. In ages past we evolved through other Solar periods, and these other energies are added to the composite energy of the Solar fire, that, when awakened and freed, also awakens these far different Solar and Lunar periods now beyond the range of normal consciousness. When, through our practice, we are united to their vibrations, we direct their power into the seminal tract and from thence into our central spinal system, and feel overcome with joy when we do this; for we have freed the imprisoned Solar atoms that can now return to their own source.

When we can bring the element of fire into the atmosphere of the Nous atom’s workers, who have served us faithfully, we raise their consciousness.

There is an atomic watchman in the seminal system who registers our thoughts towards our Innermost. When the Secret Enemy seeks to pour through its interspaces a collective silver fluid that causes us to become conscious of its evil activity, he guards us against contamination from the servants of this evil power. He also uses this energy to open the door leading to our central system. This energy is the higher counterpart or distillation of our seminal power of creation, and this is also the energy that protects the Sleeping Serpent with its atmosphere. This shields it from being directed by the Secret Enemy, though this atomic watchman will obey the student whether it is directed for good or evil.

All this should be done under the tuition of a teacher, and not for selfish gain. Unless he aspires to the highest it will make him a beast instead of a god-enlightened man. The seminal system possesses our holiest atoms and atoms of a most debased and destructive nature. Hence the old Hermetic saying: “Where the light is brightest, there you will find the deepest depths of the shadow.”

The lower intelligence within the seminal system has the wisdom of the foulest nature that human ingenuity can conceive, and if this is developed it will engender us with its passions and desires; for we can inherit the foulness of our ancient days when we were ignorant and uncouth and lower than the present animal kingdom. The higher side of this energy must be aroused. When this is done we can command the lower side of our intelligence and wisdom, also a period of consciousness when, angels devoid of any moral nature, we subsisted upon the sidereal universe and were not subject to incarnation. These were the angels mentioned in the Bible, who came over to this Earth and became conscious of its beautiful women. This does not mean that we were Luciferian beings who ruled over the lower kingdoms; but angels led to observe the conditions of the Earth and help it. These “Married the daughters of men,” and taught man the arts; for “There were giants in those days.’’

Before we can use our Solar energy correctly we must go through a preparatory course of Yoga, about which we have already written. We must re-experience the merits and demerits of our past lives. As we aspire, this watchman will help us by assembling to its atmosphere atoms of the highest nature; these release within us the power to enter a trance state of bliss, in which bliss we gain the sacred vision.

The zodiacal signs of Cancer and Capricorn represent the first manifestation of our material universe before we evolved through the breath-world, then the form world, and afterwards the physical world. It is to return to the first manifestation of our universe that we aspire for those pure atoms that will ultimately help us to re-enter it; the world of our Innermost or breath-world.

Through the practice of Yoga we can consummate and bring to birth within us those atomic substances that, through failure, were removed from us when we developed our sex body. This is represented by the lowest sign in the zodiac.

When we enter the breath-world of the Innermost, we find ourselves without form, beyond life as we registered it, without a sex body, alone and yet not alone, within a vapour of fire and radiance. This state of bliss is beyond any human comprehension, and here the student is given the understanding of his Innermost. This is called “The flight of the Alone to the Alone.”

In this seminal system, the advanced atoms migrate into the blood stream and are caught up into the Silver Shield. These having the atmosphere of the Innermost can, in response to its intelligence, form a channel through which our Architect atom manifests its plan to us. We can attain union with our Innermost through our Solar energy; but we must provide the means for this attainment. This is done by raising our hidden energy to its true pitch, and when this is directed upwards, it is given additional energy as it pierces each centre and releases their latent properties. Thus from centre to centre its voltage increases, producing for us a hidden subtle energy that is unequalled by anything scientists have yet discovered. This is the Innermost’s energy that later we seek to unite to the cosmic consciousness of the Reality. And they who have become one with this greater consciousness—the Christ consciousness in Nature—are the great Initiates.

If we become at one with Nature’s determinative energy, we can then DETERMINE the activity of thought; and thoughts are THINGS we can use in relating ourselves to our Innermost. Nature has her sovereigns who will obey us, and when we aspire for our own kingdoms in Nature we can, we find, command great administrators whose work is to obey us; and, if we employ them as the Law demands, we can use certain powers. If our thoughts are preceded by Nature’s determinative energy, they will become powerful and vital entities; for we have protected them with an elemental shield, and the opposition will be unable to disintegrate or hamper them from attaining their aim. This is known as determined thought.

The cosmic energy entering the world to-day has this determinative element. This we seek to gain in order to become its instrument, just as future generations will.

The determinative energy that precedes a thought is that current that gives a thought its objective appearance, which a developed student can see and analyse. This thought can only be seen when this energy precedes it.

Thoughts rapidly disintegrate unless held together by the positive power of the thinker, and many people do not know their powers, or that they possess this determinative force; that their thoughts can penetrate our illusion world and implant a thought-image into our seminal system. This thought is then analysed and sent to our brain cells, and we can then see it as it has been sent to us; for in the envelope of the atmosphere its elemental impression is left, and the atoms of the Secret Enemy and the opposition of the world atmosphere cannot prevent this thought-wave from sounding its character and expressing itself on some sounding board tuned to its vibration. Thus we have the power to clothe a thought with an energy that cannot be disintegrated by the opposition of this world. Until we have built up our Silver Shield we have no transmitting instrument to relate Nature’s determinative thought to the brain, therefore the Transformation atoms in our seminal tract register their vibrations to the brain. But when the Silver Shield is built, we open a receiving station that can register Nature’s intelligence.

Hence we find that when the seminal system is clogged or diseased by atoms of an animal nature, or that we have infested this tract with venereal diseases, the disease will be driven from the seminal tract to the brain fibres. [The Japanese scientist, Noguchi, was the discoverer of this particular fact.] These diseases appear almost simultaneously in the brain and in the sexual organs. Hence the necessity to have a pure blood stream by cleanliness and bringing in of atoms of a higher vibration. The evoking of man’s Solar energy can cleanse us from all these diseases; for its fire penetrates every element in our body and keeps the blood pure.

Portions of our interior body do not have to incarnate for earthly wisdom and experience; they have already attained it, and the student has to enter their consciousness. To gain this knowledge we become subject to that flame buried within us, and to its parent: the Sun behind the sun. Within us are several suns similar to our own sun, and when these are united they bring to birth a master Sun—the summit of our cosmic plan.

Up to now we have been developing under two forces: the Nous atom and the Master atom of the mind. They have carried us into our inner worlds and by their aid we evoke the energy of our own Solar force that unites us to our central system of intelligence. The forces of the sun and moon now run parallel, and if we balance these energies we can pass into our inner stream that awakens when these two energies unite.

There are two nerves on either side of the spine: one carries the sun force, the other the moon force. Both are of a physical nature. These currents are electrical and, when united, bring to birth in our consciousness a third energy that links us to our central system. It was normally in a semi-latent state in our physical body, but the positive and negative forces awakened it. These energies unite at the apex of the spine, and there the third current is brought to birth. These three forces give us the power to evoke the Solar flame.

This science may be new to the Western world, but it is a very ancient science known to the initiated.

When we attune ourselves to this Solar energy we rise far beyond what the world calls thought; for here the Silver Shield becomes radiant with this energy and its atomic consciousness is raised to the level of the Master atom within it. When an Initiate appears as though “clothed with the sun,” this means that his Silver Shield radiates this inner light.

The student now approaches the summit of his inner world that possesses the static energy of the super Solar force that he draws from his generative organs. For within our seminal tract lie seeds of power and nobility possessing the nature of our Creator. These seeds are the conserved energy of the sun’s radiance, being placed within our physical body where they can create or destroy.

Restraining and conserving this force into a powerful energy will ennoble the student, and it will when drawn upon evoke within his body the Sleeping Serpent about which we have written.

When this force leaves the body through an opening in the top of the skull man is no longer a prisoner in this illusion world, but is united to his own central universe, and here finds that he is but a fragment of the Solar system’s energy.

This consciousness is difficult to describe. Here we do not communicate by means of speech, but are taught by sounds possessing thought, colour, and emotion. For example: give a blind man a rose. He will only know it by its perfume. This will then bring to his mind the colour and image of a rose. On these planes the soul of a thing is first seen, then clothed in its form, colour, and intelligence.

There is in the semen a distinct essence that, when leaving its sheath, is like vaporous sunlight. This is the energy of the seminal tract that is released at the death of the body, and its Transformation atoms have the appearance of a trident similar to the Neptunian sceptre. We have spoken of this elsewhere.

This emblem is the symbol of life as it is known in other spheres; for it symbolises the destruction of matter and the clearing of illusion from the mind, and also man’s Solar energy that he uses to energise his own powers of creation. These atoms can deliver him from this illusion world.

This vapour of Transformation atoms, in conjunction with those Transformation atoms attracted to the magnetic field of the nasal organs, produce a combination of physical and mental attributes to the semen and provide us with a nourishment different from that which we receive from food. It is by means of these Transformation atoms and a third kind that we attract into our system that the Yogi is able to fast and live on but little. This product of the seminal system gives the mind its illuminative powers; for we draw upon it for support and mental stimulation regardless of our other functions that give us energy and sustenance.

Too much drain upon the seminal system exhausts the mind. Life will be greatly changed when we learn to live by this powerful force.

It has been stated by the great Initiates that in time man will subsist without partaking of any animal or cereal food, and that he will draw upon the essence of the Silver Shield when desiring nourishment. The West has never followed the East regarding their conceptions of life. When visiting these Yogis out of the body one feels their powerful vitality. They subsist upon this hidden energy that stimulates their organs, and they are alert and active and do not consume in a week what the normal person would consume in one meal. I have often visited such ascetics and found their auras swarming with an atomic vitality that can prevent one from coming into their presence unless directed by them.

There are many places on Earth that remain to be discovered: cities into which few strangers have passed, often underground and screened by forests, and guarded by these Yogi’s atmospheres.

One cannot enter such places while out of the body unless one discovers the method. There is a concealed city in South America that is only revealed to the observer by means of those great adepts living in Central Asia, and one has to gain their permission before one can pass these watchmen in South America.

These retreats are in constant communication with several centres in America, Yucatan, and Southern Mexico. When the world is ready to be told about these underground places it will be astonished at what has been concealed from its knowledge. Those who live by the labour of others, and have commercial interests in these countries, would fight like Cortez or Pizzaro for these treasures if they were revealed to them. The Atlantean secret records have been placed there; records of people who have walked over American soil and who have passed away long before American history began. We are told by the great Atlantean that “During the reign of justice these records will be revealed.”

These places have a most interesting way of communication. In Southern California they have a method of sending messages through the earth. When scientists discover this secret our countries will be swept clear of telegraph poles.

In our practice we constantly make new discoveries. We seldom realise how greatly we depend upon the unseen and unsensed forces within our Silver Shield and our physical body: things that do not agitate our brains or carry us within the realm of this objective world.

At first we know little about our silent sentinels who work for our return into our central system. These inner states have atoms that watch over us and seek to deliver us from our objective illusions, and these great intelligences adjust their consciousnesses to ours in order to rebuild us into their world.

These sentinels are permeated with the consciousness of the Innermost; but we are so far beneath them in consciousness that it is rare for us to contact them. But if we are accepted by such high atoms it will take much energy as well as patience on our part to command their respect. Though, through Yoga, we learn to harmonise ourselves with them, we must learn how to transmit their thoughts into our seminal system that is then reflected to our brain. For the greatest atoms in our seminal system respond to the direction of the Innermost just as the Sentinel atoms respond. Thus later in our practice of listening-in to our atomic centres we become aware of the atomic consciousness of our central system: the higher counterpart of our secondary system. And here we will speak of the still finer atomic substance that we all possess though seldom contact.

Within our seminal system dwell those sacred atoms that can relate us to our central system by contacting the student to its poles of instruction. These are large centres about the spinal nerve current that instruct us through the agency of the Solar atoms in the seminal system.

The instruction the student receives from them is similar to that given by a great Initiate, and when he contacts this first centre he finds he is passing through an initiation similar to a physical plane initiation. An initiation means that one is stamped with the approval of a Solar intelligence. This also means the permanent attainment of another consciousness, hitherto unknown, that the student can always contact. An initiation through ceremony does not always mean the attainment or rebirth into another consciousness.

These Solar atoms ennoble us by their mere contact. We have been accepted and feel exalted and strong; for this means we have been observed by a great atomic consciousness within our central universe. It is the greatest teacher the student has so far contacted, and he feels the reverence and respect returned to him that he sends to it. This is done in order to train the student and build a bridge between the two. Thus creating an ever stronger bridge.

These Solar atoms preserve our wisdom records of previous instruction; for some students in their past lives had been accepted into their inner universe, and here is found that wisdom they collected after death sifted down to its finest essence. Those men who have attained this wisdom knowledge are called the Wise Men, and they walk the earth to-day as they did yesterday.

The student’s return to his wisdom poles of instruction depends upon his Innermost’s power to manifest within this dense atmosphere of matter. This means that there are highly developed and lesser developed students according to their Innermost’s response to Its Reality.

Nature’s currents are not continuous, and our centres react alternately as her voltage increases and decreases. Thus we are subject to different activities of which we are unaware. Certain sections open and work for several seconds only. This also occurs on the other planes. In our practice we gain information from these currents, just as we gain instruction by wireless when we tune into different stations.

We have passed through Nature’s divisions as symbolised by the lower half of the zodiac. When we pass into her higher spheres, we find that we are born to command Nature and learn of our past developments within her area.

In certain divisions of our secondary system we find atoms that have preceded us in our objective development. These enlighten the student regarding their periods and give him food to hand down to his followers. They also decide the type of instruction he wishes to receive for use in his everyday life.

In order to gain an inner receptivity, we must accustom the body to a higher voltage. If we did not use this process of condensation these higher voltages would destroy us. Nature’s currents have voltages that scientists have not yet been able to register. And when we are told that it only takes three seconds for a thought to reach the planet Venus, we shall realise what great powers lie dormant within us. We do not know how the body adjusts itself through the terrific streams of energy Nature pours into us, just as we do not think about atmospheric pressure. If we were to block these waves of energy we would be immediately killed; but as Nature adjusts us to our environment such forces pass through us without any resistance beyond our own ranges of normal receptivity.

Yoga teaches us how to acquire a higher voltage, and how to resist it and leave behind our old wavelength as we accustom ourselves to the new. This makes us more powerful and generates in us the protection of the Silver Shield: the sounding board that radiates the intelligence of this new energy known as the Transformation atom. These pour into our nervous systems a power we did not recognise till now.

These processes of resisting these powerful currents eventually awakens the Solar force.

Our response to an ever-increasing higher vibration attunes the objective body to our secondary and central nervous systems. This means that our inner worlds will slowly manifest through the physical body, and the greater our resistance to this vibration the greater will be the response from our Innermost. It is well known to scientists that tremendous electric voltages can flow through the body without harm, yet the moment the subject touches anything connecting him with the earth he will be immediately annihilated; for he has then resisted it.

There is a wise intelligence within us who will not permit the Yogi to resist this voltage beyond a certain range, and if he aspires for guidance he will be protected.

When these higher voltages displace old conditions, the Solar and Lunar currents of our secondary system combine their forces to produce a third: a combination of both qualities, the lightning rod that receives a latent energy we have to evoke after having tuned our bodies to the higher voltage.

Failure to attune the body to these currents will bring disaster and misfortune upon us.