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Chapter 6

It came to pass then, when the disciples had heard this word, that they said: “Lord, if it be thou, withdraw thy light-glory into thyself that we may be able to stand; otherwise our eyes are darkened, and we are agitated, and the whole world also is in agitation because of the great light which is about thee.”

The Egyptians said, “Osiris is a dark God.”

Human beings are not capable of enduring the light-glory.

The light of Christ dazzles the dwellers of the Earth.

This is why Osiris-Christ is dark for the human beings.

The splendors of Christ bewilder the inhabitants of the Earth.

Indeed, the splendors of Christ are not comprehended by people.

The consciousness is asleep among the multitudes.

As long as the ego, the “I,” continues to dwell within us, then unquestionably the consciousness will continue to sleep.

The awakening occurs only by annihilating the ego.

Only the awakened one can understand the Christic mysteries.

He draweth his light unto himself

Then Jesus drew to himself the glory of his light; and when this was done, all the disciples took courage, stepped forward to Jesus, fell down all together, adored him, rejoicing in great joy, and said unto him: “Rabbi, whither hast thou gone, or what was thy ministry on which thou has gone, or wherefore rather were all these confusions and all the earth-quakings which have taken place?”

The inner Christ comes time and time again, continuously, each time when it is necessary.

The Cosmic Christ is a force, as electricity is a force, or as gravity is a force, etc.

The Cosmic Christ is beyond the personality, individuality, and the “I.”

Christ expresses himself through any human being who is perfectly prepared.

Nevertheless, all the Christic events are accompanied by great earthquakes and confusions.

Christic events are terrifically revolutionary.

He promiseth to tell them all things

Then Jesus, the compassionate, said unto them: “Rejoice and exult from this hour on, for I have gone to the regions out of which I had come forth. From this day on then will I discourse with you in openness, from the beginning of the Truth unto its completion; and I will discourse with you face to face without similitude. From this hour on will I not hide anything from you of the [mystery] of the height and of that of the region of Truth. For authority hath been given me through the Ineffable and through the First Mystery of all mysteries to speak with you, from the Beginning right up to the Fullness, both from within without and from without within. Hearken, therefore, that I may tell you all things.

“It came to pass, when I sat a little removed from you on the Mount of Olives, that I thought on the order of the ministry for the sake of which I was sent, that it was completed, and that the last mystery, that is the four-and-twentieth mystery from within without, —those which are in the second space of the First Mystery, in the orders of that space, —had not yet sent me my Vesture. It came to pass then, when I had known that the order of the ministry for the sake of which I had come, was completed, and that mystery had not yet sent me my Vesture, which I had left behind in it, until its time was completed, —thinking then this, I sat on the Mount of Olives a little removed from you.”

Jesus Christ, or the inner Jesus Christ within each one of us, always emerges from the world of the Solar Logos in order to be manifested to mankind.

In Kabbalah, we would say that the secret Jesus Christ emerges from Chokmah, and thus He appears in the Tree of Life.

Unquestionably, He descends from this region in order to penetrate into the womb of His Divine Mother, by the grace and work of the Holy Spirit.

Stella Maris is a Virgin before, during, and after childbirth.

The Virgin of the Sea gives birth to Her Son within the stable of the world.

The stable of Bethlehem is the physical body of the initiate.

The animals of the mind, desire, and evil will are found within the stable of Bethlehem.

The intimate Jesus Christ must eliminate all of the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior.

The Virgin of the Sea is the daughter of Her Son, and the adorable wife of the Holy Spirit.

She, Stella Maris, obeys the orders of the intimate Jesus Christ and works with Him, eliminating all the undesirable psychic elements from within us.

The intimate Jesus Christ can teach the initiates, thanks to the First Mystery, which means, thanks to the Ancient of Days, thanks to the Father of all Lights.

The Lord does not hide anything from those who are truly awakened.

The Lord teaches the Mystery of the Height, and that of the region of Truth to all the adepts.

The Lord secretly instructs us, thanks to the Ineffable, and by the grace and work of the First Mystery of all Mysteries, which is the Mystery of the Father.

He instructs us from the beginning right up to the Fullness, both from within, without and from without, within.

All of this is possible when we incarnate Him.

Whosoever knows, the Word gives power to. No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one in whom the Word was made flesh.

The Mount of the Olives is the Causal World.

The Lord descends from the World of the Solar Logos in order to live as a Causal Man.

The Lord projects Himself from the Causal World into the physical world.

The Manifested Lord acts within the regions of the Mind.

The Manifested Lord shines within the Astral Body of the one who has incarnated Him.

The Manifested Lord enters the physical body in order to live as a human amongst humans.

Every time it is necessary, the Lord comes to this valley of tears in order to help humanity.

The sleeping multitudes never know the Lord.

When He comes they always condemn Him.

The intimate Jesus Christ has been crucified many times....

On the Mount of the Olives, the inner Christ profoundly reflects.

The Last Mystery is the Four-and-twentieth Mystery.

This is counted from within to without; you know this.

The Divine Mother Kundalini works in the Four-and-twentieth Mystery, weaving Her own loom.

All of this which has been stated is comprehended by those who work in the Second Space of the First Mystery.

The Divine Mother Kundalini, Stella Maris, works within the Second Space of the First Mystery.

We find all the workers of the Great Work within the Second Space of the First Mystery.

The workers of the Great Work obey the Father in heaven as well as on the Earth.

Now you comprehend better why the Four-and-twentieth Mystery is the First Mystery.

The Divine Mother Kundalini weaves a Vesture for the adept.

The whole of this work is performed based on conscious efforts and voluntary sufferings.

Those who have lost their sacred Vesture must search for it again.