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And There Was War in Heaven

blake-rebel-angelsFriends of mine, ladies and gentlemen listen to me, the topic that we will study tonight relates to Revelation 12:7:

And there was war in heaven.

Much has been stated about the great revolt of rebellious angels against the Eternal. Thus, sequentially, Revelation 12:7 affirms:

Michael and his host of angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels (or henchmen).

Albeit, friends of mine, all of this is completely symbolic, and it is necessary to know how to understand it in order to not fall into error.

In our former lectures we gave a broad explanation about the Devil and the dragon, yet now we will delve even further within the whole of this topic.

To begin, between parentheses, I want to tell you and everyone here present that I have a bet with the Devil; this might surprise some of you a little bit.

Listen: on a certain occasion, when the Devil and I were seated at a table face to face – it does not matter the date and the hour - I heard from the lips of my own inner Lucifer the following affirmations, “I will defeat you in chastity, and I will attest this to you. You cannot overpower me.”

I said, “Do you want to settle a bet on it with me?”

“Yes,” answered Satan, “I am willing to settle a bet.”

“How much do we settle the bet for?”

“For this much.” And it was done.

Thus, I walked away from that personage, who is nothing more than the reflection of my own Inner Logos. Indeed, I addressed him a little bit unkindly…

Thus, friends of mine, in the name of the truth, I want to tell you that until this moment I am winning the bet, since the Devil has not prevailed against me. By no means has he been able to make me fall into temptation, although I have had to wage tremendous battles against him. The war is therefore tremendous, yet I am defeating the dragon. Thus, I can state that I have prevailed against the dragon.

So, understand that the war in heaven of Michael fighting against Lucifer is the same war that every initiate has to wage against his own dragon.  As Michael prevailed against all the rebellious angels, likewise each of us must prevail against and disintegrate all the devil “I’s” or psychic aggregates that personify our errors.

Now, when looking at this war in heaven from another angle, we find that this allegory also represents the war that occurred between the primeval adepts of the Aryan race and the sorcerers from Atlantis, the demons from the ocean, etc. It is unquestionable that after the submersion of that ancient Atlantean continent, the black magicians from that ancient land—swallowed by the waters—continued to incessantly attack the adepts of the new race, the Aryan race, to which all of us belong. Therefore, the allegory of “the war in heaven” has different meanings. It can symbolize religious, astronomical, and geological events. Moreover, it possess a very profound cosmological meaning.

Much has been said in the sacred land of the Vedas about the battles of Indra against the demon Vritra. Obviously, Indra is called Vritrahan by the sages, since, just as Michael vanquished the dragon, likewise, the resplendent God Indra is the killer of Vritra, the dragon.  It is clear that—like Indra—every initiate that kills or defeats the serpent’s dragon is swallowed by the serpent, and—as Wotan—he is immediately converted into a serpent.  Nevertheless, the sexual temptations are dreadful. Hence, those who do not fall into temptation are remarkable.

Satan, the dragon, Lucifer, or whatever we want to call him, performs tremendous super-efforts in order to beguile the initiate to fall into temptation. Now, it is clear why almost all fall into temptation, thus this is why it is difficult to find self-realized people, since the weakness of people is found precisely in sex, and it does not matter how strong they feel themselves to be, sooner or later they succumb. Therefore, “the war in heaven” is something dreadful, almost impossible to describe with words, since sexual temptations are not a piece of cake...

Perhaps it is easy to defeat the dragon? What is most critical of all of this is that people have the ego alive. Hence, if the red demons of Seth have not died, then the consciousness of every person is trapped within those sinister aggregates. Thus, indeed it is functioning according to its condition, even justifying itself, washing its hands like Pontius Pilate, or postponing the error by saying, “Today, I could not do it, but later with time I will triumph, etc.”

Thus, this is why it is very rare to find Michaels prevailing against the dragon. One needs the lamp of Diogenes in order to find them, since contemporary people are too weak, fragile, ignorant, and absurd.

Now, much has also been written within old texts of classic antiquity about fallen angels, yet this cannot be understood by learned ignoramuses or by intellectual loafers. Listen: any Guru-Deva who falls into animal generation immediately becomes a fallen angel, and even a demon.

It is unquestionable that when any adept commits the crime of spilling the cup of Hermes, [who spills their semen] in fact resurrects within himself all the inhumane elements that he had previously disintegrated. Therefore, for this reason he immediately becomes another demon.

We have now therefore arrived at the root of a very discussed topic, which has been abundantly studied yet rarely comprehended.  This is because in order to comprehend this topic, one needs to have lived it. Here, suppositions and vain rationalisms are worthless.

Consequently, given that I lived all of this in a remote archaic past when we, a multitude of Lemurian Bodhisattvas, committed the error of falling into animal generation, this is why now I can give testimony about all of this and crudely explain it as it is, without any kind of suppositions or utopias.

I do not care if people believe me or not. I am stating what I have lived and that is all. As for the rest, let everyone think of their life as they please. Yet regarding myself, I affirm what I have evidenced, what I have been able to see, hear, touch, and experience…

asathor-against-jormungandrThis topic about fallen angels is represented in India in the religious battles between the Iranians and Brahmans, Gods against Demons, Devas against Asuras, as is written in the epic war The Mahabharata, etc. Likewise, this topic about the battles against the dragon can be seen in the Scandinavian Eddas, where the Ases fight against the ice giants, Asathor [Thor] against Jörmungandr.

Therefore my friends, I want you to comprehend the necessity of fighting against your dragon. I want you to understand that you must prevail against him in the battlefield, if indeed you long to convert yourselves into serpents of wisdom and terribly divine Gods.

Please, I beg you, emerge from within the ignorance in which you confine yourselves. I beseech you to study these books and to live them, since indeed, it hurts me to see all of you converted into weak and miserable shadows.

Question: Master, would you be so kind to explain if a person who is working in the flaming forge of Vulcan [sexual union] falls into temptation during the sexual act, does the “I” or “I’s” that she succeeded in disintegrating resurge again within her?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable Gnostic sister, it is unquestionable that during a sexual fall, some subjective infrahuman element in fact and by its own right immediately resurrects. That is why our Lord Jesus Christ said,

The disciple must not allow himself to fall, because the disciple who allows himself to fall has to struggle a lot in order to recover what he lost.

Question: Master, you talk to us about the war in heaven, and based on the teachings we know that the battles against the secret enemy must be performed within the Avernus, in other words, one must descend into the infernos. Can you please clarify this for me?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, it is unquestionable that all religious writers—whether they are Christians, Buddhists, Moslems, etc.—gave an allegorical meaning to their writings. Therefore, when they mention “heavens,” they are addressing states of consciousness. Indubitably, our states of consciousness are altered during the fight. Hence, the battle against the secret enemy can lead us to a definite liberation or to a radical failure.

Indeed, it would be incongruent to suppose—even for a moment—that there could be passionate temptations within divine, ineffable regions. Thus, for such reason we must translate the word “heavens” as states of consciousness or as functions of the Essence, etc.

Question: Master, when you mentioned that you made a bet with your own inner Lucifer, can we understand that the prize of this is your own soul?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, Gnostic brothers and sisters, there are valuations and devaluations of the Being. There also are cosmic capitals equivalent to virtues. Thus, the prize of such a bet is based on a determined cosmic capital.  Cosmic capital is appraised in a manner similar to how the currency of the world is appraised. Thus, based on this, if I fail, I would be deprived of a certain sum of virtues and be intimately devalued. Now, I consider that what I have expressed here has been understood by the brothers and sisters and the audience.

Question: Master, we have heard that the ego can be disintegrated when working in the flaming forge of Vulcan. What can you tell us about this?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, we have already talked very extensively in former lectures about the “modus operandi” for the dissolution of the myself, of the self-willed. Likewise, within our book entitled The Mystery of the Golden Blossom, we have given extensive explanations on the same topic. In that book, we stated that it is necessary to work with the lance of Eros during the chemical coitus or metaphysical copulation. Thus, I understand that this audience is no longer unaware of our Gnostic esoteric procedures. What is most important consists precisely in knowing how to pray during the Sahaja Maithuna [sexual union]. In such moments, one has to beseech one’s own Divine Mother Kundalini (since each person has their own Divine Mother) so that She will eliminate the error that we need to eradicate or extirpate from within our own psyche. It is unquestionable that the transcendental sexual electricity can reduce any psychological defect to ashes. Indubitably, our Divine Mother Kundalini, when handling the holy lance with dexterity, can turn any psychic aggregate, any inner defect, to dust.

We also stated in former lectures that first of all it is necessary to comprehend the defect that we want to extirpate from within our nature. It is clear that only by means of the technique of meditation can we comprehend any error in an integral manner. Thus, comprehension and elimination are basic for the dissolution of the myself, of the self-willed.

Question: Master, can you explain to us if by spilling the cup of Hermes the Kundabuffer organ is developed?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable ladies and gentlemen, it is urgent to comprehend that when the cup of Hermes is continuously and habitually spilled, the abominable Kundabuffer organ—the famous Satanic tail of the tenebrous ones, the sinister, negative fohat—also develops, which ultimately leads us down the descending, infrahuman path towards the abyss and the Second Death.

Question: Master, can you please tell us if by working in the flaming forge of Vulcan, without spilling the Cup of Hermes, but without disintegrating the pluralized “I,” in the long run also develops the Kundabuffer organ?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, respectable lady who questions me, it is very necessary to comprehend the necessity of an upright conduct when one is working in the forge of the Cyclops. Those who do not die within themselves, those who do not dissolve their ego, in the end develop the abominable Kundabuffer organ, even if they are working in the flaming forge of Vulcan (Sex Yoga).

We have already stated in former chapters that the abominable organ of all fatalities develops within adulterers, within those who betray the Guru, within the sincerely mistaken ones who are accustomed to justifying their crimes, within the enraged and perverse ones, etc., even if they are working with White Tantra, even if they do not spill the cup of Hermes.

Understand: only by dying within ourselves, and only by truly working in the ninth sphere, and by sacrificing ourselves for our fellowmen, can we develop the igneous serpent of our magical powers [Kundalini] within our inner nature.

Much later, we have to totally prevail against the dragon, if indeed we long to be devoured by the serpent in order to transform ourselves into serpents.

Question: Master, should we understand that the war that the Archangel Michael waged against the dragon and his rebellious angels was performed with the lance of Longinus?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends of mine, the lance of Longinus is the same lance of all magical pacts, the same lance with which St. George wounded the dragon. Undoubtedly, that holy pike, that spear of Achilles, is the marvelous emblem of the sexual energy with which we can to radically incinerate, burn, destroy, the diverse parts of the myself, the ego, the psychological “I.”

Question: Venerable Master, what do the rebellious angels allegorize?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, as it is written that Michael fought against the dragon and his rebellious angels, likewise we have to fight against our inner Lucifer and the psychic aggregates. All of this is related to internal, secret, dreadful, and very painful fights. Each one of us must therefore be transformed into another Michael who will incessantly fight against the dragon and his fatal hosts.