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Chapter 18

Then said Mary to the Saviour: “My Lord, the word which thou hast spoken unto us: ‘Who hath ears to hear, let him hear,’ thou sayest in order that we may understand the word which thou hast spoken. Hearken, therefore, my Lord, that I may discourse in openness.”

Mary Magdalene may discourse in openness.

Mary interpreteth the discourse from the words of Isaiah

“The word which thou hast spoken: ‘I have taken a third from the power of the rulers of all the aeons, and changed their Fate and their sphere over which they rule, in order that, if the race of men invoke them in the mysteries those which the angels who transgressed have taught them for the accomplishing of their evil and lawless deeds in the mystery of their sorcery,’ in order then that they may no more from this hour accomplish their lawless deeds, because thou hast taken their power from them and from their horoscope-casters and their consulters and from those who declare to the men in the world all things which shall come to pass, in order that they should no more from this hour know how to declare unto them any thing at all which will come to pass (for thou hast changed their spheres, and hast made them spend six months turned to the left and accomplishing their influences, and another six months facing the right and accomplishing their influences), —concerning this word then, my Lord, the power which was in the prophet Isaiah, hath spoken thus and proclaimed afore time in a spiritual similitude, discoursing on the ‘Vision about Egypt’: ‘Where then, O Egypt, where are thy consulters and horoscope-casters and those who cry out of the earth and those who cry out of their belly? Let them then declare unto thee from now on the deeds which the lord Sabaoth will do!’

“The power then which was in the prophet Isaiah, prophesied before thou didst come, that thou wouldst take away the power of the rulers of the aeons and wouldst change their sphere and their Fate, in order that they might know nothing from now on. For this cause it hath said also: ‘Ye shall then know not of what the Lord Sabaoth will do’; that is, none of the rulers will know what thou wilt do from now on, —for they are ‘Egypt,’ because they are matter. The power then which was in Isaiah, prophesied concerning thee afore time, saying: ‘From now on ye shall then know not what the Lord Sabaoth will do.’ Because of the light-power which thou didst receive from Sabaoth, the Good, who is in the region of the Right, and which is in thy material body to-day, for this cause then, my Lord Jesus, thou hast said unto us: ‘Who hath ears to hear, let him hear,’ in order that thou mightest know whose heart is ardently raised to the kingdom of heaven.”

At this time, the solar creatures, converted into lunar creatures live as vulgar beings over the face of the Earth.

The solar creatures (by involutionary processes) transformed themselves into lunar creatures. Therefore, they lost their powers.

Those who cry out of the Earth, those who cry out of their belly, the horoscope casters and fortune tellers from street fairs or businesses, are in their majority lunar creatures.

It is written that the ancient Solar humanity degenerated, became lunar, and became vulgar.

Sabaoth will accomplish Its own Work.

Sabaoth is the Army of the Voice, the Great Word, the Verb.

The Solar Gods from the past frightfully devolved. Thus, they became lunar.

The Rulers of the Aeons and their Spheres fell, and their Fate was changed since ancient times.

The fallen Gods, converted into lunar human beings, know nothing about the occult purpose of Sabaoth.