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Chapter 4

But the disciples sat together in fear and were in exceedingly great agitation and were afraid because of the great earthquake which took place, and they wept together, saying, “What will then be? Per adventure the Saviour will destroy all regions?” Thus saying, they wept together.

All of the great, divine cosmic events are always announced with great earthquakes.

Indubitably, great earthquakes also exist within the Superior Worlds.

Obviously, the adepts of Christ prostrate with amazement in the presence of these great events.

Jesus descendeth again

While they then said this and wept together, then, on the ninth hour of the morrow, the heavens opened, and they saw Jesus descend, shining most exceedingly, and there was no measure for his light in which he was. For he shone more (radiantly) than at the hour when he had ascended to the heavens, so that men in the world cannot describe the light which was on him; and it shot forth light-rays in great abundance, and there was no measure for its rays, and its light was not alike together, but it was of diverse kind and of diverse type, some (rays) being more excellent than others...; and the whole light consisted together.

The nature of his glory

It was of threefold kind, and the one (kind) was more excellent than the other... The second, that in the midst, was more excellent than the first which was below, and the third, which was above them all, was more excellent than the two which were below. And the first glory, which was placed below them all, was like to the light which had come over Jesus before he had ascended into the heavens, and was like only itself in its light.

And the three light-modes were of diverse light-kinds, and they were of diverse type, one being more excellent than the other....

In the ninth hour the heavens are opened and the inner Christ descends, shining most exceedingly.

Those who understand the ninth hour comprehend the twelve hours of Apollonius.

The mysteries of Chokmah correspond to the ninth hour.

No adept can experience the ninth hour unless he has previously resurrected.

The resurrection of the inner Christ within us takes place in the eighth hour.

The twelve hours of Apollonius are related with the twelve works of Hercules.

The multiple rays of the Logos are of a diverse class and diverse type. Some rays are more excellent than others.

However, the Logos is a Perfect Multiple Unity.

The light of the Cosmic Christ harmonizes in union.

In itself and by itself, the Logos has three aspects.

The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the three Logoic aspects.

The sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize the three primary forces within us.

The Logoic Light is threefold, and each one is more excellent than the other.

One is the light of glory of the Holy Spirit. Another is the glory of Christ, and another the glory of the Father.

The three forms of Logoic Light are of a diverse class and diverse type, one more excellent than the other.

However, the entire Logoic Triple Light is one.

The Triple World of the Logos is the glory of Atziluth.

The world of Atziluth is derived from the omnipresent and active Okidanokh.

The active Okidanokh is the eternal incessant breath, profoundly unknowable to itself.

The active Okidanokh has its root within the sacred Absolute Sun.