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Arcanum 12

Arcanum number twelve implies sacrifice. It is the card of the Apostolate, of sufferings. Nevertheless, this number is a very complete number. It is the famous dodecahedron upon which are supported all of the universal creations of the solar system, which have twelve foundations, twelve planets.

Esoteric science teaches that there are seven principle planets:

  1. Moon
  2. Mercury
  3. Venus
  4. Sun
  5. Mars
  6. Jupiter
  7. Saturn

With Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, there would be a total of ten planets. Yet, esoteric science sustains that there are two more planets beyond Pluto. Twelve savior planets have always been spoken of. The Master Jesus had twelve disciples. In The Pistis Sophia, which is from the Gnostic texts, twelve saviors are referred to.

The Twelfth Arcanum brings a lot of suffering and many struggles. This arcanum has a very pleasant synthesis, because 1 + 2 = 3, which signifies material and spiritual production.

Let us remember the marvellous union of the cross with the triangle. In the Twelfth Arcanum, we see a man who hangs from one foot and is aiming downwards; this indicates the fertile work in the Ninth Sphere, without which the union of the cross with the triangle cannot be achieved. The Philosophical Gold cannot be achieved without this union.

Sex was abhorred and hated during the Age of Pisces, which had a regressive, retarded asceticism. In the Caucasus, vestiges still exist of a sect that mortally hates sex. Whosoever entered into that sect had to castrate themselves with an iron stick that was heated until red. The minor lips of the vulva were taken off of the women; this was the first step. In the second step, the men had to amputate the phallus from themselves, and to the women, one breast was cut off during a religious ceremony. They drank the blood and ate the flesh. Afterwards, each woman lay down in a bed of flowers. This is monstrous, abominable. See for yourselves into where the horror towards sex reaches. This belongs to the sphere of Lilith.

Kabbalistic tradition states that Adam had two wives: Lilith, who is the mother of abortions, homosexuality, and hatred towards sex, and in contrast, Nahemah, who is the mother of malignant beauty, mother of passion, adultery, lust, and everything that is related to the abuse of sexuality. The Caucasian sect belongs to Lilith. They abhor the Third Logos, the Holy Spirit.

See for yourselves how hatred towards sex discards the Philosophical Stone. This is absurd; nonetheless, they believed that they were doing very well. The authorities intervened in another sect, where each year a man was crucified until death, in order to remember the great Master Jesus. These are types of barbarism that belonged to the Age of Pisces.

The Age of Aquarius is governed by Uranus which is the planet and regent of the sexual glands. We must learn how to utilize sex. “Sexual arousal” must be intelligently combined with “enthusiasm.” From this wise mixture results the intelligent and revolutionary erotica of the Age of Aquarius.

The Age of Pisces was conservative, regressive, and retarded. To depart from vulgar copulation is necessary in order to pass into male/female polarization. When a man and woman are united, something is created; the “genius lucis of sex” was created in the ancient mysteries. Sexual Magic was practiced in those times. Collective copulation was performed in those times. Those were very different times because the degree of degeneration that we find today had not yet arrived. During this ancient time, people pronounced the name of the divinity in the moment of genius lucis.

The lance of Longinus is the extraordinary emblem of the genius lucis; that is the Odic or magnetic force with which the animal ego is converted into cosmic dust. We must learn how to utilize the genius lucis in order to eliminate the “I.” The genius lucis of man and woman can eliminate all of those entities that form the “I,” the “myself,” because it is the weapon used in order to destroy the ego.

Krishnamurti taught this humanity to dissolve the ego. But, his doctrine is incipient because he believed that only on the basis of comprehension is anger, jealousy, etc., eliminated. This is not possible. A power capable of eliminating the ego is necessary. This is the serpentine fire, Devi Kundalini, She who has the power to eliminate all of our psychological defects. Comprehension and elimination must act in unison. Devi Kundalini can grasp the lance, and She does it during the Sahaja Maithuna. She knows how to utilize the Genius Lucis.

To pray on the bridal bed of the garden of delights, on the nuptial bed of erotic marvels, to beg in the moment of enjoyment, in the unforgettable instant of coitus, to ask unto our divine and beloved Mother Kundalini to grasp with splendor the magical lance, in those instants of kisses and tenderness, in order to eliminate that defect which we have comprehended in all of the departments of the mind, and then to withdraw ourselves without spilling of the sacred wine, the Ens Seminis, signifies death, rapture, delight, pleasure...

This death signifies something transcendental and is performed by degrees. The transformation of the initiates is astonishing when absolute death within their minds is achieved; that death implies a radical death. This death cannot be achieved unless performed in the region of Mercury; the element that can help us is that genius lucis of man and woman, who is Isis, Cybele, Insoberta, or Kundalini Shakti. She is the only one who can take us in depth into that intellectual transformation.

This death is performed in the spheres of diverse planets. The Angels work in the astral world, and they are governed by the Moon.

The Archangels are developed under the regency of Mercury and their work is performed in the world of the mind. They handle or drive the substance or essence of the mental world. They have achieved this power in the Ninth Sphere from moment to moment.

In Venus, we find a different work that we need to perform. This world corresponds to the causal world, the kingdom of the Principalities.

The Virtues correspond to the intuitive world, Buddhi, which corresponds to the sphere of the Sun.

The Potencies correspond to Atman, the sphere of Mars.

Then, Jupiter corresponds to Dominions.

Continuing with Saturn, which is the most elevated among the seven planets; it is the most divine, the most exalted. The Paranirvanic world relates to Saturn.

Beyond is the Empireum; the most elevated beings are the Seraphim. The whole solar system is within each one of us.

Initiatic Degree




Astral World



Mental World



Causal World



Intuitive Buddhic



Atmic World



Nirvanic World



Paranirvanic World



Mahaparanirvanic World



The Empireum


We have to perform specific works in each one of these planets. How can we have our willpower under the service of our Father if we have not worked in the sphere of Venus?

Firstly, we have to liberate ourselves from the planet Earth. We have to achieve the Second Birth. Then, we must liberate ourselves from the Moon by performing the work related with the Moon. One is free from evil will in Venus. This is something grandiose.

Firstly, one must be liberated from the solar system (Deuterocosmos), and then from the galaxy (Macrocosmos). Then by means of transcendental works we enter into the Protocosmos; this is within the Absolute. Nonetheless, we must liberate ourselves from the Protocosmos. The path is sexual. There is no other path.

The age of Aquarius is an age of knowing; everything is revolutionary.

Uranus = the lord of the sexual glands

Uranas = fire and water

Every school that does not teach the Sahaja Maithuna is not Aquarian. Aquarius does not reject sex; rather, sex is investigated. A mutant is a Human Being in the broadest sense of the word. Taboos are finished in the age of Aquarius.

The psychology of the age of Aquarius with its famous five “M’s” (the Pancatattva ritual) is revolutionary.

The one that hates sex is as absurd as the one that abuses it. The one that gets drunk is as absurd as the one that cannot drink a small amount. The middle path must be tread upon in order not to fall into extremes.


- The alchemist needs an athanor (furnace) in order to work in the Great Work. This athanor is the woman.

- The man who wants to be converted into an ineffable god has to adore the woman.

- Realization of the Self is impossible without a spouse.

- To be an alchemist is impossible if one is not working with the Philosophical Stone. This blessed stone has four names: Azoth, Inri, Adam, Eve.

- The Sun King is begotten within each one of us by practicing Sexual Magic intensely with our spouse.

- Women convert men into ineffable gods, and vice versa.