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The Fifth Infernal Circle, the Sphere of Mars

Friends, ladies and gentlemen, now we are going to talk a little bit about the fifth natural infradimension, which correlates to Mars, and that is located underneath the geological crust of our terrestrial world. So, we emphatically clarify in advance that we are not addressing the submerged mineral kingdom of the very planet Mars. We are exclusively addressing the fifth infradimensional section located underneath the epidermis of our planet Earth, which is related with a Martian type of vibration. I am not going to talk about the heaven of Mars, or about that planet, either. What I am going to state exclusively involves the fifth infradimension of our planet Earth, and that is all. The purpose of clarifying all of this in advance is in order to avoid erroneous interpretations, since the mind, as it is already known, can fall into many subtle misapprehensions.

Listen: the ironical, infuriated people, the arrogant, haughty, and conceited people, unquestionably stand out within the fifth Dantesque circle. Now, in our book entitled The Three Mountains, we have studied that within the hells of the very planet Mars the esotericist-investigator discovers awful Witches’ Sabbaths, frightening warlocks, tenebrous covens, harpies, or whatever else they are called. On the other hand, underneath the epidermis of our planet Earth, within the fifth Dantesque circle, which is a kind of Martian-like section, the witches (followers of Selene) with their disgusting warlocks (which in the Strophades Islands of the Aegean Sea were frequently frightening the Trojans) certainly do not stand out, since within the turbid waters and the filthy mud of the fifth circle (what Dante Alighieri, the old Florentine disciple of Virgil, the Poet of Mantua only sees) are many arrogant people, who upon the face of the Earth ostentatiously show off amidst rich palaces and fatuous mansions.

William Blake painting of Dante's Fifth CircleThe most painful experience for the lost souls within this abominable region is to have to self-confront their very millenary diabolical creations. Unquestionably, the consciousness has to confront itself in all of its components, which are all of those psychic aggregates that constitute the ego, the myself, the self-willed within which it is bottled.

I saw much mud, stagnant waters, and supreme pain within those submerged regions.

I still dreadfully remember a certain desperate creature submerged within that feculent, bitter, slimy place, slobbering in despair, trying to hide from the sinister stares of certain horrible monsters that - in the depth of her own psyche - were parts of her self, “I’s” personifying her violence.

Alas, to flee from ourselves; the “I” fleeing from the “I”? This is frightfully horrifying! The consciousness facing, confronting, her very selves is a Machiavellian torture, impossible to describe with words.

Those “I’s”—parts of that living creature who was trying to flee from them—did not have (as other mortals) their eyes in front of their head, but ominously, they were visible on the right and left, like the eyes of birds. Those “I’s” were psychological aggregates of violence, armed with symbolic rifles, who wanted to attack that creature who was desperately hiding; astoundingly, the creature and the assailants were all psychic aggregates, component parts of the same ego; they formed the pluralized “I” in its totality.

To wallow within so much sludge, to flee from our selves, to feel terror facing oneself, the “I” confronting the “I,” parts of oneself confronting other parts of oneself, is indeed the horror of horrors, the indescribable, a terror that cannot be expressed with words. Thus, this is how the consciousness of the defunct within the fifth infradimension of the planet Earth becomes aware of its own maladies, its own horrors, its bizarre violence, its ominous anger.

Question: Beloved Master, I observed that when addressing the fifth Dantesque circle you told us there are convulsions of anger, and that within the infradimensions of the planet Mars there are Witches’ Sabbaths; however, when you addressed the fourth Dantesque solar circle you informed us that with respect the infradimensions of the Sun, these are clean of “I’s.” Notwithstanding, in the process of initiation, Mars corresponds the next step ahead; if my question was understood, can you please clarify it?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, I have stated that within the submerged Martian mineral kingdom—meaning, within the infernos of the planet Mars, neither in its heaven nor on its planetary surface—the esotericist investigator can certainly find the tenebrous harpies and their frightful Witches’ Sabbaths. I have also said that in the submerged mineral kingdom of the Sun that illuminates and gives us life, within its merely natural infradimensions, everything is clean; there we do not see the followers of Selene nor the horrible warlocks, nor the followers of Simon the magician. It would be an absurdity to suppose just for a moment that the left-hand adepts and the fortune-tellers of Python could live within the entrails of the radiant Sun. It is clear that the solar vibrations would destroy, would annihilate instantaneously, any impure creature…

Again, I repeat what I previously stated: only solar spirits, ineffable beings that are beyond good and evil can solemnly dwell within the Sun.

Question: Master, you stated that within the fifth infradimension of our planetary organism, the “I’s confront other “I’s” and that the consciousness also confronts those “I’s” which are terribly malignant because of their wrathful nature. Does this signify that the consciousness that forms part of the myself is a third party in discordance?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, your question is important, thus I will gladly clarify it immediately. First of all, it is urgent to know that the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed is not something individual. Certainly, the ego is a sum of psychic aggregates, which we can also be denominated as “I’s.” Therefore, our “I” is a sum of small, irritable, and noisy “I’s” that we carry within. If we name them demons, we will not commit any specific definitive error whatsoever. Thus, by carefully analyzing this subject-matter, we can arrive at the logical conclusion that such demon “I’s” clearly personify our psychological defects.

So, I invite you, ladies and gentlemen, to concretely comprehend that each one of those devil “I’s” carry within their interior a certain well-defined percentage of our own consciousness.

It so happens that in the fifth natural infradimension of our planet Earth, the consciousness confronts its very self. By looking at itself through many eyes from diverse angles, in accordance with each one of its “I’s the consciousness acquires knowledge of itself.

It is indubitable that the consciousness tries to flee from itself, to flee from its own defects, representations of its own diabolic creations.

For the defunct, it is not pleasant to feel horror for themselves, thus they try to flee from themselves; one part of themselves tries to hide from the terrifying and frightening stare of another part or parts of themselves.

Listen, by using this time a very exact similarity, I want to assist all you to understand what I am stating. Here in Mexico, at the entrance of the Castle of Chapultepec, there is a hall of mirrors; on the surface of each one of those mirrors the visitors see their image in a completely different manner. Some of those mirrors break down our image, depicting us as giants of ancient times; others depict us with the appearance of insignificant dwarfs; another mirror depict us as having chubby figures, frighteningly obese; other mirrors depict us as having elongated, deformed figures, and horrifyingly thin; other mirrors deform our images depicting them with monstrous arms and legs, etc. So, imagine for a moment that each one of these images were one of our “I’s,” living personifications of our errors. What would become of all those creatures within those multiple mirrors, parts of oneself, parts of the myself, parts of the ego that we carry within, if each one of them becomes horrified of the others and each one of them wanted to independently flee from the others? Imagine each of us, transformed into all of those multiple “I’s” and each one of our parts, frightened of every part of our parts; each horror frightened of each horror! That is a torture worse than that of Tantalus. Behold therefore, the torture within the fifth Dantesque circle.

Indeed, ladies and gentlemen, the ego that we carry within is constituted by thousands of demon “I’s” that represent our psychological defects. It is clear that here in this physical world such a swarm of devils control our organic machine, yet they do not keep any concordance whatsoever among themselves. All of them struggle for supremacy; all of them want to control the capital centers of the organic machine. When one of them achieves to govern for a moment the organic machine, he then feels as if he is the master, the boss, the only one. However, afterwards he is dethroned and another one becomes the boss. Now ladies and gentlemen you will understand for yourselves the reason why we human beings are filled with inner contradictions.

So, if we could see ourselves in a full length mirror the way we really are, we would feel horrified of ourselves. This experience is a concrete fact within the fifth natural infradimension of the planet Earth. Nevertheless, in the cited tenebrous region, the shock is even cruder, more real, to the point that each one of the terrified parts flees without succor, trying to hide from each one of the other parts.

fifth circle of hellThe consciousness divided into multiple pieces, horror of the Avernus, mystery, terrible things of the darkness of Minos! Woe! Woe! Woe!

Question: Although it is evident that this fifth natural infradimension of our planet Earth is even more dense and material than the former ones, can you please explain to us what elements are characteristic of its density?

Samael Aun Weor: Gentleman, friends, indeed the fifth Dantesque circle is denser than the four previous ones due to its atomic composition. It is understood that each atom of the fifth submerged region carries in its womb 480 atoms of the sacred Absolute Sun. It is therefore evident that the fifth submerged region is even more gross than the previous ones; consequently, the suffering within it is greater.

Millions of condemned souls inhabit this zone of the Earth, people who hurt each other, i.e. blasphemers that utter maledictions against the eternal living God, people filled with hatred and revenge, arrogant, irate, impetuous people, assassins, and the wicked.

Astoundingly, all of these people believe that they are doing very well. None of them suppose even for a moment that they walk on the path of darkness and horror, and that they are doing badly. All of them feel holy and virtuous. Some of them pity themselves, classifying themselves as victims of injustice. To that end, all of them, in general, presume to be just.

Question: Regarding the nine works that are performed in the Second Mountain or Mountain of Resurrection, would you be so kind as to tell us the difference between the work within the fifth infradimension of the planet Mars and the one within the fifth Dantesque circle of our planet Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, friends, I invite you to comprehend what the work of the dissolution of the ego is. Undoubtedly, when submerging by means of meditation into our own atomic infernos with the purpose of comprehending these or those psychological defects, it is unquestionable that we place ourselves in contact with this or that natural infradimension. Now, since the fifth submerged region is the fundamental section related with anger, obviously, when we are trying to comprehend in an integral manner the diverse processes of annoyance, wrath, violence, arrogance, etc., we place ourselves in contact with the cited fifth Dantesque circle.

On the other hand, it is indispensable to make a clear differentiation between those inhumane elements that are related to the nine Dantesque circles of our planet Earth, located underneath the epidermis of this afflicted planet, and the infra-conscious elements, which within our psyche retain an intimate relation with the infernos of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.

But please ladies and gentlemen, listen to me well so there will be no confusion: you must make a distinction between heavens and hells. The heavens of each one of these cited planets is totally different from their hells. Thus, you have to always learn how to locate any planetary inferno within the submerged mineral kingdom of the same planet. Heaven is different; this is a region of light, harmony, happiness. We cannot enter into any of those planetary heavens without previously having worked within their corresponding infernos. Therefore, looking these things from this angle, it is clear that we can never enter into the heaven of Mars without previously having worked within the Martian infernos, which are located within the living entrails of Mars own submerged mineral kingdom. So, within the infernos of the planet Mars, within its natural infradimensions, we must eliminate certain infra-conscious, inhumane, psychic, witch-like states. Listen, this type of work is only possible to be performed by those sacred individuals known as Potentates; these are those individuals who are preparing themselves to attain the state of Virtue within the heaven of Mars.

On the other hand, comprehend that any psychological work within the entrails of these other worlds of our solar system maintains a certain relationship with their corresponding infernal sections within the planet Earth. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, do not forget the laws of correspondences, analogies, and numerologies. Whatever the case, it is urgent to know that in the infernos of the planet Mars, the Potentates must eliminate infra-conscious, witch-like, psychic states; yet, we, within the corresponding Martian fifth infernal section of our planet Earth, are limited to eliminating the processes of anger, arrogance, etc.