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The Snail-Shell of Existence

Today we will mostly talk about the spiral line of life.

Friends of mine, the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, revealed about one thousand years before Jesus Christ by Lord Krishna in the sacred land of the Vedas, has been abundantly debated. All of the processes of the wheel of Samsara have been already explained in our former lectures with absolute clarity. In them we have stated, we have repeated to satiation, that 108 lives are assigned to every soul for the realization of their Inner Self.

Unquestionably, those who fail during any cycle of manifestation—that is, those who do not attain Self-realization within their 108 assigned existences— obviously descend into the submerged mineral kingdom, the Hindustani Avitchi, the Greek Tartarus, the Roman Avernus. It is obvious, it is evident, that devolution within the bowels of the planet on which we live is terribly painful, since indeed, to recapitulate animalistic, vegetaloid, and mineraloid states, in a frankly degenerating manner, is by no means a very pleasant journey.

In our former lectures we also affirmed that after its Second Death, the Essence, which is what we have as an embryo of soul, re-ascends again in an evolutionary manner from the mineral kingdom into the vegetable and animal kingdoms step by step to the intellectual animal, mistakenly called human.

Nevertheless, regarding the law of transmigration of souls, there is something that we have not yet said. We have cited the law of eternal return. We have also mentioned this other great law known as recurrence. Now, we must clarify that these two aforementioned laws develop and unfold upon the spiral line of life. This signifies that within the great spiral line of the universe, every cycle of manifestation is processed in ever higher spirals. However, since this concept is to some extent a little bit abstract, I see the necessity of clarifying it better, so that all of you can profoundly comprehend the teachings.

Listen: after having passed through the Second Death, the Essence escapes from Hell. Then, the Essence once again emerges into the light of the Sun, transformed into a “gnome” [an elemental consciousness related to the mineral kingdom]. There, obviously, it will have to initiate a new, evolving process, but this time within a superior octave. This undoubtedly signifies that the mineral elemental creature will be found breathing within the mineral kingdom, yet this time with a state of consciousness superior to the one it had when it initiated a similar evolution in its previous cycle of manifestation. 

snail_shellBefore continuing with these explanations, you must not forget that any cycle of manifestation includes evolutions in the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms, and that the 108 existences are only assigned to the human level.

If we examine a snail shell, we will see a curve upon a curve, something similar to a spiral type of ladder. Thus, it is evident that each one of these cycles of manifestation develops in successively higher curves. Now, you will understand why there is a great variety of mineral, vegetable, and animal elementals, and why there are diverse degrees of intelligence among humanoids.

Unquestionably, there is a great difference between the mineral elementals that begin for the first time as mineral elementals and those who have repeated the same process many times. We can state the same thing in regards to the vegetable and animal elementals, and likewise regarding humanoids.

Notwithstanding, given that there are always 3,000 cycles of manifestation, indeed, the last one of these is found at a very high octave.

Therefore, those Essences that do not achieve mastery within 3,000 turns of the wheel are absorbed by their virginal sparks in order to definitely submerge themselves within the bosom of the universal Spirit of life.

It is flatly obvious and evident that during our 3,000 cycles of cosmic manifestation, we must pass through all the practical experiences of life. Indubitably, any Essence that has passed through the 3,000 cycles of manifestation has also experienced the horrors of the abyss 3,000 times, and consequently it has improved and acquired self-cognizance.  Thus, in fact, those essences have an absolute right to divine happiness.  Regrettably, however, they will not enjoy mastery. They do not have it, because they did not acquire it. 

We have already stated in our previous lectures that not all the divine Monads or virginal sparks are interested in acquiring mastery. Obviously, the virginal sparks or divine Monads are not the ones who suffer, but their Essences, the embryo of soul that all of us have, which is the emanation of the spark or Monad within each one of us. The pains experienced by every Essence are very well-rewarded indeed, because in return, based on those sufferings, the Essence acquires self-cognizance and happiness without limits. Mastery is different. No one could attain Adepthood without the three factors of the revolution of consciousness, clearly expressed by our Lord the Christ:

Then said Jesus unto his disciples, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” – Matthew 16: 24

“To deny himself” signifies dissolution of the “I.”

“To take up his cross,” to place it on our shoulders, signifies to work with Sex Yoga, the Maithuna, Sexual Magic.

“And follow me” signifies to follow the Christ, which is equivalent to sacrificing one’s own life for the sake of humanity, to devote one’s life so that others may live.

The virginal sparks that did not achieve mastery during their 3,000 cycles of manifestation perceive the Masters, the Gods, in a manner similar to how ants perceive humanoids.

Aztec traditions state that at the dawning of life, the Gods gathered together in Teotihuacán with the purpose of creating the Sun. They affirm that they lit a great bonfire and thereafter invited the Snail-shell God to hurl himself into the flames, yet after attempting it three times, the Snail-shell God felt a great terror. Then, the sacred songs solemnly affirm that the Purulent God, filled with great courage, hurled himself into the fire. Thus, when the Snail-shell God saw this, he also hurled himself into the fire. Then, the entire assembly of Gods waited silently in order to see what was going to happen.

Legends state that the Purulent God surged forth again from within the living fire, yet  transformed into the Sun that illuminates us today.  Minutes later, the Snail-shell God surged forth from within the blaze, yet transformed into the Moon that illuminates us at night.

Dear friends, this signifies that we must imitate the Purulent God if we want to be transformed into Solar Gods, into Masters. Thus, we must incinerate the ego, the “I,” by means of the sexual fire. Only through the fire can the purulence, the myself, the self-willed, die. Yes, only through fire can we be transformed into tremendously divine solar Gods.

Regrettably, not all virginal sparks are interested in acquiring Mastery. The majority, the millions of creatures that live on the face of the Earth, prefer the path of the snail-shell: the lunar path.

Question: Venerable Master, at the beginning of this important dissertation, you told us that animalistic, vegetaloid, and mineraloid states are recapitulated during the descent of the Essence into the infernal worlds. Would you be so kind as to explain the word recapitulate?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this gentleman’s question. Friends of mine, I want you to comprehend very well what the animalistic, vegetaloid, and mineraloid abysmal recapitulations are.

The devolving descent into the entrails of the submerged world is radically different from the evolving ascension over the surface of the Earth. The animalistic recapitulation within the abyss is a degenerative, devolving, painful type of descent. The vegetaloid recapitulation within the entrails of the Earth is frightening. Those who undergo such processes seem rather like shadows that drift away amongst unutterable sufferings here, there, and everywhere. The devolving mineraloid recapitulative descent within the entrails of the world in which we live is more bitter that death itself. In it, the creatures fossilize themselves, they mineralize themselves, and slowly disintegrate amongst torments that are impossible to describe with words. After the Second Death, the Essence escapes, reemerges into the light of the Sun, in order to recapitulate similar processes, yet in an evolving, ascending, innocent, and happy manner. Lo and behold friends of mine, the difference between the devolving and evolving recapitulations.

Anyhow, all of these infinite devolving and evolving processes are exclusively of a lunar type and are clearly developed within the universal snail-shell.

Question: Master, you have explained that in each cycle of existences the elementals who are in the evolving process are awakening consciousness because they are processing themselves within more elevated octaves. Is this awakening of the consciousness the outcome of the sufferings of devolution or the outcome of the evolving ascending process?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, it is good for you to understand that the consciousness suffers as much as in the evolving processes as well as in the devolving processes. Therefore, the consciousness awakens progressively based on these efforts and sacrifices.

Millions of humanoids have their consciousness profoundly asleep, yet when they enter into the abyss after the 108 existences of any cycle of manifestation, they inevitably awaken in evil and for evil. The remarkable aspect on this case is that at least they awaken, even though only to justify their errors within the infernal worlds.

Any enlightened clairvoyant will evidence for himself the fact that the innocent elementals are awakening in a positive, evolving sense.

Therefore, there are several types of awakened consciousness:

  1. First: the awakened consciousness of the innocent creatures of nature.
  2. Second: the awakened consciousness of the devolving humanoids of the abyss.
  3. There is a third type of awakened consciousness. I am addressing the consciousness of Masters, the Gods. Yet, in this precise moment we are not occupying ourselves with them.

Unquestionably, rotating around the wheel of Samsara are those with innocent, awakened consciousness, and also devolving abysmal creatures awakened in evil and for evil.

Question: Master, it disturbs me when you mention this matter about more elevated octaves within higher spirals, because I am accustomed to think of octaves in relation to musical notes, which are related with the transmutation of the serpentine fire. Can you please clarify this for me?

Samael Aun Weor: Indubitably, the octaves of the snail-shell are musically processed in a gradual manner with the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti.

If we carefully observe a spiral ladder, we will see a succession of curves that are successively higher, in such a manner that they are preceded by lower ones. This formation, this distribution of curves in the shape of any spiral, is enough in order to comprehend that there are musical pauses between octave and octave. The abysmal descent corresponds to each one of these pauses. 

Therefore, the 3,000 turns of the wheel incessantly resound as a unique whole within the rhythms of Mahavan and Chotavan that sustain the universe firmly in its march.

Question: Master, if the Essence is good, why does it has to come to suffer in this world?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends of mine, the Essence in itself is beyond good and evil; it is absolutely innocent, pure, and vigorous.  But when the Essence is bottled within the ego it suffers, and when the ego is dissolved, the suffering of the Essence ceases.

Due to a mistake of the Gods, the Essences of the planet Earth certainly remained bottled within the myself. Regarding this mistake, we have already stated in past lectures that certain sacred individuals gave this humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ with the purpose of stabilizing the geological crust of our planet. When that organ disappeared, its awful consequences remained within each person. These awful consequences crystallized and became the ego, a type of second nature within which, lamentably, the Essence remained bottled. If that second nature did not exist, the Essence would be free and happy. Regrettably, it exists, as an outcome of the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Question: Master, it is stated that we are children of God and that God is perfect. Why did God send his children to suffer?

prometheus-fireSamael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this question from the audience. Ladies and gentlemen, the hour has arrived to acknowledge that all of us are children of the devil.  Please, I beg you, do not be frightened. We already know that for our own sake the Lord Satan or Prometheus-Lucifer is exclusively the projected shadow of our own internal divinity within ourselves.  Yes, it is evident that Lucifer is the great coach that we carry within. This is why in its depths the sexual impulse is Luciferic.

Therefore, as we have already explained in past lectures, the Devil is not that fabulous personage that some dogmatic sects present to us, but the very personal coach of each one of us. Hence, the Luciferic sexual force is what impels the humanoids to triumph or to fail, to degenerate or regenerate. Thus, from this point of view we can affirm that we are children of the devil. This has been already stated by our Lord the Christ. The great Master said:

Ye are of your father the devil… If ye were God's children, ye would do the works of God. – John 8: 44, 39 [Note: the text says “Abraham’s children.” In Kabbalah, Abraham represents the sephirah Chesed, our own Inner God]

It is necessary for us to become children of God, and this is only possible by means of the three factors of the revolution of the consciousness, as we have already stated in this lecture.

A child of God is one who reaches resurrection.

So, reflect on these words and do not boast of being saints or righteous, because all of you are children of the Devil.

Friends, God never sends us to suffer. It is we who through successive births and through our own mistakes have created these sufferings.

Question: Master, if we are children of the Devil, who has more power over us, the Devil or God?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly answer this question. We have stated that within each one of us the dragon is the shadow of our Inner God. It is evident that each one of us is a child of that shadow, of that dragon; thus, logically in the present state in which we find ourselves, the dragon is absolutely controlling us. Therefore, from this relative and circumstantial point of view in which we find ourselves, the Devil has more power over us than God. Nevertheless, this does not signify that the Devil is more powerful than God.

When the immortal spark resurrects within us, when we transform ourselves into children of God, then everything will be different; in those days we will have overcome the dragon.

Question: Master, what can you tell us about the Angels, Bodhisattvas, and fallen Masters? How do they relate to the spiral of life?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friends, a supreme moment exists for all the millions of Essences that populate the face of the Earth. I am emphatically addressing that supreme moment in which for the first time they resolve to enter the solar path, which is indeed very different from the lunar path. So, the precise moment, the critical hour arrives for all the millions or trillions of virginal sparks in which they have to define themselves for the solar path or for the lunar snail-shell path.

Once someone deliberately chooses the path of the razor’s edge, their fate is cast; after this moment, there is no turning back. Those who attain mastery and thereafter want to step back in order to enter into the lunar path will have to undergo frightening eternities within the infernal worlds, until obtaining—after many billions or trillions of years—the annihilation of the superior existential bodies of the Being and the destruction of the animal ego. This signifies that the greater degree of consciousness, the greater degree of responsibility, and he who increases wisdom increases sorrow.

Unquestionably, the fallen Bodhisattvas—the dark angels, the tenebrous archangels, in other words—the angelic or divine creatures who are submerged within the abyss for the crime of wanting to take the lunar path after having defined themselves for the solar path, will have to suffer millions of times more intensely than the common and ordinary souls.

Anyhow, once the disintegration of their solar vehicles and their egos has been obtained, they will have to restart their evolving journey from the mineral kingdom, but with a golden embryo and therefore with a greater consciousness than the other elementals of nature, until reaching anew the humanoid state. Once this objective has been attained, since they possess the golden embryo, those beings will have to return to the solar path again in order to create their superior existential bodies, thus, re-conquering the angelic or archangelic state, etc. that they previously rejected.

So, fate is different for the virginal sparks that in their 3000 cycles never chose the solar path. Transformed into simple elementals of nature, they submerge with their Essence into the universal ocean of life, free in its movement. These are beings who preferred the elemental life, who never aspired to mastery, who always enjoyed being within the bosom of great nature, and who now, as sparks of divinity, return forever into its bosom.