Chapter 1

Jesus hitherto instructeth his disciples only up to the regions of the First Mystery

It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them only up to the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery, that within the Veil, within the First Commandment, which is the four and twentieth mystery without and below - those (four and twenty) which are in the second space of the First Mystery which is before all mysteries, the Father in the form of a dove.

“Joyful in hope, suffering in tribulation, be thou constant in thy prayer. ”

The kings of sexual fire work with patience in the Great Work.

The inner Christ instructs the mind and the heart.

The First Commandment is: To love God above all things, and thy neighbour as thyself.

The First Mystery is Kether, the Ancient of Days. You know this.

tarot 1

When the devotee comprehends the First Commandment, he then easily understands the Four-and-twentieth Mystery.

The Four-and-twentieth Mystery is hidden within the Loom of God.

Tarot 24

“My loom is weaving net after net, a cloth for my honour and cloths to honour.”

The Ancient of Days is always hidden within his own Loom, within his own creation.

To understand the Four-and-twentieth Mystery is not possible without previously comprehending the Sixth Mystery.

Tarot 6

“Thou art giving me labour, O Lord, and fortitude with it.”

The Sixth Mystery explains with complete clarity the Four-and-twentieth Mystery.

The Spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. Do not fall into temptation.

The soul , sex, temptation, downfall and regeneration, are found hidden within the Sixth Mystery.

The Ancient of Days, the Father who is in secret, is found in the First Space.

Nature, which is explainable only with the Sixth Mystery, is found within the Second Space.

What the First Mystery Surroundeth

And Jesus said to his disciples: “I am come forth out of that First Mystery, which is the last mystery, that is the four and twentieth mystery.” And his disciples have not known nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery; but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head of the universe and the head of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions, because Jesus had said to them concerning that mystery, that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five Impressions and the great Light and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the Light.

The inner Jesus comes forth out of the First Mystery. Considering that the Son is one with the Father, and the Father is one with the Son, whosoever has seen the Son has seen the Father.

The First Mystery is the Mystery of the Father, and this is why it is also the Last Mystery. The Ancient of Centuries is the First and the Last of the Mysteries.

The Four-and-twentieth Mystery, which is explainable by the Sixth Mystery, hides within its womb the First Mystery.

tarot 1

The First Mystery, which is explainable by the Four-and-twentieth Mystery, and which is synthesized in the Sixth Mystery, is the very head of the universe.

The First Mystery, which is also the Four-and-twentieth Mystery, infolds the First Commandment, although the commandments of the law of God are twenty-two.

The First Commandment also surrounds the five Impressions of the great Light, and the five Helpers, and the whole Treasury of the Light.

"I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee, and my heart feeleth thee."

Even though the First Commandment, the five Impressions of the Great Light, the five Helpers, and the entire Treasury of the Light are under the law of the scale, they are contained within the First Mystery in their final synthesis.

The five Impressions of the Great Light are found represented in the esoteric Pentagram.


The Gnostic Pentagram is the human figure with four limbs, and one unique apex which is the head.

The sign of the Pentagram is also called the sign of the Microcosm. It represents what the Kabbalist Rabbis of the book Zohar call the Microprosopos.

When the superior point of the Pentagram is aiming upwards towards the sky, it represents the Savior of the world.

When the two inferior points of the Pentagram are aiming upwards towards the sky, it represents the male goat of the Witches’ Sabbath.


A human figure with the head aiming downwards obviously represents a demon, that is to say, an intellectual subversion, disorder, or madness.

The Pentagram, which in the Gnostic schools is known as the Flaming Star, is the sign of magic omnipotence.

The five Impressions of the Great Light, and the five Helpers, are contained within the Flaming Star.

The five Helpers are the five Genii: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Samael.

The entire Treasury of the Light is contained within the Pentagram, and this allegorizes the human being.

pentagram 800

The comprehension of the magic Pentagram is the key of the two Spaces.

The sign of the Pentagram must be composed of the seven metals, or at least traced in pure Gold upon white virgin marble.

The seven metals are as follows: Silver, Mercury, Copper, Gold, Iron, Tin and Lead.

The Pentagram, with its superior ray aiming upwards, forces the columns of demons to scatter.

The Pentagram, with the two inferior rays aiming upwards, attracts the tenebrous ones.

When the Pentagram is traced with charcoal on the floor of the threshold (entrance) of the room, with its two inferior rays aiming towards the outside of the room, it does not permit the entrance of the tenebrous ones.

The Pentagram must be consecrated with the four elements, while reciting the exorcisms of fire, air, water and earth.

Five breaths must be blown upon the magical figure of the Pentagram.

The Flaming Star must be sprinkled five times with ritual water.

The figure of the Pentagram must be dried with the smoke of five perfumes: Frankincense, Myrrh, Aloe, sulfur and Camphor.

Afterwards, the Pentagram is placed on the floor, alternating it successively to the North, South, East and West.

The name of Aleph and the sacred name of Thau must be uttered, united in the Kabbalistic name of Azoth.

While blowing the five breaths upon the Flaming Star, the five magic Helpers - Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Samael must be invoked.

Do not forget that the Golden Fleece is the Treasury of the Light.

Unquestionably, the Golden Fleece is contained in the First Mystery.

No Adept can take possession of the Golden Fleece if he has not previously comprehended the First Commandment and the First Mystery.

The First Mystery is found contained within the Four-and-twentieth Mystery which is the Loom upon which our own fate is woven and unwoven.

The Loom of God, the Great Work, functions only with the Sixth Mystery.

The Sixth Mystery is the Lover, the Mystery of Love.

The transcendental sexual electricity is that marvellous force which originates all motion in the Loom of God.

Those who never transmute the sacred sperm into transcendental sexual electricity leave the Loom of God in suspense.

Those who leave the Loom of God in suspense are not working within the Great Work.

It is necessary to worship Iod-Heve.

Nevertheless, if the worshipper does not continue his work in the Great Work, he becomes stagnant.

When one does not possess a Hermetic Glass, then one must attain it in order to work in the Great Work.

Often moral codes, prejudgements, and fears constitute a great obstacle to the acquisition of a Hermetic Glass.

A damaged or destroyed Hermetic Glass does not serve the Alchemist for his work in the Great Work.

The Hermetic Glass is the feminine Yoni; you know this.

The key of all power is found in the wise connection of the generator Lingam with the feminine Yoni.

Those who spill the Mercury do not obtain the generation of the transcendental sexual electricity. Thus, they fail in the Great Work.

Spilling the Hermetic Glass is equivalent to paralyzing all the activities of the Four-and-twentieth Mystery.

The cowards that are influenced by prejudgements and absurd fears never obtain a Hermetic Glass. Thus, they lamentably fail.

Those who, for absurd considerations and false moral postulates, adhere themselves to a destroyed or damaged Hermetic Glass and do not dare take a new one, leave the Great Work paralyzed. Thus, they lamentably fail.

The Treasury is for courageous workers.

If the Gods do not want their physical body to degenerate and die, then they must feed themselves with the nectar of immortality.

The nectar of immortality is contained within the Holy Grail.

The Holy Grail is the feminine sexual Yoni.

The Regions of the great Invisible

And moreover Jesus had not told his disciples the total expansion of all the regions of the great Invisible and of the three triple-powers and of the four and twenty invisibles, and all their regions and their aeons and their orders, how they are extended those which are the emanations of the great Invisible and their ungenerated and their self-generated and their generated and their light givers and their unpaired and their rulers and their authorities and their lords and their archangels and their angels and their decans and their servitors and all the houses of their spheres and all the orders of every one of them.

The outcome of the total expansion of all the regions of the Great Invisible, in the dawn of any cosmic creation becomes extraordinary.

The adept must know about all of the supra-sensible Regions of Nature and the cosmos, and the way in which they are expanded in the dawn of creation.

The Aeons and their sacred Orders, which are the emanations of the Unknowable and Unmanifested Divinity, dwell in those regions.

The thirty pleromatic Aeons shine when emerging in successive and orderly emanations, and in pairs, from the Forefather.

The thirty Aeons emerge in the dawn of creation.

The Triple-powers, the Law of Three, the three primary forces of Nature and the cosmos are indispensable in order to create and create anew.

The three forces are: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation; Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; positive force, negative force and neutral force.

When these three forces flow in different directions, creation cannot be achieved.

In order for a new creation to emerge, these three primary forces must reunite at a given point.

The Triple-powers and the Four-and-Twenty Invisibles are present in the dawn of any cosmic creation.

Positive, negative and neutral forces, and intensive work in the Great Work, form a single whole.

Thus, the Four-and-Twenty Elders work intensely in the Zodiac, within which our solar system is palpitating.

"From the effulgency of light—the Ray of the Ever-Darkness—sprung in space the reawakened energies on the Dawn of the Great Day. The One from the Egg, the Six and the Five, then the Three, the One, the Four, the One, the Five, the Twice Seven, the Sum Total. And these are the Essences, the Flames, the Elements, the Divine Builders, the Numbers, those who have not a body and those who have a body, the Divine Man, the Sum Total.

"And from the Divine Man emanated the Forms, the Sparks, the Sacred Animals, and the Messengers of the Sacred Powers within the Holy Four."

This is how it always happens on the dawn of every cosmic creation.

Those who are “ungenerated” by themselves, which means, those who still have not reached the Second Birth, also emanate from the Great Invisible.

The “self-generated,” those who have worked in the mysteries of sex and who have reached the Second Birth, emanate from the Great Invisible.

The disciples of the “self-generated” also emanate generated from the Great Invisible.

The disciples of those generated by means of their own Self, and the Light Givers, and their Unpaired, and their Rulers, and their Authorities, and their Lords, and their Archangels, and their Angels, and their Decans, and their Liturgists, and all the houses of their respective Spheres, and all the Esoteric Orders of each one of them, emanate from the Great Invisible.

The Treasury of the Light

And Jesus had not told his disciples to total expansion of the emanations of the Treasury, nor their orders, how they are extended; nor had he told them their saviours, according to the order of every one, how they are; nor had he told them what guard is at every (gate) of the Treasury of the Light; nor had he told them the region of the Twin-saviour, who is the Child of the Child; nor had he told them the regions of the three Amens, in what regions they are expanded; nor had he told them into what regions the five Trees are expanded; nor as to the seven Amens, that is the seven Voices, what is their region, how they are expanded.

The Treasury is the Philosophical Stone, the resurrected King within each one of us.

Emanations, Mystic Orders which are extended, Saviors, etc., emerge from the Treasury.

In each temple, there is always a Guardian at every gate.

At every gate of the Treasury of the Light there is always a Guardian.

The Treasury of the Light is possessed only by the resurrected Master.

The Twin Savior is the Son of Man.

The Twin Savior is Tiphereth, the Causal Man, within whom the Logos, the Christ is manifested.

The Twin Savior is certainly the Child of the Child.

The regions of the three Amens are symbolized by the triangle of the three Supernals, which are found separated from the rest of the universe by that abyss through which the intellectual humanoid can never pass.

The Ancient of Days is the first activity of manifestation and movement, which is a state of pure becoming.

Christ, the Logos, is the Second Primordial, which is gleaming in the Zodiacal belt.

The Serpent that bites its tail with its mouth, which is the Third Primordial, emerges from the Logos.

The three Amens are the three Primordial Forces from Nature and the cosmos.

The three Primordial Forces are: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, and Holy Conciliation.

Three Witnesses in heaven exist: The Father, the Logos, and the Holy Spirit. Three Witnesses on Earth exist: the Breath, the Blood, and the Water.

The five Trees are the Prodigies, the Bewitchments, the Jinns, the most hidden powers, the law, the karma, the orders of the lords of the law.

The seven Amens are the seven Weors, the seven Spirits before the Throne of the Lamb, the seven Planetary Spirits, the seven Regions.

The seven Voices are the seven Spirits before the Throne of the Lamb.

The seven Genii are: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel, Orifiel.

The Light-world

And Jesus had not told his disciples of what type are the five Helpers, nor into what region they are brought; nor had he told them how the great Light hath expanded itself, nor into what region it hath been brought; nor had he told them of the five impressions, nor as to the First Commandment, into what region they have been brought. But he had discoursed with them generally, teaching that they exist, but he had not told them their expansion and the order of their regions, how they are. For this cause they have not known that there were also other regions within that mystery.

And he had not told his disciples: “I have gone forth out of such and such regions until I entered into that mystery, and until I went forth out of it”; but, in teaching them, he said to them: “I am come forth from that mystery.” For this cause then they thought of that mystery, that it is the completion of completions, and that it is the head of the universe and that it is the total Fullness. For Jesus had said to his disciples: “That mystery surroundeth that universe of which I have spoken unto you from the day when I met with you even unto this day.” For this cause then the disciples thought there is nothing within that mystery.

The five Helpers are part of the seven Spirits who stand before the Throne of the Lamb. They are brought into manifestation and later brought into the Absolute.

The Light is expanded in the dawn of every creation, and then gathered into the bosom of the Absolute at the end of every creation.

The five Impressions are related with the First Commandment. They are brought to the cosmos when the day of every creation is dawning.

The order of their diverse cosmic regions is explained perfectly in the Tree of Life.

Unquestionably, Jesus departed from the First Mystery.

The First Mystery is the completion of completions, the Head of the universe, and the total Fullness.

The Secret Teachings of Jesus as Recorded by His Disciples

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