Chapter 2

Jesus and his disciples are seated on the Mount of Olives

It came to pass then when the disciples were sitting together on the Mount of Olives, speaking of these words and rejoicing in great joy, and exulting exceedingly and saying one to another: “Blessed are we before all men who are on the earth, because the Saviours hath revealed this unto us, and we have received the Fullness and total completion”, —they said this to one another, while Jesus sat a little removed from them.

A great light-power descendeth on Jesus

And it came to pass then, on the fifteenth day of the moon in the month Tybi, which is the day on which the moon is full, on that day then, when the sun had come forth in his going, that there came forth behind him a great light-power shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure to the light conjoined with it. For it came out of the Light of lights, and it came out of the last mystery, which is the four and twentieth mystery, from within without, —those which are in the orders of the second space of the First Mystery. And that light-power came down over Jesus and surrounded him entirely, while he was seated removed from his disciples, and he had shone most exceedingly, and there was no measure for the light which was on him.

The fifteenth day of the Moon is related to Lucifer.

The code of Lucifer is the Arcanum A.Z.F., the sexual force.

Unquestionably, the creative power of the Logos is in the creative organs.

The splendorous, interior, profound Sun shines on the path of the initiate.

The luminous sexual force shines most exceedingly in the aura of the Christified Ones.

In the final synthesis, the sexual force comes from the Light of Lights, which is precisely the Logos.

Unquestionably, this Light comes from the Last and First Mystery, which in reality is the Four-and-twentieth Mystery, the Mystery of the Great Work, the Mystery of the work in the great laboratory of the universe.

All that we have said in these paragraphs is completely understandable to the well qualified Hermetic Artists.

Indubitably, the Hermetic Artists belong to the Esoteric Orders who work in the Second Space of the First Mystery.

It is understandable that the Second Space of the First Mystery is the region in which the Hermetic Sages are dwelling.

The Ancient of Days dwells within the First Space of the First Mystery, and the First of the Twenty-two Commandments of the Law of God correspond to Him.

It surroundeth him entirely

And the disciples had not seen Jesus because of the great light in which he was, or which was about him; for their eyes were darkened because of the great light in which he was. But they saw only the light, which shot forth many light-rays. And the light-rays were not like one another, but the light was of diverse kind, and it was of diverse type, from below upwards, one (ray) more excellent than the other,......., in one great immeasurable glory of light; it stretched from under the earth right up to heaven. And when the disciples saw that light, they fell into great fear and great agitation.

Within the inner Jesus Christ of each one of us, the creative energy shines marvelously.

The Logos is the Perfect Multiple Unity. In the world of the Logos, diversity is unity.

The inner Christ within each one of us is beyond individuality, personality, and the “I.”

All beings are indeed one in the Lord.

Many rays bud in the “Christ-Light,” and from the “Christ-Light.”

Each Logoic ray is of a diverse type and distinct class. However, all the rays in themselves constitute the Logos.

Each ray is the living expression of this or that adept, or of this or that Christified One.

Every Logoic ray serves as a foundation for this or that Hierophant.

The existence of any adept would be inconceivable, if we exclude from the depth of his Being his corresponding ray of Light.

In the final synthesis, all the rays of Light are reduced to one, which stretches itself into one immeasurable Glory of Light, from the Abyss right up to heaven.

The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

This chapter is from The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled (1983, posth.) by Samael Aun Weor.

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