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Chapter 9

It came to pass then, when Jesus had finished saying these words to his disciples, that he continued again in the discourse, and said unto them: "Lo, I have then put on my Vesture, and all authority hath been given me through the First Mystery. Yet a little while and I will tell you the mystery of the universe and the fullness of the universe; and I will hide nothing from you from this hour on, but in fullness will I perfect you in all fullness and in all perfection and in all mysteries, which are the perfection of all perfections and the fullness of all fullnesses and the gnosis of all gnoses, -- those which are in my Vesture. I will tell you all mysteries from the exteriors of the exteriors to the interiors of the interiors. But hearken that I may tell you all things which have befallen me."

The Intimate Christ is revested with the divine purple, which is used by those who have accomplished the Great Work.

Christ said, "Lo, I have put on my Vesture, and all authority hath been given to me through the First Mystery."

It is well known to us that the First Mystery is the Father who is in secret. There are as many Fathers in Heaven as there are creatures on Earth. Each one of us has his own Father.

The Father is the First and the Last of the Mysteries.

There are twenty-two fundamental Mysteries.

The Intimate Christ is the Instructor of the world. He can secretly reveal to us the Mystery of the Universe and the plenitude contained within it.

Christ, the Solar Logos, is the Perfect Multiple Unity.

The Intimate Christ, within the interior profundity of the Being, can and must perfect the Twelve, the Seven, the Twenty-four, and the Four, etc...

Moreover, it is necessary to repeat that the Being is multiple during his manifestation.

The Intimate Christ perfects the different autonomous and self-conscious parts of our Being by dissolving the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior.

The Being is the Being, and the reason for the Being to be, is to be the Being Himself.

We must not confuse the Being with the "I."

The "I" is composed of thousands of psychic aggregates that personify our psychological defects.

The Intimate Christ in ourselves and within ourselves must dissolve all of the undesirable elements that we carry within our interior.

The Intimate Christ comes to instruct us in secret. He reveals all of the Mysteries to us from the exteriors to the exteriors and from the interiors to the interiors.