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Friends of mine, we have met here in order to study the law of reincarnation. I hope that all of you will get the utmost benefit from these teachings, since it is urgent for all of us to try to integrally comprehend what this great law is.

incarnations-of-vishnuIndeed, the word reincarnation is very demanding. Let us remember the ten reincarnations of Vishnu, the Cosmic Christ.

Krishna, the great Hindu Avatar, born about one thousand years before Christ, never said that all of the intellectual animals that populate the face of the Earth reincarnate; he only emphatically affirmed that those who reincarnate are the Buddhas, the great Gods, the Devas, the divine Kings, etc. Therefore, let us penetrate into the study of the law of reincarnation in a more detailed manner.

We can state with completely dazzling clarity that reincarnation is impossible for those who do not possess sacred individuality. Unquestionably, only the sacred individuals reincarnate. Thus, this is why human reincarnations were always celebrated with great religious festivities in secret Tibet.

In the name of the truth, I want to clearly, frankly, and openly affirm the crude reality that reincarnation or reincorporation is only possible for those souls who possess the Auric Embryo, the Auric Flower.  Thus, by analyzing this matter with great meticulosity, we come to understand that such an embryo must be deliberately fabricated based on conscious works and voluntary sufferings.

The elaboration of the Auric Flower, the Auric Embryo, is possible by means of the psychic material or prima materia, which is found bottled within those infrahuman elements, whose origin—as we already know through the explanations given here in other lectures—is discovered within the merely retrospective field, in a remote past, when human beings developed in their organism the abominable Kundabuffer organ, the Satanic tail. When that organ was eliminated from humanity, its awful consequences remained within the five cylinders of the organic machine, namely: mind, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex. Indubitably, these awful consequences came to constitute a sort of subjective and inhuman second nature that all rational animals carry within.  It is unquestionable that the prima matter, the essence with which we can elaborate the Auric Embryo, was bottled within this double nature.  Therefore, when there is a serious attempt to elaborate the Auric Flower, the dissolution of the subjective and infrahuman aggregates is imperative.

In times of yore, when the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ had not been specifically developed, it was possible—in order to motivate the force or forces that can disintegrate incipient, subjective elements—to appeal to the inner factor that originates the impulses of faith, hope, and love. Regrettably, the basic factor that originates those cited impulses underwent diverse degenerative processes, due to the exorbitant development of the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

It is indeed painful that the factor that originates the impulses of faith, hope, and love had to radically degenerate.  Thus, for that reason we now have to appeal to the only factor that has not yet been lost: I am emphatically addressing the Essence, the psychic material, which is indeed the foundation, the base, of our entire psychic organization.

Hence, the liberation of that Essence is urgent, unpostponable, undelayable, if we  seriously want to elaborate the Auric Flower, the Auric Embryo.

Regrettably, this prima materia, this psychic material, does not intervene in the routine activities of our mistakenly named “vigil state.” It is a pity that this factor—upon which all of our psychic processes are established—is confined, bottled, within the subconscious zones.  This is why it is essential, urgent, and necessary to bring that factor out of its merely subjective state, so it can operate in a self-cognizant and objective manner within the activities of our daily life.

The ego—with all its psychic aggregates—is therefore that double anti-human nature, that infra-human appendage within which the consciousness is bottled.

Thus, if we want to have sacred individuality, then we must rely on the scalpel of self-criticism in order to perform a dissection of all those false values that constitute the “myself.” For this, it is indispensable to know in an integral, unitotal manner all of the psychic defects that we possess.

Much has been said about creative comprehension, yet to intellectually comprehend is not enough, since it is indisputable and irrefutable that any psychological defect is processed within 49 subconscious, infraconscious, and even unconscious levels. Thus, the comprehension of our defects in this or that level is not enough. We urgently need to understand our defects in depth. It is indispensable to pierce them, if we really want to exterminate them, to annihilate them.

Nevertheless, even when creative comprehension is urgent and unpostponable, it is not everything.  We, the Gnostics, go even further: we want to capture, to apprehend, the deep significance of what we have integrally comprehended, since it is not possible to originate the inner impulses that provoke radical changes within our psyche if we have not been able to capture the deep significance of this or that psychological defect.  Obviously, we become duly prepared for this or that inner change when we have comprehended this or that error of our psyche.

Elimination comes afterwards; yet, in order to eliminate, we have to appeal to a superior kind of forces.

For example, someone can have comprehended the defect of anger, and can even have given to himself the luxury of apprehending its deep significance, yet nonetheless continue with it. Thus, to eliminate is different, because the mind can provoke diverse modes of action: it can label the defects, it can move them from one department into another department of understanding, but it cannot fundamentally alter them.   This is why if we want to extirpate defects, we need to appeal to a power superior to the mind. Fortunately, such a power exists.

kundalini-santsNow, I want to address the serpentine fire, the sacred fire, which normally develops within the body of the ascetic. If, in the times of yore, that igneous power could divide the divine hermaphrodites into opposite sexes, it is then obvious that it can also extirpate from our psyche the inhuman elements, which as appendages constitute a double, sinister, terribly perverse leftist nature within us.

We have already stated in our book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom that the “Seminal Pearl” is formed with the first percentages of liberated essence. In that book we have already affirmed that the Seminal Pearl develops and becomes the Auric Embryo, the Auric Flower, in proportion to the different subjective elements of the human being reduced to cosmic dust. Lo and behold, the mystery of the Golden Blossom.

I have abundantly explained the modus operandi, as much in these lectures as in my former books.  I have stated that we must learn to drive the serpentine fire or ray of Kundalini against these or those inhumane aggregates, with the goal of pulverizing them, with the purpose of liberating the Essence. I explained that it is precisely within the flaming forge of Vulcan where we have the opportunity to work with the lance of Achilles. Yes, only with the Holy Pike, a marvelous emblem of the transcendental sexual electricity, can we disintegrate our psychological types of defects.

Whosoever possesses the Auric Embryo, whosoever has elaborated it by means of deliberate works and conscious mortifications, has the right to reincarnate.

It is evident that the Auric Flower grants us sacred individuality. It is indubitable that the Auric Embryo establishes within us a complete equilibrium between the spiritual and the material.

Therefore, comprehend: those who still do not possess the Auric Embryo, return, come back, reincorporate within new organisms, but they do not reincarnate. Let us therefore distinguish between reincarnation and return, since rare are those who reincarnate and millions are those who return.

Question: Master, can you tell us when the Kundabuffer organ was developed in humanity and with what purpose?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer the question that our Secretary sister has formulated.

During the epoch of the continent Mu or Lemuria, located—as we have already stated in past lectures—in the Pacific Ocean, it was necessary to develop that organ with the purpose of stabilizing the geological crust of the Earth. Since the human machine automatically transforms cosmic energies in order to retransmit them to the interior layers of the planetary organism in which we live, any change that arises in such machines originates determined results within the interior of our planet Earth. It was then, during that epoch, about 18 million years ago, that the Cosmocreators granted complete liberty of action to the internal Lucifer of each one of us, with the goal of developing the tail of the apes—that is, the abominable Kundabuffer organ—in each human organism. Indubitably, based on that procedure of the Cosmocreators, the energetic transformation within the human interior was altered and the Earth was stabilized. Thus, that procedure originated magnificent results for the geological crust of the Earth, but sinister results for humanity.  Much later in time, the Gods eliminated that ominous appendage from the human organism, yet they could not eliminate its consequences, since these - as we have already stated - became a second inhumane and perverse nature within each one of us.

Question: Master, does this infer that the Cosmocreators are guilty of the inhumane consequences that humanity carries in their organisms today?

Samael Aun Weor: This question is intriguing to me. The Gods who got involved then committed some mistaken calculations; thus, for such reason they are guilty. I want you to know that the Gods also make mistakes.  It is clear, therefore, that those ineffable ones will have to pay their consequent cosmic Karma in a future cosmic day.

Question: Master, since the Essence is the only element that constitutes our psychic organization, and—as you stated—fortunately has not been lost, does this signify that there is a danger for the Essence to be lost?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this gentleman’s question. First of all, with all due respect, I allow myself to tell the audience who listening to me that the question has been a little bit wrongly formulated, since I have not said that the Essence is our only psychic organization. I have only affirmed that the Essence is the basic factor of our entire psychic organization, and this is the little difference. Clearly, it is not possible for the Essence to be lost. This is why I affirm that the Essence is the only factor that fortunately cannot be lost.

Even when the Essence—bottled within the ego—has to devolve in time within the infernal worlds, it is evident that it will never be lost, because once the ego is dissolved, the Essence will remain free and ready—as we have stated many times—to enter into new evolving processes.

Question: Venerable Master, you make an emphasis not only in comprehension but also in the apprehension of the deep significance of our psychological defects. I understand that the objective of comprehension is to identify those defects and that the objective of the deep significance is to discover the damage that the defects might cause us as an obstacle for our self-realization. Am I correct?

Samael Aun Weor: It is worthwhile to answer this question from the audience. Listen, comprehension is not identification. Someone can identify a psychological defect without having comprehended it. So, let us therefore distinguish between comprehension and identification.

The essential nature of comprehension is very elastic, because the degrees of comprehension vary. It can be that today we comprehend this or that matter in a certain way and in a certain manner, in a relative and circumstantial manner, yet tomorrow we will comprehend it better.

Now, the apprehension of the deep significance of this or that defect is only possible to by all the parts of our integral Being.  Thus, if some parts of our Being have apprehended the deep significance, yet other parts of our same Being have not yet apprehended it, then the integral and deep significance also has not yet been totally apprehended. Therefore, regarding the deep significance of an error, regarding its specific flavor, we must not elaborate preconceptions, since the deep significance of this or that error can only be directly experienced in the precise moment, in the right, given instant. Thus, this is why we must not, by any means, convolute in preconceived ideas about what the deep significance of our psychological errors could be.

Question: Thank you, Master, for this explanation, which reveals to us that comprehension is really a function of the mind, and that the deep significance is a function of the consciousness. Is this correct?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, the mind with all its functionalisms is feminine, receptive, therefore, it would be absurd to try to make it positive. Thus, it is stubbornness to elaborate ideas, preconceptions, or theories. Therefore, given that the mind is a merely passive instrument by nature, it cannot by itself occupy the place of comprehension.

Distinguish therefore between the essential nature of comprehension and the instrument that we use in order to manifest ourselves in the world. Obviously, comprehension belongs rather to the Essence—that is, to the inner functions of the consciousness, and that is all.

The deep significance of this or that psychological error differs from comprehension by the very fact that it belongs to the diverse perceptions or direct experiences lived by the diverse parts of the unitotal Being.

Question: Master, can the human being who reincarnates choose with awakened consciousness the place and family where he reincarnates?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this new question. Allow me to clarify for all of you, present here, that those who possess the Auric Embryo also have in fact an awakened consciousness. Therefore, in their case, it is permissible for them to voluntarily choose the zodiacal sign in which they wish to reincorporate, reincarnate, reborn again; nonetheless, it is not possible for them to alter their karma. This means that they can select diverse types of birth, family, nation, city, etc., yet, always in accordance with their karmic debts. In other words, they could resolve to pay this or that karmic debt in accordance with their free choice, yet by no means can they avoid their karmic debts. They will only have the right to select from their karmic debts which one they want to pay first, and that is all.

Question: Master, do fallen Bodhisattvas lose their Auric Embryo?

Samael Aun Weor: This question is indeed very original; therefore, it is convenient to concretely answer it.

It is necessary to comprehend that the Auric Embryo is imperishable, immortal, eternal. Therefore, fallen Bodhisattvas’ egos can be annihilated, even their superior existential bodies of the Being can undergo the process of annihilation within the ninth sphere, and nonetheless, they will never lose their Auric Embryo. Thus, after the radical destruction or definitive annihilation of their ego and their superior existential bodies of the Being, their Auric Embryo would reemerge, resurface, on the face of the Earth, under the light of the Sun, in order to reinitiate or begin a new evolution.

Question: Master, does the consciousness fall asleep in fallen Bodhisattvas?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friends, it is clear that when a bodhisattva falls, then the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ resurrect within him, and therefore the Auric Embryo, his consciousness, indisputably becomes bottled with those infrahuman factors. Thus, the outcome in this case is that the consciousness loses a good percentage of its habitual lucidity, although it does not radically fall asleep.

Question: Master, does the human who has acquired sacred individuality totally lack desires?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, when someone has dissolved the ego, that is, when someone has become de-egotized, indisputably he has acquired individualization. Yet, desire is something more profound.

Any of the people here present can radically eliminate the ego, and for such reason acquire sacred individuality, and nonetheless, continue with desire.  This might indeed appear paradoxical, contradictory, and even absurd, yet we must analyze this a little bit.

Friends, time claims many things; thus, once the awful consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ are annihilated, the Teleoghinooras tapes linger behind, and if one is not concerned with disintegrating them, annihilating them, reducing them to cosmic dust, they can be completely conserved within the supersensible worlds during the entire terrestrial period. Obviously, such tapes are a sort of living movies that certainly correspond to all the scenes of desire, to all of the lustful actions of this life and all of our former lives. Thus, if they are not radically disintegrated, then one hundred percent objective consciousness cannot be achieved either, because within them is bottled part of our consciousness. Clearly, the disintegration of those tapes is a superior type of work that can only be performed with the two-edged axe, which in ancient times appeared within the center of all sacred labyrinths, a symbol that very few have comprehended. Regarding the two-edged axe, some pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist books have been written in a more or less mistaken manner.  Anyhow, the transcendental sexual electricity must also reduce the Teleoghinooras tapes to dust.


So, my dear friends, as you are beholding, how difficult it is to give full lucidity and objectivity to the consciousness, since it is lamentable that the Essence is so confined within the many varied subjective and infrahuman elements.

Regrettably, many are those who think that this matter regarding the awakening of the consciousness is something easy.  Some of them are constantly writing to me and complaining that they cannot yet project themselves in their Astral body. They protest because after some months they still do not develop powers. They demand—when out of their physical body—to immediately acquire the capacity of being completely lucid, etc. Usually, those who begin our studies are looking for powers, and when they do not immediately transform themselves into omnipotent individuals, then they look for the subjective path of spiritism, or they affiliate themselves to diverse subjective psychic kinds of schools with the purpose of instantaneously acquiring those coveted psychic faculties.

Complete objectivity implies the radical destruction of all of the inhuman elements that we carry within, the annihilation of subconscious atoms, the absolute death of the double infrahuman nature, the radical pulverization of all the memories of desire.

Therefore, dear friends, anyone can have attained sacred individuality, and nonetheless, this does not signify that he is completely free of the process of desire. Thus, to destroy the Teleoghinooras tapes and some other principles which I will address later, signifies to extirpate from our psyche even the most intimate desires.

Question: Master, is it worthwhile to exercise the right of reincarnating when it has been acquired?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable ladies and gentlemen who listen to me, every longing is acceptable to reincarnating souls. Nevertheless, it is better to exclaim along with Jesus:

Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done. – Luke 22: 42

In these moments in which I converse with you, here within the study of my own house which is also yours, something very interesting comes to my memory. It so happens that on a certain night I was telepathically called by a group of Masters from the venerable, great White Lodge. Thus, I withdrew from my physical body and concurred to the call with all the parts of my Innermost Being integrated and dressed with the existential bodies of the Being. In this manner, hovering in space, I softly landed upon the flat roof of a great building. Then the adepts of the occult fraternity received me with jubilant exclamations saying, “The Archangel Samael has arrived.” Then, after the customary hugs and greetings, I was interrogated in the following manner, “You, as the Avatar of the new Aquarian age, must answer us about the convenience or inconvenience of delivering cosmic ships to this terrestrial humanity. Your answer embraces a great responsibility.”

Then, I went down on my knees, and with my spatial sense I saw the use the earthlings might make of such ships in the future.  The eye of Dhagma allowed me to see inside of those ships—in an immediate future—merchants, prostitutes, dictators, etc., traveling to other planets of the solar system, and carrying discord to other corners of the universe, etc.

Therefore, feeling in those moments the responsibility that weighed on my shoulders, I addressed my Father who is in secret, saying, “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.”  Those words vibrated from sphere to sphere, from world to world, within the nine heavens.

Years passed by and everything was resolved. My Father who is in secret gave the right answer: “Selection of human personnel, distribution of these cosmic ships only to certain very select groups of humanity.” It is not irrelevant to state to our friends, that already certain isolated human groups possess these types of space vehicles. In an inaccessible region of the Himalayas where Communist invaders can never reach, there exists a community of Lamas who received a certain quantity of those cosmic ships, with which they travel to other planets of space.  These Lamas—who had the bliss of receiving those precious gifts—are sacred individuals, people who have the Auric Embryo developed, human beings who reincarnate.

Therefore, my friends, we must always do the will of the Father: never ours.

Those who reincarnate can choose the conditions of life that they want, always in accordance with the law of Karma. It is clear that they cannot move away from the karmic law. Yet, it is preferable that our Father who is in secret choose what is most convenient for us.

Question: Master, you have stated that the Gods also make mistakes. Who then is the one who does not make mistakes?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, for me this question is very important, thus, I will give an appropriate answer; I beg the attention of all the audience.

Only the Father who is in secret does not make mistakes, since He is ineffable, omniscient, and omnipotent. This is why I insist on the necessity of doing the will of the Father, on Earth as it is done in Heaven. One commits errors when one forgets his Father who is in secret. It is better to consult and leave everything in the hands of the Father.

Question: Master, what is the difference between the Auric Embryo and the consciousness?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, there exists no difference between the Auric Embryo and the consciousness, because the Auric Embryo is the same Essence but organized, the same consciousness but objectified and radically liberated from any subconscious process.

Question: Master, the Master H.P.B. states that the only way to stop suffering in this world is to cease reincarnating. What you can tell us with respect to her statement?

Samael Aun Weor: I want you ladies and gentlemen to know that absolute happiness is only achievable when one has God within. One can live in Nirvana, the world of happiness, yet if one does not have God within, one is not happy. Thus, one can cease reincarnating, yet if one does not have God within, one will not be happy either.

However, if one lived within the filthiest dungeon, in the middle of the most terrible ignominy, or even if one were to be within the infernal worlds, if one has God within, one would be infinitely happy.

Concerning this, my friends, it is not irrelevant to remind you that there, within the infernal worlds, live some Masters of compassion who work helping, assisting those souls who are decisively lost, yet since they have God within, they are blissfully happy.