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Chapter 8

Of his own incarnation through Mary

And Jesus continued again in the discourse and said: "It came to pass then thereafter, that at the command of the First Mystery I looked down on the world of mankind and found Mary, who is called 'my mother' according to the body of matter. I spake with her in the type of Gabriel, and when she had turned herself to the height towards me, I cast thence into her the first power which I had received from Barbelo that is the body which I have borne in the height. And instead of the soul I cast into her the power which I have received from the great Sabaoth, the Good, who is in the region of the Right."

More concerning the light-powers in the disciples

"And the twelve powers of the twelve saviours of the Treasury of Light which I had received from the twelve ministers of the Midst, I cast into the sphere of the rulers. And the decans of the rulers and their servitors thought that they were souls of the rulers; and the servitors brought them, they bound them into the body of your mothers. And when your time was completed, ye were born in the world without souls of the rulers in you. And ye have received your portion out of the power which the last Helper hath breathed into the Mixture, that [power] which is blended with all the invisibles and all rulers and all aeons, --in a word, which is blended with the world of destruction which is the Mixture. This [power], which from the beginning I brought out of myself, I have cast into the First Commandment, and the First Commandment cast a portion thereof into the great Light, and the great Light cast a portion of that which it had received, into the five Helpers, and the last Helper took a portion of that which it received, and cast it into the Mixture. And [this portion] is in all who are in the Mixture, as I have just said unto you."

The command of the First Mystery is equivalent to the command of the Father.

Mary is always Isis, the Divine Mother, whose veil no mortal has lifted.

In Hebrew, the Army of the Voice, the Host or Creative Hostess of the Elohim, receives the name of Sabaoth.

In the Old Testament, the name of Jehovah is applied to the Host of the Cosmocreators or divine Androgynes who created this Universe, rather than the original name Iod-Heve.

Isis-Mary always receives the First Power, the Holy Affirmation.

The Intimate Christ transmits such power to the Divine Mother Kundalini.

We must never forget that there exist three Primary Forces: Holy Affirmation, Holy Negation, Holy Conciliation.

The Great Sabaoth, the Good, who is in the Region of the Right, is the Host of the Creator Elohim.

The Intimate Christ always transmits the marvellous power of the Great Sabaoth to Stella Maris.

We could not, in anyway, deny the existence of the Twelve Saviors or Avatars.

Each one of the Twelve Redeemers has within himself the Twelve Powers.

Between each Logoic Redeemer and the manifested world, there exists a corresponding Master, Spirit, who has emanated from the Redeemer in question.

Obviously, the emanated Minister is a sunderable part of the Intimate Logoi.

The decans of the Rulers and their servitors often think the best of themselves. They mistakenly assume that they are the Rulers of the Light. Such an error is due to pride and ambition.

Clearly, those mistaken ones are reborn and return to the world. They are brought to this valley of tears by the servitors of the Rulers.

The Princes of the Gnostic Church never ignore the work of the Abyss.

Only those who have worked intensely in the Infernal Worlds achieve the state of Princes or Rulers of the Gnostic Church.

In reality, to convert oneself into a Ruler of the Light is only possible by working on oneself in the Dantesque Ninth Circle.

Every exaltation is preceded by a terrible humiliation.

Those who want to ascend must first of all descend; such is the law.

When the sincerely mistaken ones (who believe that they are Rulers, yet they are not) are reborn, rather than receiving the Spirit of the Rulers, they receive the power for the struggle in life. This Martian power is combined with the world of destruction, which is the mixture or the result of the mixture of Laws and Forces.

The power of the Savior of the world is found in a very superior level, in relation to the powers of the five Helpers.

The power of the Redeemer of the world is cast into the First Commandment, which states: To love thy God above all things, and thy neighbor as thyself.

The First Commandment, which is love, casts a portion of that power into the Great Light.

Unquestionably, the Great Light also casts a portion of the love-power into the five Helpers.

The fifth Helper, acting with great power, takes a certain quantity of the substance of love in order to cast it into the mixture, into the world.

Indubitably, this last portion of the substance of love is bestowed within the Essence.

The Essence, the Consciousness, is disgracefully found bottled up within the psychic aggregates, the living interior representations of our defects of a psychological type.

The Essence is liberated and love shines by the annihilation of the psychological aggregates.

Why they should rejoice that the time of his investiture had come

This then Jesus said to his disciples on the Mount of Olives. Jesus continued again in the discourse with his disciples [and said]: "Rejoice and exult and add joy to your joy, for the times are completed for me to put on my Vesture, which hath been prepared for me from the beginning, which I left behind in the last mystery until the time of its completion. Now the time of its completion is the time when I shall be commanded through the First Mystery to discourse with you from the beginning of the Truth to the completion thereof, and from the interiors of the interiors [to the exteriors of the exteriors]. For the world will be saved through you. Rejoice then and exult, for ye are blessed before all men who are on the earth. It is ye who will save the whole world."

The Intimate Christ uses His Vesture, the sacred purple, when he has performed the Great Work successfully.

We must never forget that the Last Mystery is the First Mystery.

The Father has prepared the purple of the Kings for the Son.

In the hour of completion, the Son is dressed with the sacred Vesture.

The hour of completion of the Great Work within ourselves, here and now, is terribly divine.

The Twelve Powers, the Twelve Apostles, are, I repeat, twelve autonomous and self-conscious parts of our own Being.

The Twelve Apostles under the direction of the Intimate Christ are expressing themselves through the Initiate when he is working for this suffering humanity.

The Twelve are twelve aspects of the Being within the individual Unity.