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Arcanum 17 Hope

Tarot 17

Description of the Plate

In the waters of life are two triangles, the positive and the negative.

In the middle of the plate is a woman sprinkling the earth with two elixirs (masculine and feminine). On her head is the lotus flower, indicating her developed chakras.

In the superior part shines the star of Venus with its eight rays, symbolizing that the Initiations of Light come after the Initiations of Fire.

Esoteric Significance of the Arcanum

The hieroglyph of the Seventeenth Arcanum is a radiant star and eternal youth. In this arcanum, a naked woman appears who sprinkles over the earth the sap of universal life, a sap which comes from the two glasses, a glass of gold and the other of silver.

If we carefully study the esoteric content of this arcanum, we discover perfect Alchemy. We need to work with the gold and with the silver, with the sun and with the moon, in order to incarnate the star of eight points, the star of dawn.

Really, the star of eight points is Venus. One who reaches the Venustic Initiation has the joy of incarnating the Dragon of Wisdom (the internal Christ).

One has to work with the fire and the water in order to receive the Venustic Initiation. The star crucified on the cross is the Christ of the Abraxas, the Son of Man, the incarnated Verb.

Venus, the star of dawn, is documented in the Apocalypse of Saint John, “And he that overcometh... I will give him the morning star.” [Revelation 2:26-28] I Jesus have sent mine Angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.” [Revelation 22:16]

Christ is the star of dawn. Christ enters into the Soul when one receives the Venustic Initiation.

When we decapitate and dissolve the “I,” the “myself,” then we receive the Venustic Initiation. One who receives it incarnates the star.

The star is the Son of Man, the Truth. No one can search for the Truth. The Truth cannot be known by the “I.” No one can search for that which one does not know. Satan, the “I,” the ego that we carry within, cannot know the Truth. The Truth cannot be studied, read, or known by the mind. The Truth is absolutely distinct to all of that which can be read, studied, or known by the mind. The Truth comes unto us when we have decapitated and dissolved the “I.”

The distinct truths of the people are nothing but projections of the mind. You should decapitate your own “I,” dissolve it with rigorous purifications. Thus, you will reach the Venustic Initiation. Then, you will incarnate the Truth. The Verb will make flesh in you. You will incarnate the Son of Man and you will receive the star of dawn.

Everyone that wants to incarnate the Star has to work with the sap of life contained in the two sacred glasses that the naked woman in the Seventeenth Arcanum has within her hands.

The star that guides us internally is the Father Star. What is important for us is to incarnate that Father Star. Behold here the mystery of the Seventeenth Arcanum. The sap contained in the glasses of gold and silver, when combined and transmuted wisely, permit us to reach the incarnation of the star. The crucified star on the cross is the Christ.