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The First Infernal Circle, The Sphere of the Moon

My friends, we are meeting here once again in order to study the first Dantesque circle from the infernal worlds.

It is indubitable that Limbo, the Orcus of the classics, mentioned by Virgil, the poet of Mantua, corresponds to this first submerged region.

We have been told with complete, dazzling clarity that this mineral zone is vividly represented by all of the caverns of the world, which, astrally united, compose the boundaries of the first submerged region.


Dante, the ancient Florentine, states that in such a region he found all of those blameless ones who died without having received the waters of baptism. All of this should be understood in a strictly symbolic manner.

If we carefully study The Ramayana, the sacred book of the Hindustanis, we can evidence with mystical astonishment the irrefutable and definitive fact that the sacrament of baptism is much older than the Christian era. In The Ramayana we can verify the remarkable case of Rama, who indeed was baptized by his Guru.


Unquestionably, in ancient times, no one received the baptismal water without first having been completely educated about the mysteries of sex, since the sacrament of baptism represents a pact of sexual magic.

It is remarkable that the sacrament of baptism was the first rite that was performed when entering into any school of mysteries.

It is indispensable, urgent, to transmute the pure waters of life into the wine of light of the alchemist. Only thus is possible to achieve the inner self-realization of the Being.

In the Orcus of the classics, in Limbo, we find many righteous people who died without having received the waters of baptism. They were sincere but mistaken people, filled with magnificent but mistaken ideas, people who believed that liberation was possible without the need of sexual magic.

Thus, the cold and sepulchral dead dwell in the first sub-lunar region, below the epidermis of this planet on which we live.

One feels true sadness, supreme pain, when contemplating so many millions of disembodied people wandering around in the region of the dead with their consciousness asleep.

Behold them there! They look like cold shadows with their consciousness profoundly asleep; they look like specters of the night!

Everywhere, the shadows of the dead come and go within the first Dantesque circle. They occupy themselves in the same activities of the physical life they just had. Thus, they dream within their memories of yesterday. They live totally in the past.

Question: Master, you have explained to us that the souls of those who have not been baptized dwell in the first subterranean sub-lunar region called Limbo. Since we understand that baptism represents a pact of sexual magic, this moves me to ask the following question: do all the beings who have not practiced sexual magic automatically enter into this region when they die?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, your question is quite intriguing, thus I will answer it immediately.

I want you to comprehend that the first submerged region is like the antechamber of hell. Thus, obviously, within it dwell the shadows of our beloved relatives, along with millions of human beings who never transmuted their seminal waters into the wine of alchemy.

Indeed, the essences, the souls, who - after passing away - gain some vacations within the superior worlds, are really few. It is indubitable that greater numbers of human beings return immediately into a new human organism. However, they spend a period of time within Limbo before re-incorporating themselves once again.

Notwithstanding, due to the critical state in which we actually live, innumerable deceased people are definitely submerged into the infernal worlds in order to pass through the tenebrous spheres of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune.


The last of these regions is definitive, since there the lost ones experience a final disintegration, or the second death that is so indispensable. Thus, thanks to this horrifying annihilation, the essence, the soul, manages to be liberated from those regions of the Tartarus, in order to ascend once again up to the planetary surface, initiating a new evolution which will inevitably begin from the mineral kingdom.

Question: Venerable Master, the Roman church states in their doctrine that the ones who enter Limbo are the innocent children. How should we understand this?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, this subject-matter about “innocent children” must be understood in a symbolic and allegorical manner. You must not interpret the word “innocent” in its pristine original form, but as a radical ignorance. Indeed, those who ignore the mysteries of sex are ignorant, even if they boast of being wise, and even if they possess a vast erudition. Remember that many learned ignoramuses exist who not only ignore, but moreover they ignore that they ignore. Understood?

Question: Master, do you mean to state that the person who has not built his solar bodies has not been baptized?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable young man, I am glad with your question, since this gives me a basis for a beautiful explanation.

The sacred scriptures speak clearly about the wedding garment of the soul, To Soma Heliakon, “the golden body of the solar man,” the living representation of the suprasensible bodies that every human creature must elaborate. In our previous publications, we have clearly explained about the work related with the creation of the existential bodies of the Being, and therefore I assume that our Gnostic students can now understand the following.

It is indubitable that the intellectual animal mistakenly called “human being” does not possess the existential bodies of the Being, and therefore he must create them by working in the flaming forge of Vulcan (sex).

In these moments comes into my memory the case of a friend who passed away some years ago. He was a convinced Gnostic, however he did not manage to create his existential bodies of the Being. This I was able to verify within the region of the dead, within Limbo. While being out of my physical body, I found him. He had a gigantic appearance, and his spectral face was indeed a face from a pantheon or cemetery.

I wandered around with him through different places, through diverse streets of a city, which, unquestionably, was in Limbo, beneath this tridimensional region of Euclid.

“You are dead,” I told him.

“What? That is impossible! I am alive,” was his answer.

When strolling near a regal mansion, I took him inside so that he could see himself in a mirror. When he followed my suggestion, I saw him very much astounded. Then, I continued, telling him, “Try to hover by executing a little jump, thus, in this way, you will be convinced for yourself that you are deceased...”

Thus, that phantom obeyed and tried to fly, but instead of ascending like the birds, I saw him precipitating himself downward, headlong. In those moments, he assumed different animalistic figures. “You now have the shape of a horse, of a dog, of a cat, a tiger,” thus, I described to him his different animalistic aspects as they stood out. Indeed, such a phantom was made up of a conjunction of quarrelsome and noisy “I’s” that were mutually penetrating and interpenetrating themselves without integration. But my efforts were useless. That deceased person did not understand me. He was already an dweller of the region of the dead, a sum of “I’s” personifying psychological defects.

Thus, despite the fact that this friend had known Gnosis, he had not achieved the fabrication of his Astral body. All that I had before my sight was a mass of phantoms, which gave the impression or appearance of a personality. It is obvious that such an individual did not receive the sacrament of baptism. In other words, we must state that he did not transmute the “pure waters of life” into the “wine of light” of the alchemists.

Question: Master, does this mean that those who inhabit the region of the dead or Limbo will always have the opportunity to return into a new womb?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable friend, do not forget that with his caduceus the God Mercury always takes out the souls that are submerged within the Orcus, with the purpose of reincorporating them into new organisms. Thus, only in this way is it possible for us, any given day, to be truly baptized. Understood?


Question: Beloved Master, I understand that the essence and the “I’s” of the deceased enter into Limbo, but this is not a region of suffering. Am I correct?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable gentleman, since you speak of the essence and “I’s,” it is good that we put the cards upon the table once and for all in order to clarify concepts and to define doctrinal positions.

Many believe that the ego, the “I”, “the myself,” the self-willed, is something very individual. This is how the multiple authors of modem psychology erroneously suppose. We, the Gnostics, go farther. We like to be profound. We like to delve within all of these mysteries, to inquire, to inspect, etc.

The “I” does not possess any individuality whatsoever. The “I”  is a sum of psychic aggregates, which personify our psychological defects. The “I” a bunch of errors, passions, hatreds, fears, vendettas, jealousy, anger, lust, resentments, attachments, covetousness, etc.

These diverse aggregates have various animalistic forms within the hypersensible regions of nature. After death, all of this conjunction of quarrelsome and noisy “I’s”, all of this gamut of varied psychic aggregates, continue beyond the sepulcher. Our psychological essence, the psychic material, is bottled within such negative values. It is therefore clear that such psychic material - inserted within the ego - submerges itself into the Orcus, into Limbo, in order to return a little later into this physical world.

Question: Master, for an incognizant, common, and ordinary person, would Limbo be a continuation of his life?

Samael Aun Weor: Young friend that asked, I consider that your question is a little wrongly structured; it is necessary to structure it in a better manner in order to clarify.

Listen: there is no tomorrow for the personality of the dead, since every personality is a child of its time, is born in its time, and dies in its time. That which continues beyond the sepulcher is the ego, a sum of diverse, animalistic, and brutal psychic aggregates.

When in my former narration I contemplated my friend, with pain I understood that his physical personality had been annihilated; thus, all that which I had before my sight was a sum of grotesque animalistic figures, which were mutually penetrating and co-penetrating amongst themselves giving the false appearance of a sepulchral, cold, and spectral personality.

What had become of my friend? Where was he? Since he had not built the Astral body, it is obvious that he had ceased to exist. If my friend had fabricated an Astral body by means of sexual transmutation, if he had really practiced sexual magic, it is clear that he would have fabricated the sidereal vehicle, thus he would then have been able to continue with his Astral personality within the hypersensible regions of nature. Regrettably, this had not been the case.

To be baptized, then, implies having practiced sexual magic. Thus, whosoever has not proceeded in this manner has not received the sacramental waters. Conclusion: he is an inhabitant of Limbo.

Question: Master, could this false personality formed by those grotesque “I’s - which was once your friend - become your enemy in that region without a future?

Samael Aun Weor: Young friend, it is urgent for you to comprehend that the ego is constituted by many “I”s and that some can be our friends or our enemies. Indubitably, some of those “I’s” of the phantom to whom I have referred continue being my friends; yet others, obviously, can be enemies or simply grotesque, indifferent phantoms. Whatever the case, it is the ego that returns from the region of Limbo into this physical world in order to repeat all the painful dramas of his past existences.

The personality, as I already stated, is perishable. It does not ever return. This is something that you must clearly comprehend. Know how to differentiate between the ego and the personality. Understood?

Question: Master, should I understand that the true sacrament of baptism can only be received by the one who becomes initiated on the path of the razor’s edge?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable sir, the authentic sacrament of baptism, as I already stated in this lecture, is a pact of sexual magic. Regrettably, people undergo the baptismal ceremony, they go through the rite, but they never fulfill the pact; thus, this is why they enter into Limbo. If people were to fulfill that religious pact, they would then enter completely into the path of the razor’s edge, that path cited by Christ when he said:

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. – Matthew 7:14

Thus, it is indispensable to know that the secret path which leads the souls to the final liberation is absolutely sexual.

Question: Master, this means that only the deceased who have begun to practice sexual magic are the ones who have the right to some vacations?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady who asks the question, I invite you to comprehend that the ego can never enter into the heavenly regions. The only thing the psychic aggregates can expect is the abyss and the second death, understood?

Nevertheless, let us delve deeper in order to elucidate and clarify this lecture. When the ego is not too strong, when the psychic aggregates are very weak, then the pure essence, the soul, manages to free itself for some time in order to enter the heavenly regions and thus enjoy some vacations before returning into this valley of tears. Regrettably, in this day and age, the animal ego has become very strong in many people, thus for such a reason now the human souls no longer have the happiness of such vacations. Indeed, in this day and age, the souls who succeed in entering into the Causal world or the Devachan - as the Theosophists state - are very rare.

So, I want all of you to comprehend the concrete fact that the souls – which, by the way, are very rare nowadays - that (between death and a new physical birth) can enjoy for a certain time some happy "vacations" are those who we can call in this world “very good people.” Thus, because of this, the Great Law rewards them after their physical death. Understood?

Question: Master, those souls who managed to escape from within their ego in order to enjoy some vacations, when they re-enter into a new womb, do they have to become bottled into their ego again?

Samael Aun Weor: Friends, listen. The ego can only be destroyed, annihilated, in two manners. Firstly, by means of a conscious work on ourselves and within ourselves, here and now. Secondly, by undergoing horrible sufferings through the submerged devolution within the infernal worlds.

Unquestionably, heavenly vacations do not dissolve the ego. Thus, once the essence, the soul, exhausts the fruits of his reward, it will have to remain bottled up within its ego, its “I”s, “the myself,” and like that it returns into this valley of tears.

Question: Master, when after its vacations the essence once again bottled into the ego returns into a new womb, does not it bring the longing for liberation in order to achieve its self-realization?

Samael Aun Weor: Respectable lady, your question is magnificent. I want to emphatically tell you the following: the ascension into the superior worlds comforts and helps us. When the essence returns from some vacation in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness, it returns fortified and with great enthusiasm. Then it fights inexhaustibly in order to attain its total liberation. However, any effort will be useless if it were not to fulfill the pact of sexual magic contained in the sacrament of baptism

Question: Master, can you tell us how the regions of the first Dantesque circle or circle of the Moon are, how life is, and what they do there?

Samael Aun Weor: I will quickly answer the gentleman who asked the question. When seen internally, the first Dantesque sub-lunar circle, represented by all the caverns of the Earth, is very interesting. There we find the first submerged counterpart of our physical cities, streets, villages, counties, and regions. It is not strange therefore that a life similar to the physical one that we lived is experienced. In no way should we be astonished by the fact that the deceased visit the houses where they lived, or that they wander around through the same places that they frequented before, and occupy themselves in the same chores or jobs that they used to perform.

I remember the pathetic case of a wretched carrier of heavy bundles. After his death, his ego continues carrying around a load, package, or bundle on his back. When I tried to make him comprehend his situation, when I tried to make him understand that he was already physically dead and therefore he had no reason to continue carrying around heavy bundles on his body, he looked at me with the eyes of a somnambulist, since his consciousness was asleep. Thus, he was incapable of comprehending me.

So, deceased people continue selling in their stores, or buying merchandise, or driving cars, etc. Every deceased one is occupied in those tasks in which they were occupied in life. It is very astonishing to see those bars filled with deceased drunkards, or prostitutes after death still fornicating within those houses of prostitution, etc.

Question: Master, what is the process the souls who inhabit Limbo have to follow in order to return into this tridimensional world?

Samael Aun Weor: The souls who dwell within Limbo must recapitulate the life they just went through; they have to slowly re-live it. Once such a retrospective process is concluded, all the actions of our previous life are simply reduced to mathematics. Then, the judges of Karma make us return into this valley of tears with the purpose of making amends for our errors, as well as for us to search for the path that will lead us to the final liberation. That is all.