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Chapter 24

Mary questioneth him again

It came to pass then, when Jesus had finished saying these words unto his disciples, that Mary, the fair in her discourse and the blessed one, came forward, fell at the feet of Jesus and said: “My Lord, suffer me that I speak before thee, and be not wroth with me, if oft I give thee trouble questioning thee.”

The Saviour, full of compassion, answered and said unto Mary: “Speak the word which thou willest, and I will reveal it to thee in all openness.”

Mary answered and said unto Jesus: “My Lord, in what way will the souls have delayed themselves here outside, and in what type will they be quickly purified?”

The Souls have delayed themselves here outside, due to the inhuman elements which constitute the ego, the “I.”

Unquestionably, the Essence is found bottled up within multiple, inhuman psychic aggregates.

Such aggregates personify our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc.

In Egypt, such undesirable elements were known as the red demons of Seth.

Each demon of Seth is an “I” in itself. This is irrefutable and indisputable.

As long as the psychic Essence continues to be bottled up within the red demons of Seth, the consciousness will process itself by virtue of its own embottlement.

Indubitably, the bottled up consciousness sleeps profoundly.

People live asleep, unconscious. This is how they exist, work, and suffer. Nevertheless, they think that they are awake.

Those who annihilate the red demons of Seth will liberate their consciousness. They will radically awaken it.

The annihilation of the psychic aggregates can be made possible only by radically comprehending our errors through meditation and by the evident Self-reflection of the Being.

The mind can never annihilate a psychological defect. The mind can hide the psychological defect from itself, justifying it, condemning it, hiding it from the others, and labelling it with distinct names. However, it can never fundamentally alter the defect.

If we want to atomically disintegrate the psychic aggregates which we carry within our interior, then we need a power that is superior to the mind.

Fortunately, we have Devi Kundalini inside.

Unquestionably, she is Stella Maris, the Virgin of the Sea, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Obviously, Stella Maris is a flaming power of our own Being. She is our own Being, but a derivative.

Stella Maris is Isis, Insobertha, Mary, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, Marah, Diana, etc.

Our own Goddess Mother within ourselves can reduce any undesirable element of our psyche to cosmic dust, with the condition that it has been previously comprehended.

The Divine Woman-Serpent possesses terribly divine powers.

Isis is our particular Divine Cosmic Mother. Each one of us has his own Isis.

The Divine Mother Kundalini-Isis assists and helps us, with the condition that we have upright behavior.

The power of Isis is reinforced by the electric sexual power in the flaming forge of Vulcan.

The forge of Vulcan is in sex.

The transcendental sexual electricity intensifies the power of Isis.

We can invoke Isis-Marah during the chemical copulation. We will then receive help.

If we invoke the Divine Mother-Serpent, Isis, Adonia, in the Ninth Sphere, that is to say, if we invoke her during sex, during the moment of the chemical coitus, then She can disintegrate any psychological defect.