Arcanum 6 Indecision

Tarot 6

Description of the Plate 

Standing in the waters of life is the disciple in front of a triangle that has its vertex pointing downwards. His left arm is placed on top of the right arm. All of this signifies that the disciple has fallen. That is why he feels more attracted towards the Medusa (the psychological “I”) located to his left. At his right is a female master. 

This arcanum is called Indecision because the disciple does not know which path to choose. 

In the superior part of the card, a hierarch is seated in a triangle which is formed by the bow and has its vertex pointing upwards. He points his arrow at the head of Medusa in accordance with the axiom that one must decapitate Medusa.

Each female figure presents to the neophyte a different path: the path to the left and the path to the right. The arrow of justice points against the left path.

Esoteric Significance of the Arcanum 

The Sixth Arcanum of the Tarot represents the Lover, which signifies realization. The human being is found between vice and virtue, the Virgin and the Whore, Urania-Venus and Medusa. One is found in the situation of having to choose between these two pathways.

The Sixth Arcanum is enchainment, equilibrium, an amorous union of man and woman, and the terrible struggle between love and desire. 

Here we find the mysteries of the lingam-yoni. The Sixth Arcanum is interwinding.

In the Sixth Arcanum we find the struggle between the two ternaries. 

It is the affirmation of the internal Christ and the supreme negation of Satan.

The Sixth Arcanum is the struggle between the Spirit and the animal beast. The number six represents the struggle between God and the devil. This arcanum is expressed by the Seal of Solomon. The superior triangle represents Kether, Chokmah, and Binah, the resplendent Dragon of Wisdom (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). The inferior triangle represents the three traitors who become the antithesis of the Divine Triad. They are the demons of desire, of the mind, and the evil will, who betray the internal Christ from moment to moment. They are the basis of the ego: Judas, Caiaphas, and Pilate. This inferior triangle is the Black Dragon.

seal of solomon

Instead of wandering in guesses, beliefs, and assumptions, or depending on a religious elite, one can know for oneself, with certainty.

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