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Law of the Eternal Return

angel_of_deathMy friends who meet at this house this evening, today we are going to study the law of the eternal return of all things.

During the last hours of life, the Angel of Death presides over the deathbed. There are hosts of Angels of Death, and all of them work in accordance with the Great Law.

Three things are sent off to the necropolis or cemetery:

  1. First, the physical cadaver
  2. Second, the vital body; it escapes from the physical body during its last exhalation. The vital body floats above the sepulcher and slowly decays at the same pace that the physical body disintegrates
  3. Third, the ex-personality, which unquestionably can escape from the tomb sometimes and wander around the cemetery or travel to some places that were familiar to it. Undoubtedly, the ex-personality dissolves slowly over time. Thus, the deceased personality's hope for tomorrow does not exist, since this in itself is perishable.

The only element that continues is the element that is not sent into the sepulcher: that is the ego, the myself, the self-willed.

Consequently, death itself is a subtraction of fractions, and the values are the only elements that remain once the mathematical operation is done. Obviously, the summations of those remnant values float in the atmosphere of the world. They attract and repel each other in accordance with the law of universal magnetism. The opened jaws of eternity swallow (these remnant values) the ego and thereafter regurgitates them, expels them, evicts them back into time.

It has been said to us that an electro-psychic design based on the personality of the dead person is projected from him in the precise moment of his death - that is, in the very last moment, when he exhales his last breath. That electro-psychic design continues within the super-sensible regions of nature, and from there this electro-psychic design saturates the fecundated egg. Thus, this is how when our remnant values return, when they reincorporate within a new physical body, we come to possess very similar personal characteristics to those of our previous life.

Therefore, that which continues after death is by no means something very pleasant, since that which is not destroyed like the physical body is nothing more than a bunch of devils, a bunch of psychic aggregates or defects. Within the depth of all of those troglodyte entities that constitute the ego, exists the essence, the psyche, which is the only decent thing that we - as an embryo of soul - have.

The law of karma enters into action when these elements return into the new physical vehicle, since there is no effect without a cause, or a cause without a effect.

The responsibility of the Angels of Life is to connect the silver cord to the fecundating zoosperm. Unquestionably, many millions of zoosperms escape in the moment of copulation, yet only one of them is endowed with the sufficient power to penetrate into the ovum in order to perform the fertilization.  This zoosperm’s very special type of power is not the outcome of fortuitousness or chance; what occurs is that the zoosperm is propelled from within its inner energy by the Angel of Life, who in those moments performs the connection of the returning essence.

Biologists know very well that the masculine and feminine gametes carry 24 chromosomes, respectively, which when added together give the total sum of 48 chromosomes [official science has only discovered 46 because they ignore the vital or energetic aspect]. Thus, 48 chromosomes come to constitute the germinal cell. This topic about 48 chromosomes comes to remind us of the 48 laws that govern the physical body. Thus, this is how, by means of the silver cord, the essence comes to be connected with the germinal cell.

Now, given that the germinal cell divides itself into two, and the two into four, and the four into eight, and so forth successively through the process of fetal gestation, it is clear that the sexual energy becomes in fact the basic agent of cellular multiplication; this signifies that by no means can the phenomenon of mitosis be performed without the activity of the creative energy.

The disembodied remnant values that are ready to occupy a new physical body do not penetrate the fetus; these only come to reincorporate themselves in the moment in which the baby is born, in the precise moment when the baby inhales the first breath.  It is very intriguing that the disembodiment occurs with the last exhalation and that the reincorporation into a new organism occurs with the first inhalation.

To affirm that one chooses in a voluntary manner the place in which one is going to reborn is completely absurd. The facts are indeed very different. The lords of the law, the agents of karma, are precisely the ones who select for us the exact place where we must reincorporate or return - that is, the home, family, nation, etc... If the ego were to choose the country, place, or family, etc., for its new reincorporation, then the covetous, proud, avaricious, greedy, would seek palaces, the houses of millionaires, rich mansions, beds made of roses and feathers. Then, the world would be completely covered with riches and sumptuousness. Poor people would not exist. Pain, bitterness would not exist either. Thus, no one would pay karma. All of us could commit the worst crimes without the celestial justice punishing us, etc. Thus, the facts show us the crude reality. That is, the ego does not have the right to choose the place or family where it must be born, since each one of us has to pay what we owe. This is why it is written:

Whosoever sows lightning-bolts will reap tempests.

The law is the law and the law is fulfilled.

It is therefore, very unfortunate that so many famous writers of contemporary spirituality emphatically affirm that everyone has the right to choose the place of rebirth.

That which is beyond the sepulcher is something that only awakened individuals can know. Those individuals are the ones who have dissolved their ego. They are truly self-cognizant people.

Many theories exist within the intellectual world, whether spiritualized types of theories or materialized types of theories, since the reasoning of the intellectual humanoids offers a broad scope for many things. Yes, reasoning can create spiritualized theories as well as materialized theories. By means of the most severe logical processes the rational homunculi can elaborate within their cerebral encephalon a materialistic theory as well as a spiritualistic theory. Thus, in one as much as in the other, in the thesis and in the antithesis, the basic logical processes are indeed admirable.

Unquestionably, as a faculty for investigation, reasoning with all its logical processes has a beginning and an end. It is too narrow and limited. Yet, as we have said, it offers a broad scope for many things. It can be applied to everything, whether for the thesis or the antithesis. Thus, clearly the processes of logical cerebration themselves are not convincing because of the concrete fact that any spiritualized or materialized thesis can be elaborated with them. Both theses can demonstrate the same logical vigor, and indeed be very plausible for the reasoning of any humanoid.  Therefore, it is not possible for reasoning to truly know anything of what is out of its scope, that which is beyond its scope, which is: that which continues after death.

The great German philosopher Mr. Emmanuel Kant already demonstrated in his great work entitled “Critique of Pure Reason” that reasoning itself cannot know anything about the truth, about reality, about God, etc.  Therefore, we are not uttering ideas against the wind a priori, since what I am stating with so much emphasis can be documented with the cited book of this mentioned philosopher.  Thus, obviously, as an element of proper cognition for the discovery of reality, reasoning has to be discarded.

Hence, now that we have archived the reasoning processes as proper cognition in regard to this topic of practical metaphysics, we will immediately establish a solid base for the verification of that which is beyond time, that which continues and which cannot be destroyed by the death of the physical body.

I am asseverating something that I have verified, something that I have experienced in the absence of reasoning.

It is not irrelevant to remind this honorable audience that I remember all of my previous lives.

In ancient times, before the submersion of the Atlantean continent, people had developed that faculty of the Being known by the name of “instinctual perception of cosmic truths.” After the submersion of that ancient continent, that precious faculty entered into the descending devolving cycle until it was completely lost. Nonetheless, to regenerate that faculty is possible by means of the dissolution of the ego. Thus, once that faculty is attained, we can then verify for ourselves in a self-cognizant manner the law of the eternal return of all things. Indubitably, that mentioned faculty of the Being allows us to experience the reality of that which continues, of that which is beyond death, of that which is beyond the physical body, etc. Hence, since I possess that developed faculty, I can affirm with complete authority what I have verified, what I have experienced with it, which is what is beyond, etc.

Thus, speaking sincerely and straight from the heart, I can state the following: The dead normally live in Limbo, which is the antechamber of hell. Limbo is the region of the dead, the inferior astral plane, a region represented in total by all the grottoes and subterranean caverns of the world, which when united or intimately linked together in their conjunction, form a whole.

The state in which the defunct are found is lamentable. They look like somnambulists since they have their consciousness completely asleep. They wander around everywhere, and firmly believing that they are physically alive, ignoring that they just passed away.  Thus, this is why, after disincarnating, the storekeepers continue in their stores, the drunkards in the taverns, the whores in the whorehouses, etc. Hence, it would be impossible for such people, for these types of somnambulists, for these unconscious souls, to give themselves the luxury of choosing the place where they must be reborn. So, it is most obvious that these souls are born without knowing at what hour or how, and subsequently they die, completely unconscious.

Many are the shadows within the deceased ones. Yes, every disincarnated soul is a bunch of unconscious shadows, a bunch of larvae that live in the past, who are not aware of the present, who are bottled within all of their dogmas, within the rancid things of yesterday, within the events of times of yore, within their affections, within sentimentalisms of family, within their egotistical interests, within their animal passions, within their vices, etc.

After being born physically again, the essence expresses itself during the first three or four years of infancy; at that time, the creature is beautiful, sublime, innocent, and happy. Regrettably, when we get closer to the age of seven the ego then begins, little by little, to express itself, and when the new personality has been totally created, the ego comes to totally express itself through us.

It is indispensable to comprehend that the new personality is created precisely during the first seven years of infancy, and thereafter it is strengthened through time and experiences. The personality is energetic. It is not physical as many people assume. After death, the personality slowly decomposes in the cemetery until it becomes radically disintegrated.

This is why, before the new personality is totally formed, the essence can have the luxury of expressing itself with all its beauty, and even make small children be indeed very psychic, sensitive, and pure clairvoyants, etc.

How happy we all would be if we did not have the ego, if only the essence were to express through us! Then, indisputably, pain would not be on the Earth, since it would be a paradise, an Eden, something ineffable and sublime.

Indeed, the return of the ego into this world is truly revolting, horrifying, and abominable, since the ego in itself only radiates unpleasant, tenebrous, and sinister vibratory waves.  Therefore, I state that every person, as long as they have not dissolved their ego, is more or less tenebrous, even if they boast of sanctity and righteousness.

The incessant return of all things is a law of life, and we can verify this from instant to instant, from moment to moment. For example: each year when the Earth returns to its original point of departure, we celebrate the new year. All heavenly bodies return to their original point of departure. The atoms within the molecule return to their initial point, the days return, the nights return, the four seasons return: spring, summer, fall and winter; the cycles, Kalpas, Yugas, and Mahamanvantaras return, etc. Hence, the law of eternal return is something indisputable, irrefutable, and unarguable.

Question: Master, you have told us that any hope for tomorrow for the personality of the deceased does not exist, and that the ethereal body disintegrates little by little. I would like to know if the personality lasts longer than the physical body in its disintegration.

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this interesting question from the audience. Unquestionably, the ex-personality endures its survival longer than the eliminated ethereal body. I am affirming with this that the vital body decomposes itself at the same pace that the physical body disintegrates within the sepulcher. Yet, the personality is different, since it becomes invigorated through time with the different experiences of life, thus obviously the personality lasts longer since it has a more firm energetic note, which usually resists for many years. Therefore, by no means is it an exaggeration to affirm that the discarded personality can survive for entire centuries.

It is intriguing to contemplate various discarded personalities conversing with each other. What I am now addressing might appear bizarre to some of you, yet listen: I have been able to count up to ten discarded personalities corresponding to the same owner; in other words, ten discarded personalities belonging to ten returns of the same ego. Yes, I have seen them, exchanging subjective opinions when meeting together, propelled by psychic affinity.

Nonetheless, I want to clarify this a little bit more in order to avoid confusion. I have stated that one is not born with the personality because one has to develop it. Thus, this is possible during the first seven years of infancy. I have also affirmed that in the moment of death that personality is sent off into the sepulcher and that sometimes it wanders around within its mausoleum or hides within its tomb. Now, think for a moment on an ego that breaks loose from within a physical body after every return. It is clear that each time it breaks loose from within a physical body, it leaves behind a personality. Thus, if we reunite, for example, ten lives of the same ego, we will have then ten different personalities; so, propelled by affinity, these ten different personalities can reunite in order to converse in the cemetery, thus exchanging subjective opinions.  Indubitably, those ex-personalities are weakened little by little; they are extinguished extraordinarily until finally becoming radically disintegrated. However, the memories of those personalities continue in the causal world within the Akashic records of nature.

In these moments, on this night in which I am conversing with you about this, there comes into my memory an ancient existence that I had as a military man during the age of the Renaissance in old Europe.  Thus, at a given moment, while working as a Causal Man within the world of natural causes, it dawned on me to take the memory of that ex-personality out of the secret archives of that region. The outcome was indeed extraordinary: I saw that military man dressed with the uniform of the age in which he had lived, and then, unsheathing his sword, he violently attacked me. To conjure him was not difficult for me. Thus, I placed him once again within the archives.

This signifies that every memory is alive, it has a reality within the world of natural causes, and this is something that can surprise many esotericist and occultist students.

Question: Master, you told us that the personality is not born with the ego. What can you tell us about the birth of the vital body?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, I want you to comprehend that the vital body, the basic foundation of organic life, has been designed by the agents of life in accordance with the law of cause and effect.  Therefore, those who in their past existence accumulated very critical debts can be born with a defective vital body, and, - as it is natural - this will serve as a foundation for a likewise defective physical body.

Liars can be born with a deformed vital body, which as an outcome will give a monstrous or unhealthy physical vehicle.

Vicious people can be born with a manifestly degenerated vital body, which will serve as a foundation for likewise degenerated physical bodies.

For example: The passional abuser of sex in the long run can be born with a vital body polarized wrongly; this will originate an homosexual physical vehicle, which in its feminine form will be lesbian. Thus, indubitably, homosexuals and lesbians are the outcome of sexual abuse in former existences.

The alcoholic can be born with a defective, anomalous vital brain, which can serve as a foundation for a likewise defective physical brain.

The assassin, the murderer, the one who incessantly repeats such a horrendous crime, in the long run can be born with a disability, crippled, quadriplegic, blind from birth, deformed, horrifyingly repulsive, idiotic, or definitively insane.  It is good to know that assassination is the worst degree of human corruption; thus, by no means can an assassin return with a healthy physical vehicle.

That is enough for the moment, since it would take too long if we continue talking about this point related with the question that has been formulated.

Question: Master, consequently, those who are born with physical defects are not because of hereditary traits?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, your question is very important and deserves to be examined in detail. Hereditary traits are clearly subservient to the law of karma. Hereditary traits are the marvelous mechanism by means of which karma is processed. Clearly, heredity is found within the sexual genes; there is where we find it. So, it is by means of the genes - with all the cellular mechanism - that the law of karma works. Thus, it is good to comprehend that the genes control the totality of the human organism. The genes are found within the chromosomes, within the germinal cell, and are the foundation for physical formation. So, when the genes are found in disorder, when their legitimate natural formation does not exist, indisputably they originate a defective body. This is something that has been already demonstrated.

Question: Master, the disincarnated egos that are profoundly asleep in the region of the dead and believe that they are still physically alive, how can they represent the scenes of their life given that they lack a mental body?

Samael Aun Weor: This gentleman’s question is mistaken deep down; this means that it is wrongly formulated. Listen, the pluralized ego is mind; we have already clearly stated, we have already said, that the intellectual animal mistakenly called human does not have a mind, but minds. Indubitably, the diverse psychic aggregates that constitute the ego are nothing more than diverse mental forms, a pluralization of understanding, etc. It so happens that when the whole of those minds, or quarrelsome and noisy “I’s,” return, not all of them succeed incarnating again. Thus, from a sum total of psychic aggregates, some of them enter into the submerged devolution within the mineral kingdom, or they reincorporate within animal organisms, or adhere to specific places, etc.

After death, each one of these aggregates lives within their own scenarios and desires, always in the past, never in the present. Do not forget, my friends, that the “I” is memory, that the “I” is time, that the “I” is a book of many volumes.

Question: Master, based on what you just have said, if we are legions of “I’s, then I must conclude that we do not have reality either, since we are only mental forms. Am I right?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, ladies and gentlemen, you must understand that the intellectual animal mistakenly called human is not yet a well-conceived being; this means that the intellectual animal is just a mathematical point in space, who accedes to serve as a vehicle to determined sums of values. Thus, each person is nothing other than a wretched, thinking animal, condemned to the pain of living as a machine controlled by a multitude of infrahuman, bestial psychic aggregates. The only dignifying element within each of us is the essence, the psychic material, the prima matter in order to fabricate soul, yet regrettably, the essence is bottled within all those inhumane psychic aggregates.

To be a human being is something very different. Yet, to achieve the human level one needs to disintegrate the ego and fabricate the superior existential bodies of the Being. I consider that you have now understood me.

Question: Master, are you then stating that in fact we are nothing but mental forms without any objective reality?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, please understand me! When I talk about psychic aggregates I am talking about mental forms, since it is clear that such aggregates are indeed crystallizations of the mind. I think that you understand this, thus it seems to me that it is not necessary to continue explaining about it, since it is already clarified.

Question: Master, are you telling us that all those very notable exponents of the magical power of the mind, who emphasize the great importance of having a positive mind, are then mistaken?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, in these times of Kali Yuga, the Iron Age people have dedicated themselves to mentalism. Thus, within bookstores one finds on one bookshelf, and another bookshelf, and every bookshelf, thousands of books speaking marvels about the donkey of the mind. What is remarkable about all of this is that Jesus, the great Kabir, rode on the donkey of the mind on Palm Sunday in order to enter into the Heavenly Jerusalem. This is how the gospels explain it. This is how the gospels narrate it. Nevertheless, people crucify Jesus the Christ and adore the donkey. Thus, this is how humanity is, my dear brothers and sisters; this is how this epoch of darkness is in which we live.

What do the mentalists want to develop? The mental force? The donkey’s power? It would be better for the comprehensive ones to ride on that animal and tame it with the whip of the willpower; thus, in this manner, things would change and we would make of ourselves good Christians, right?

What is that which the mentalists want to develop? The force of the mental ego? It would be better if they disintegrate it, if they reduce it to cosmic dust; thus, this is how their Spirit will become resplendent within each one of them. Regrettably, in this day and age people no longer want anything to do with their Spirit. Now, they kneel down in order to kiss the hooves of the donkey, the ass. Yes, instead of purifying themselves, they corrupt themselves miserably.

If people were to know that they do not have a mental body, and if they were to know that the only thing that they possess is a sum of disgusting, psychic aggregates, which are just mental crystallizations, and if, instead of fortifying and invigorating their bestial “I’s” they would disintegrate them, then they would indeed work for the good of their Being and for their own bliss.

Nevertheless, they want to develop the strength of their beast, the sinister power of their mental ego. Thus, the only thing that they attain with it is to become each day more tenebrous and abysmal leftists.

I tell to all my friends, I tell to all the brothers and sisters of the Gnostic Movement, to reduce their mental ego to ashes, to untiringly fight to be free from the mind. Thus, this is how they will attain blissfulness.

Question: Master, don’t you think that an essence without an ego will give as an outcome an extremely boring life on this very beautiful planet?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, the ego considers that existence is boring when it does not get what it desires; nonetheless, when is that ego’s desire ever satisfied?

The ego is desire, and desire in the long run becomes frustration, fatigue, boredom, and finally its life becomes boring. So, where is the right for the ego to dare speaking against boredom, when deep down in itself it becomes tediousness, bitterness, disillusion, disenchantment, frustration, and boredom? If the ego does not know anything about blissfulness, then how dare it think that it can express concepts about it?

Unquestionably, when the ego dies, when it is reduced to ashes, the only thing that is left within us is the essence, beauty, and from the essence emerges happiness, love, and blissfulness.

What happens is that the lovers of desire, those who want passional satisfactions, who are superficial people, think incorrectly; thus, they suppose that without ego life would be terribly boring. If those people were not to have ego they would then think in a different manner. They would be then happy and thus they would exclaim: life with ego is frightfully boring!

Friends, do you perhaps think that it is very delightful to perpetually return to this valley of tears in order to cry and suffer incessantly?  Comprehend that it is necessary to eliminate the ego in order to liberate ourselves from the wheel of Samsara.