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The Second Infernal Circle, The Sphere of Mercury

My friends, let us now carefully study the second Dantesque circle. I am emphatically referring to that negative aspect—or better said, that submerged aspect—of the planet Mercury. We are not going to speak about the heaven of Mercury. I repeat: it is indispensable that we investigate a little the submerged aspect, which relates strictly to the antithesis of that brilliant heaven.

When we penetrate with the astral body into the interior of the Earth, we can perfectly and straightforwardly verify for ourselves what the hell of Mercury is. When we penetrate into this submerged region, we feel in the depth of our soul the perpetual turbulence of those negative passionate forces that stormily flow and re-flow in that subterranean zone. It is not irrelevant to state that there we feel the stormy winds of Mercury, a certain aerial element. This subterranean zone is the place where the fornicators breathe. Fornicators are those who enjoy extracting the sacred sperm from their organism.

These miserable creatures from the underworld—sunk in the carnal vice—desperately come and go, here, there, and everywhere. One is astounded when seeing these lost ones incessantly cohabiting within the atomic infernos of nature. Such egos blaspheme incessantly and hate to death anything with the flavor of chastity.


There we find Semiramis, the terrible fornicator Empress, who by promulgated decree made the enjoyment of animal passions lawful in her country. In that abode of Pluto we also find Queen Dido, who in amorous fury slew herself after breaking her vow of fidelity to Sicheus' ashes. There we also find Paris of ancient Troy, who kidnapped beautiful Helen, and Achilles, the impetuous warrior, destroyer of citadels.

Tartarus of misfortunes, abysses of iniquity, fright, horrors!

In the second Dantesque circle we also find with profound grief the fallen Bodhisattvas, those who murdered the God Mercury, unhappy souls who exchanged their birthrights for a pottage of lentils. What grief we feel in the depth of our consciousness when discovering within those Mercurial abysses the fallen angels, cited by ancient religious theogonies!  So, those who exchanged their scepter of power for the distaff of Omphale, come and go through the black air within that submerged region, a region where human understanding is turned away by lust, a world of brutal instincts, where lasciviousness mires with the impetus of violence.

Behold the frightening profundities of the mysteries of Minos or Mina, where the black tantric ones who developed the abominable Kundabuffer organ (the cause of so much wickedness) breathe. Alas! how different the future of this wretched suffering humanity would have been if the glorious Archangel Sakaki with his sacred commission could had foreseen with mathematical exactitude the fatal outcome of that satanic tail, of that organ of abominations, whose development was allowed with definite planetary purposes in times of yore in this humanity.

It is clear that each human being is a creature that captures distinct cosmic forces in order to transform them and thereafter transmit them into the interior layers of the Earth. In view of the fact that some 18 million years ago the Earth trembled incessantly since its volcanoes on the Lemurian continent were erupting fire and lava, the development of the abominable Kundabuffer organ (a terribly negative, Luciferic force, projected from the coccyx downwards towards the atomic infernos of the human being) was allowed by certain sacred individuals led by the Archangel Sakaki. It is not irrelevant to remember that such a negative fohat grew covered by a physical tail, similar to the tail we see in apes. Hence, the dwellers of the Earth carried on their common presences such an appendage or projection of their spinal column. Thus, the forces that in that epoch passed through the human organisms, suffered, as a result, categorical modifications that permitted the stabilization of the terrestrial crust.

coccyxIn later periods during the history of the centuries, when other sacred individuals considered that there was no longer any need for the abominable Kundabuffer organ (Satan’s tail) to continue to exist, they eliminated that appendage from the human body. Unfortunately, the awful consequences of that organ of witches’ Sabbaths remained in the five cylinders of the organic machine, known as intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex. By profoundly delving into this subject-matter, we can discover for ourselves that such tenebrous consequences are perfectly defined as psychic aggregates or quarrelsome and noisy “I’s” that personify our errors and constituting the ego, the myself, the self-willed.

So, within the submerged sphere of Mercury live millions of humans creatures with the abominable Kundabuffer organ completely developed.

I am not affirming in the former paragraph that the physical tail of apes is found presently developed in the physical anatomy of those three-brained or three-centered bipeds. Yet, indeed at the base of their spine in their human physical anatomy exists a very incipient osseous residue of that abominable tail. Nevertheless, the psychic aspect of such an organ is found in the metaphysical presence of millions of rational humanoids. This we have evidenced in a clear manner when (dressed in our Astral body) penetrating into the submerged realms of the Mercurial type, beneath the epidermis of the planet Earth.

Question: Beloved Master, I would like to know if the personages and acts that appear in your exposition when describing the second Dantesque circle are real or simply mythological, since although Dante also mentions them, we understand that Dante’s work is simply a literary work of great merit.

Samael Aun Weor: Noble gentleman, respectable ladies, allow me to solemnly affirm that The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri is an initiatic and esoteric text that very few human beings have understood. The mythological personages cited in that text and that appear as the dwellers of the submerged sphere of Mercury, symbolically represent the living animal passions in such a region. The impetuous Achilles with his terrible sexual licentiousness, the adulterous Helen, and the ever libidinous Paris, clearly personify the inhabitants of the tenebrous zone of Mercury. However, I want just to mention one of these personages in particular, who is Helen kidnapped by Paris. Helen, the cause of so many maladies in ancient times, has other positive symbolisms, which are more beautiful. Yet, I do not want to talk about her positive symbols in these moments. Right now, let us look at Helen only in her abysmal aspect, the antithesis of her resplendent aspect, that is, her tenebrous Mercurial phase.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember that each symbol can be interpreted in seven different manners. Tonight we are only studying this very particular abyss of Mercurial type, which is beneath the epidermis of the planet on which we live.

Question: Master, can you tell me if this Mercurial circle is of a denser degree and if souls undergo a greater suffering than in the first circle?

Samael Aun Weor: Friend, in regard to your question, remember what we have already stated in past lectures when we studied the ray of creation. It is evident that the greater the number of laws, the greater the degree of mechanicity and pain. The submerged sphere of the Moon is governed exclusively by 96 laws. However, the tenebrous aspect of Mercury within the planetary mass on which we live is constituted by 192 laws, thus its mechanicity is even greater, and therefore undergoing suffering is much more intense. Besides, the atoms of this tenebrous Mercurial sphere are much heavier, since every atom contains within their interior 192 atoms of the Absolute. This means that the tenebrous Mercurial region is even denser than the lunar one.

Question: Master, do the souls that enter into this submerged zone of Mercury have any possibility to resurface?

Samael Aun Weor: Dear lady, honorable gentlemen, do not forget that justice is always beside mercy. Know that some Masters of the great White Lodge, great initiates, divine beings who have chosen renunciation to all bliss in order to help the lost ones, dwell within these tenebrous abysmal regions. Thus, when some soul repents within the abode of Pluto, undoubtedly it is always assisted by these saints. Unquestionably, such beings instruct, admonish, and show the path of light to all of those souls who indeed have repented of their perversities. When this happens, those who were condemned to perdition, return, reenter a womb; that is, they reincorporate into a new organism.

Question: Master why do you emphasize that the dead belong to the first submerged lunar region and nonetheless, when addressing the second, that is, the submerged zone of Mercury you do not affirm likewise?

Samael Aun Weor: Okay sir, listen to me: you must carefully scrutinize The Divine Comedy of Dante. Investigate, experience, and verify for yourself. Learn how to consciously and positively move in your Astral body.

Obviously, the Orcus of the classics, the Limbo of the Christians, is only the antechamber of hell, even though it corresponds to the first Dantesque circle. Every initiate knows that after death millions of us human beings live in that region.

The encounter with Minos, the demon who with his tail considers what circle in hell
 the defunct most go according as how oft his tail encircles him around, can only be found in the submerged sphere of Mercury. I am not stating this on my own whim. I repeat: any one who in a direct manner wants to investigate by themselves will corroborate my affirmations.


Question: Master, I do not understand what you have just stated. Why is it that the fornicator “I’s,” which also constitute part of “the myself” or the “self-willed” live in the underworld of Mercury, whilst in the first Dantesque circle occurs likewise?

Samael Aun Weor: Okay sir, undoubtedly almost all of the three-brained or three-centered bipeds, mistakenly called humans, are deep down, more or less fornicators. Nonetheless, as I have stated in former lectures, the Great Law assigns to each soul 108 existences in every cycle of cosmic manifestation. It is evident, clear, and manifest that no one can be cast into the abysses of perdition without having completed their cycle of existences. Normally, the dead reside in Limbo, which physically is represented by all of the caverns of the world. However, only those fornicators who have already exhausted their cycle of 108 humanoid existences are the ones who definitely enter into the submerged negative region of Mercury.

Nevertheless, please I beg you, comprehend the following: sometimes there exist on the Earth true monstrous humanoids who no longer offer any possibility of redemption. These are cases that are definitely lost. Thus, after death, unquestionably they enter into the infernal worlds, even when they have not exhausted their complete cycle of 108 existences.

Question: Master, we know that the sphere of Mercury relates to fornicators. Does this signify that the “I”s are divided among the different Dantesque circles in accordance with the different types of psychic aggregates?

Samael Aun Weor: Regarding the question of this young man, it is clear that the ego is a sum of diverse psychic aggregates that personify errors. Some of them specifically correspond to certain Dantesque circles, and others are found intimately related with more submerged circles. However, the totality, the sum of all these negative values, precipitately devolves in their conjunction within the mineral kingdom, towards the center of planetary gravity. Understand that the consciousness of the condemned must experience each descending circle, each infradimension of nature beneath the tridimensional region of Euclid, through its corresponding psychological defects. Yet, tonight we are talking exclusively about the second circle. Regardless, soon after having reviewed the nine Dantesque circles we will study in detail the law of perpetual movement. Then all of you ladies and gentlemen will be able to delve a little more into this subject-matter related with the question that this young man asked today.

Question: Master, was it intended to state that in this circle that corresponds to lust, fornication has become terribly mechanical and therefore painful and disgusting?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, my friend, listen: within that black and fatal air, lust tends to mingle with violence, thus everything is instinctive and brutal. Understood?

Question: Venerable Master, what astounds me tremendously is that in spite of the tortures that are suffered in this circle, the souls who dwell there think that they go very well. Would you be so kind as to explain this subject-matter to us?

Samael Aun Weor: Noble sir, the people from the abyss always think the best of themselves. They firmly believe that they march on the path of righteousness and love, and consider us—the ones who walk on the path of the revolution of consciousness—as those who march, they say, “towards our own destruction.”  Likewise, I want all of you to know that the tenebrous ones—moved by good intentions—tempt us incessantly, with the purpose of, as they say, “saving” us. So, in these abysmal regions we see many anchorites, penitents, fakirs, mystics, monks, etc., admonishing diverse human groups, since they are totally convinced that they are doing very well.

Question: Master, do these souls who are so convinced that they are doing very well  know that they are in hell?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, in regard to your question, know that the word inferno is derived from the Latin infernus, which signifies inferior region found within the interior of the Earth, where we also find the world of natural elements. Thus, it is unquestionable that the lost ones never consider those elements or such submerged regions as a place of perdition.

Normal, ordinary, and common people have their consciousness asleep; nonetheless, those who enter the abysmal regions awaken in evil and for evil. Such people develop a very special psychological idiosyncrasy, a different fatal type of logic. Thus, do not be surprised, do not all be astounded to know that for the abysmal lost ones, white is black and vice-versa. For example, to name Jesus the great Kabir or the Divine Mother Kundalini in those submerged regions is a blasphemy, something unforgivable to such condemned people, and consequently to name them is equivalent to provoking their anger. Then we will see them attacking us furiously.

Moreover, the lost ones do not ignore the concrete fact that they have to pass through the second death, however they are not afraid of it. Instead, they beseech for it, they ask for it, for they know that the second death is the doorway of escape in order for them to return to the surface of the Earth and thus reinitiate a new evolving ascension that begins in the stone and ends in man. Understood?

Question: Master, a person like me, who observes an absolute sexual abstention, would I perhaps be free from entering into the second Dantesque circle?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, brothers and sisters, it is indispensable, it is urgent and unpostponable to know that lust processes itself within the 49 regions of the subconsciousness. Many saints who reached supreme chastity in the merely intellective level failed when they were submitted to sexual ordeals within the more profound regions of their subconsciousness. For example, someone could have achieved chastity in 48 subconscious regions and nonetheless to fail in the 49th.  Many men and virtuous women who self-qualified themselves as being chaste and innocent are now inhabitants of the second Dantesque circle. Millions of religious people, priests from all beliefs, who thought that they had attained the most absolute chastity, live now in the inferno of Mercury. Therefore, let us none of us qualify ourselves as being chaste. “Whosoever feels sure of himself, let him look behind and not fall.”

Question: Master, you have mentioned 49 regions in the subconsciousness, and frankly let me tell you that it is the first time that I have heard about the subconsciousness having such a number of regions. All the treatises of psychology, parapsychology, and psychoanalysis where the processes of the consciousness, subconsciousness, and infraconsciousness, etc. are mentioned and studied do not mention these 49 divisions or regions that you mention. Why is this so?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentlemen and ladies who listen to me, it is convenient for us to remember the septenary constitution of the authentic human being.  Nonetheless, the three-brained or three-centered bipeds mistakenly called human beings only possess subconscious and subjective states, since they have not awakened their consciousness yet, and since they have not created the existential bodies of the Being. So, multiply the septuple aspect by itself and you will have the 49 subconscious regions of every humanoid. Obviously, when we awaken the consciousness, these 49 subconscious and subjective states become cognizant. Thus, only then, will we have objectivity, an integral cognizance.

We need to transform the subconsciousness into consciousness. This is only possible by disintegrating the psychic aggregates that constitute the ego, the myself, the self-willed. Let us remember that the consciousness is bottled up within such aggregates. Thus, when these aggregates are disintegrated, the consciousness awakens as an outcome.

Lust, fornication in the submerged circle of Mercury underneath the terrestrial crust, is indeed the very foundation, the basis of the existential ego.

Question: Master, in some of your books you explain that in order to be able to awaken the consciousness, the “I” or psychological defect that was chosen for elimination has to be first dissected with the intellect, and that this procedure must be done in the 49 departments of the subconsciousness. But how can we penetrate with the intellect into these 49 regions, if we do not have our consciousness awakened yet? Would you be so kind to explain this to us?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, to be able to radically disintegrate the ego in an instantaneous manner and simultaneously within all the 49 regions the subconsciousness is not possible. Thus, I invite you to reflect and to investigate this subject-matter clearly and perfectly.

When we want to annihilate any psychological defect, i.e. lust or any other defect, we must first of all to comprehend it. However, understand: the unitotal comprehension of the defect in question cannot be an immediate act within the 49 subconscious regions. This comprehension means a progressive advancement on the path of understanding. So, gradually we must advance, comprehending and eliminating the “I”s of the defect in question, in each of the subconscious regions. This will mark a methodical, profound, and orderly development of the consciousness. As the consciousness awakens, comprehension becomes clearer and clearer until it reaches its final 49th stage. There, the defect is radically annihilated.