Chapter 23

Why the path of the aeons was changed

And Jesus answered and said unto Philip and to all the disciples together: “I have changed their path for the salvation of all souls. Amen, amen, I say unto you: If I had not changed their path, a host of souls would have been destroyed, and they would have spent a long time, if the archons of the aeons and the archons of the Fate and of the sphere and of all their regions and all their heavens and all their aeons had not been brought to naught; and the souls would have continued a long time here outside, and the completion of the number of perfect souls would have been delayed, which [souls] shall be counted in the Inheritance of the Height through the mysteries and shall be in the Treasury of the Light. For this cause then I have changed their path, that they might be deluded and fall into agitation and yield up the power which is in the matter of their world and which they fashion into souls, in order that those who shall be saved, might be quickly purified and raised on high, they and the whole power, and that those who shall not be saved, might be quickly destroyed.”

Unquestionably, the inner Christ has made forgiveness and negotiations possible in order that those who shall be saved might be quickly purified and raised on high.

The Lord has made possible all types of negotiations and forgiveness so that people might define themselves, and that those who shall not be saved might be quickly destroyed.

The Secret Teachings of Jesus as Recorded by His Disciples

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