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Chapter 11

Jesus putteth on his vesture

"It came to pass then, when I saw the mystery of all these words in the vesture which was sent me, that straightway I clothed myself therewith, and I shone most exceedingly and soared into the height."

The Intimate Jesus Christ within each one of us is clothed with His Sacred Vesture in order to soar into the height.

The Intimate Christ shines while ascending.

He entereth the firmament

"I came before the [first] gate of the firmament, shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure for the light which was about me, and the gates of the firmament were shaken one over against another and all opened at once."

Normally, every Initiate has the right to travel to the Central Sun Sirius.

Not a single Initiate can pass beyond Sirius.

Sirius is the capital of the Milky Way.

Our whole Galaxy splendorously revolves around Sirius.

The right to pass beyond Sirius must be earned.

Only those who are integrated with the Intimate Christ have earned that right.

Opening the gates of the Firmament is equivalent to gaining the right to pass beyond Sirius.

The Intimate Christ, integrated with the Adept, gloriously shines most exceedingly when passing through the gates of the Firmament.

Passing through the gates of the Firmament is equivalent to passing beyond our Galaxy.

The gates of the Infinite are opened before the Christified Adept.

The powers of the firmament are amazed and fall down and adore Him

"And all the archons and all authorities and all angels therein were thrown all together into agitation because of the great light which was on me. And they gazed at the radiant vesture of light with which I was clad, and they saw the mystery which contains their names, and they feared most exceedingly. And all their bonds with which they were bound, were unloosed and every one left his order, and they all fell down before me, adored and said: "How hath the lord of the universe passed though us without our knowing?" And they all sang praises together to the interiors of the interiors; but me they saw not, but they saw only the light. And they were in great fear and were exceedingly agitated and sang praises to the interiors of the interiors."

The Vesture of Christ gloriously shines.

The Mystery that contains the ineffable names shines in the Vesture of the Intimate Christ.

The Cosmic Christ, the Intimate Christ is the Lord of the Universe.

The Initiated, devoted and sincere persons sing to the Interiors of the Interiors, but very few see the Intimate Christ.

The Intimate Christ loosens the bonds and breaks the chains. He is the Great Liberator.

The Intimate Christ is one hundred percent revolutionary.